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[posting]18.457.964 von Stochastic am 26.10.05 18:59:47[/posting]und...bevor jetzt knapp 8% instis verkauft haben...wie gesagt...nicht ein großer verkäufer sondern 12 kleine...ist der bestand an shares um über 18% nach oben gegangen...diese anteilseigner die jeweils größere pakete halten sind nicht draussen!also...ich sehe nur ganz normale umschichtungen...die nichts zu bedeuten haben!warten wir die earnings ab...ich wette auf sehr gute zahlen...sigm wird kommen...definitiv!
also...nochmal...bei sigm ist alles in ordnung!ich sage sogar...in bester ordnung!

zwar nicht ganz frisch...aber lest euch das nochmal durch!

September 14th, 2005

Sigma Design and Microsoft Announce IPTV Solution

Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Sigma Designs Inc. (NASDAQ:SIGM) at the International Broadcasters Convention announced a chip solution for low-cost, high-definition IPTV based on Microsoft’s TV Internet Protocol Television software platform. The new chip, Sigma Design’s SMP8634 media processor used for the design of IPTV-ready receivers, along with Microsoft’s platform gives settop box companies the capability to produce products to deliver full-service home IPTV services. The chip supports a number of standard peripherals and interfaces to lower settop manufacturers’ cost. USB2.0, IDE, Ethernet, HDMI, VC-1 and H.264 (MPEG-4) video codec support are some of the features integrated into the chip.

According to Ken Lowe, vice president of strategic marketing at Sigma Designs. "Platforms based on Sigma`s SMP8634 and Microsoft IPTV Edition offer the dual benefit of achieving a dramatically new user experience and significantly lowering the cost of IPTV-ready receivers. Ultimately, high-definition content will help come alive for consumers as a clearly differentiated service."

At Microsoft, Phil Corman, director of Worldwide Partner Development for the Microsoft TV Division indicated that the solution developed with Sigma Designs will bring benefits to settop manufacturers, "Our collaboration with Sigma is a great example of driving innovation in the IPTV industry that will ultimately enable an exciting world of next-generation TV and connected-entertainment experiences that consumers do not enjoy with today`s legacy TV offerings. The combination of Sigma`s new SoC and the Microsoft TV IPTV Edition software platform will bring significant benefits to set-top manufacturers, IPTV service providers and consumers alike."

Sigma’s SMP8634 media processor integrates decoder engines, graphics acceleration, multi-standard audio decoding, a dedicated secure processor, flash memory, digital rights management (DRM) engines, a 300-MIPS host CPU, a 3.2 GB/second unified memory controller, an Ethernet 10/100 controller, dual USB 2.0 controller, and IDE controller.

Hardware partners that have confirmed support for the Microsoft TV platform include Linksys-KiSS, Motorola Inc., Scientific-Atlanta Inc., Tatung Co. and Thomson.
gerade gefunden...roth capital scheint mit nem neuen rating draussen zu sein!

Roth reits BUY!
by: ibwankanobe
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 10/27/05 08:55 am
Msg: 88195 of 88196

$15 price target!
Believes SIGM is designed into Philips` set top box that was selected by British Telecom for IPTV; expect press announcements
die sache mit philips würde wunderbar zu den postings #499 + #500 passen!
Looks like Philips is on board
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 10/26/05 11:18 am
Msg: 88170 of 88197

BT has selected Philips to supply set top boxes. Every set top box will include a personal video recorder (PVR) capable of storing up to 80 hours of programming and capable of delivering High Definition content. The BT-Philips partnership builds on the recently announced alliance with Microsoft, which will provide Microsoft TV IPTV Edition as the software platform for BT`s TV over broadband service.


Europe`s biggest cable television operator UPC said on Monday it would start offering high definition television services in the Netherlands in the first half of 2006 with a set top box from Philips. The move puts UPC into the pioneering group of European operators moving to high definition television (HDTV), ahead of the soccer world championships in Germany next summer which will be broadcast in HDTV.

http://today.reuters.co.uk/news/newsArticle.aspx?type=intern… 10-10T094042Z_01_FLE034784_RTRIDST_0_OUKIN-UK-PHILIPS-UPC.XML&archived=False

SIGM`s 8634 chip is the only IPTV chip that supports Microsoft`s IPTV platform in addition to dual HD stream support for MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV9 and VC-1 formats.


So in summary, it looks like Philips will be announced as a SIGM customer before too much longer, perhaps at the upcoming TelcoTV conference.

der report...

Jay Srivatsa

SIGM in Philips` Set Top Box for British
Telecom`s IPTV Service; Reiterate Buy

We believe SIGM is designed into Philips` (PHG - $26.04 -NR) set top box,the first set top box slated for British Telecom`s IPTV service.
British Telecom (BT) announced yesterday that it had selected Philips Electronics as the set top box supplier for its IPTV service and Microsoft`s (MSFT -$25.11-NR) IPTV
platform as the software.

Given that Sigma Designs is the only chip supplier that
successfully supports Microsoft`s IPTV platform, we believe SIGM`s 8634 chip has been designed into Philips Set Top Box for BT`s IPTV deployment.

With ~5 million broadband subscribers , British Telecom could be major revenue driver for SIGM, in our view.

We believe initial volumes in CY:06 could
be ~300K-500K units. At ~$30 ASP, BT could represent a $9 million-$15 million revenue opportunity for SIGM in CY:06, in our view.

We note SBC (SBC-$23.44-NR) confirmed that its IPTV rollout remains on track for launch in late 2005 or early 2006.

SBC stated its goal of reaching 18 million households by mid 2008. We note SBC has selected Motorola
(MOT-$21.34-NR) and Scientific Atlanta (SFA-$33.52-NR) as its set top box suppliers and SIGM has been designed into both these boxes, in our view.
We believe IPTV is gaining momemtum and these announcements are a reflection of the growing interest by telcos worldwide to launch video services.

We believe several press announcements related to SIGM`s IPTV design wins could be imminent.

Trading at 18x FY:07 P/E and 2.8x EV/FY:07 Sales, we view SIGM as being undervalued. We are reiterating our Buy rating on SIGM with a 12 month price target of $15.
Re: Sigma ONLY
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 10/27/05 11:00 am
Msg: 88207 of 88222

The following are additional comments from today`s report from Roth analyst Jay Srivatsa:

We believe SIGM is designed into Philips` set top box, slated for British Telecom`s IPTV service. SIGM`s 8634 in the box increases the switching cost for Philips, in our view. The set top box is expected to include DVB-T functionality to support Freeview as well as a broadband return path allowing video-on-demand. The set top box is also designed to include a personal video recorder (PVR) capable of storing up to 80 hours of programming and capable of delivering High Definition content over IP. As such, given the complexity of the box, we believe the entry barriers are high for SIGM`s competitors.

We note SBC in its earnings call confirmed that its IPTV rollout remains on track for launch in late 2005 or early 2006. At Telecom 2005 show in Las Vegas yesterday, SBC stated its goal of reaching 18 million households by mid 2008 having completed the first set trials successfully earlier this month. We note SBC has selected Motorola and Scientific Atlanta as its set top box suppliers and SIGM has been designed into both these boxes, in our view.

Sigma`s partnership with Microsoft is valuable, in our view. Given that Sigma Designs in the only chip supplier that successfully supports Microsoft`s IPTV platform, we believe the partnership with Microsoft could provide SIGM exposure to several other IPTV service providers beyond SBC Communications and British Telecom namely Telecom Italia, Swisscom, T-Online among others.

We believe Bell Canada could follow closely on the heels of SBC in launching their IPTV services as well. In addition, we note SIGM is shipping to IPTV deployments by China Telecom, China Netcom, Korea Telecom, Softbank and Leo Palace in Japan among others and is working with LG Electronics, Samsung, Amino, Wegener and other STB manufacturers to address IPTV opportunities that are emerging in other countries as well as regional telcos in the US. These telco IPTV opportunities represent the biggest growth opportunity for SIGM, in our view.

We believe IPTV is gaining momentum and these announcements are a reflection of the growing
interest by telcos worldwide to launch video services. With its SMP8634 product, SIGM is the best positioned codec company in the IPTV space, in our view. We expect several of these announcements to come to fruition beginning in Q1:06 making 2006 a breakout year for SIGM. We believe several press announcements related to SIGM`s IPTV design wins could be imminent.

We are reiterating our Buy rating on SIGM with a 12 month price target of $15.
SBC comments of interest:
by: WINTER_CFA 10/27/05 03:18 pm
Msg: 88244 of 88274

"SBC CTO says IPTV is on track"


"It`s not falling behind," says SBC CTO Chris Rice at this week`s Telecom `05 conference in Las Vegas. "What we`ve done is a controlled launch to allow us to get our processes in place to ensure that we can scale. This isn`t a Lightspeed technology or IPTV problem; this is all about, if we`re going to roll it out, roll it out on a very controlled basis initially to get all the processes in place…(and to) ensure that you`re not going to have problems with servicing at that scale."

"IPTV technology from Microsoft and infrastructure equipment from Alcatel is "all working as expected," Rice says.

Rice also took issue with recent assertions by analysts that the RBOCs will backpedal from IPTV due to the cost of trying to maintain video service parity with cable companies, among other factors.

"Have any of them ever watched IPTV," Rice asked rhetorically. "Probably not." Rice asserts that IPTV is at parity with cable service today. But IPTV today also surpasses cable in that it can do, for example, picture-in-picture not only on TVs, but in PDAs, cell phones, laptops and other portable devices. Cable also has to eliminate content or use extra channel capacity to deliver similar functionality, Rice says.

"I think (analysts are) missing the boat because they don`t know IPTV, they don`t know what the infrastructure looks like, they never experienced it to know how advanced it is today," he says. "I think they need to take a harder look instead of writing the analysis and actually experiencing it to know whether we are going to back away or not."

Rice believes cable companies will ultimately adopt IPTV in order to stay competitive.

by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 10/27/05 04:27 pm
Msg: 88249 of 88274

Analyst Anton Wahlman of Needham is out today with a new report on Netgear with many significant comments about DMA products. From the report:

In our view, the most important basic metric for Netgear’s long-term success is its product success. We believe Netgear will have new initiatives in the consumer market in the next few months:
A new DMA to replace the 115 model: This would use a Sigma Designs chip, probably the 8620 but possibly soon also the 8630 or even the 8634. D-Link has led this market early the game with innovative new models introduced at the latest CES. However, the DMA market itself hasn’t taken off, allegedly because a lack of attractive content. There are at least two reasons for a takeoff in this market in 2006: First, Intel will be pushing its Viiv DMA platform as if it were Centrino. Second, Apple seems to have unlocked the content model with its Disney/ABC deal for the iPod.

So in summary there are going to be new DMA products coming out with Sigma inside, and there are good reasons to believe that the DMA market is set to take off in 2006. This gives Sigma another high growth market for 2006. IPTV sales are set to take off using the 8634, and next generation DVD products will also be taking off in 2006. Everything continues to point to 2006 being a break out year for SIGM.
überall sigm inside!!!!

For Philips, the contract is the latest in a series of high-profile set-top box wins in recent weeks. In France, it signed a deal with CANAL+, which will see the two companies work together to develop a range of differentiated services and products; this will include HDTV set-top boxes that will decode HD programs from CANAL+. Philips plans to start delivering the “HD MediaSat+” in the first half of 2006 to support the HD CANAL+ LE BOUQUET launch, and the “HD MediaSat+ PVR” (a combination of set top box and PVR) starting in the middle of next year. It’s also teamed with UPC to form a strategic partnership to introduce HDTV first into the Netherlands and then in other European countries

by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 10/27/05 05:47 pm
Msg: 88252 of 88274

Great info. Looks like Philips will be all over Europe with Sigma inside.

by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 10/27/05 07:53 pm
Msg: 88258 of 88275

I went back and reviewed SIGM’s presentation at the Roth investment conference last month.

Slide #12, “DMA Business”, listed existing customers D-Link, Sharp, Sony, Onkyo, Denon, Pinnacle, and IO Data and repeated its 2006 market forecast of 1 million units. Comments of interest: “SIGM has found itself clearly dominating this market with about a 90% share.”

We’re now seeing Netgear, a company with annual sales approaching $500 million, making a big new push with new products into the DMA space, thereby helping to validate SIGM‘s 2006 market forecast of 1 million units. Assuming this market forecast turns out to be correct, DMA sales for SIGM in 2006 should be in the $20 million range.
doctor bringt es auf den punkt...;):D

Gut Feel
by: Doctor_Of_Value
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 10/28/05 08:34 am
Msg: 88267 of 88275

I have this gut feel that momentum is building behind the scenes and that Sigma is going to play a much bigger part than any of us believe. IPTV plus DMA plus HDTV plus PMD could exceed $100 million next year. Day one of the ramp has always been elusive, but the year seems clear - it is 2006. What about 2007???

I have this lov`n feeling.
Visibility continues to rise:
by: WINTER_CFA 10/28/05 09:12 am
Msg: 88269 of 88275

On slide #14 of Microsoft`s Conference Call presentation last night, SIGM was specifically listed (along with Thomson, Motorola, and Scientific Atlanta) in an IPTV bullet point regarding recent announcements:


Some verbiage of interest from management`s canned call comments (made at 18:25 into the call):

"We continue to see strong progress and momentum in our MSTV TV Business. We`ve hit several important milestones including the commercial launch in September of Verizon`s Fios TV service, the release of Version 1.0 of Microsoft`s TV IPTV edition software, and the availability of the first set-top boxes and system-on-chip silicon designs supporting Microsoft TV IPTV edition."

Unfortunately, no one asked about IPTV in the call`s relatively limited Q&A segment.

Sooner or later, the majority of the investment community WILL learn just how well SIGM is positioned in the IPTV space (not to mention the blue laser and DMA ones). It will be a sight to see.
IPTV Asia to be held in November

Indiantelevision.com Team

(28 October 2005 4:00 pm)

MUMBAI: Asia`s IPTV forum will be held in Hong Kong from 28 November to 29 November. The forum will deal with issues such as the successful implementation of IPTV.

Topics that will come up for discussion include security and digital rights management, IPTV technologies and risks on piracy and illegal duplication.

Media reports have quoted Asia Forum organiser Ian Johnson as saying, "IPTV is the new frontier for telecoms convergence and with Asia`s high demand for latest technology solutions from users, the time is right for a forum to share experiences, and learn about the prospects, as well as the potential pitfalls."

Some of the organisations that will figure in the event include HBO Asia, Fastweb, Chunghwa Telecom, NTT, Scientific Atlanta, Sony Pictures, ESPN, Bharti Tele-Ventures, MITV, City Telecom, Videonetworks, Microsoft TV and China Netcom.
things to consider not covered here
by: harold_flashman (M/yorkshire)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 10/28/05 11:32 pm
Msg: 88311 of 88345

After reading this board for about 2 years, I`m convinced that many here are industry players, or at least, wonderfully informed by the web. It`s been a long time since I posted on this board, so long that I`ve forgotten my old user ID, and Yahoo UK probably deleted my account now, but now that things are getting pretty hot, it`s about time, so I created a new account just for fun.

Some things not covered here, though. Not to colour everybody`s perceptions, but here goes...

1) IPTV etc. I beg to differ with WinterCFA to some extent. IPTV is a small volume play at this time. It will not help generate such significant. Sales cycle has gone on for 2 years, but will take another year or so for the deals to be closed.

2) nobody here is anticipating the arrival of Apple`s set top box. Since the Apple Ipod Video-edition is on H264, and Broadcom has revealed their hand (can`t decode HD H264), there leaves Sigma as more or less the lone H264 full HD decode supplier.

3) nobody here talks much about the wave of mobile video solutions. Here I`m not exclusively talking about Portable Video players like the Zen or the Ipod Video edition, but small little solutions like this:


The Aivx drives make an excellent mobile solution for cars, home ... implementation does not require a network infrastructure (as in networked DVD players, digital media appliances, etc) because they don`t need to stream. Anybody who`s used a USB flash drive before, can use it. This is a product correct for this time.

Aivx isn`t the only player. I included it only because it`s in the top my the google search. There`re at least 20 brands on the market, and perhaps 10-20 manufacturers for it.

Sigma chips (perhaps the EM8511) which have a long mature history of development (since the Kiss player days) are mature enough now to be robust enough for even automotive applications.

4) Nobody`s looking hard enough at Sony`s response to Apple Itunes+Ipod Video. Didn`t you notice that Sony is a long time Sigma supporter?

5) I didn`t see any mention of http://www.streamium.com/ and the Sigma products in its portfolio. Follows that nobody tried to anticipate the next logical product in this product range. Since this company is already Sigma centric, we need a discussion of this for completeness` sakes, I think.

6) I think we should all use translation software to understand what`s happening in the Far East consumer markets. Yes, everybody knows the manufacturing`s in the far east, but the consumer markets there are booming too, and their requirements are not as what we have here in England and the States, and definitely different from our European neighbours. (yeah, I don`t believe that England`s in Europe)

Re: things to consider not covered here
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 10/29/05 10:59 am
Msg: 88316 of 88345

UBS put out a report last summer that discussed a broader Apple Computer move into the entertainment space. Specifically, they said that "...we believe Apple could discuss a media hub (& related online service) that acts as a storage unit for music, movies, photos and/or other types of home entertainment as early as calendar year-end `05". This appears to be something SIGM might well be involved with and people have asked SIGM if they are working on anything with Apple, but the response from SIGM has been that Apple does not like anyone saying anything about any unannounced Apple projects. I’d be interested in anything that you have heard about any Apple projects SIGM might be working on.

Information is available about what SIGM and Sony are working on in the DMA space, such as the EM8620L-powered VGP-MR100. Also, Sigma has stated that they have a design win with a major movie studio which will be providing a proprietary movie download service, and Sony Pictures is a major studio who has mentioned an interest in offering a movie download service. Additionally, SIGM is believed to be working with Sony on their blu-ray DVD products. What have you heard about Sony`s response to Apple Itunes and Ipod Video and any SIGM involvement?

My regards to everyone in Yorkshire and other non-European locations.
KiSS Technology launches a remote programming and recording feature for its hard disk recorder via and the cell phone and the Internet. The DP-558 hard disk recorder which offers the world’s first connected EPG (Electronic Program Guide) can now be programmed to record from the user’s cell phone or PC. At the same time KiSS expands launches a DP-558 with 200 GB hard drive.

KiSS Technology introduces IP-TV set-top box

KiSS Technology is launching a new concept for receiving content over the Internet. The KiSS MediaMate is an elegant IP-TV set-top box which is compatible with Windows Media content. With the KiSS MediaMate TV-on-demand is a reality directly via an ordinary ADSL connection. The concept is already marketed via Denmark’s first broadband TV channel, TV-2 Sputnik, which enables viewers the freedom to select what they want to see and when.

The compact MediaMate is based on the same chip technology from Sigma Designs as KiSS Technology’s other DVD-players and hard disk recorders. The box will be capable of receiving content such as film, images and TV directly via an ordinary ADSL connection in Windows Media format. The KiSS MediaMate works in both standard-definition and high-definition streaming. The MediaMate will also be certified to Microsoft’s PlaysForSure program. The MediaMate is also equipped with a WLAN 802.11g connection for cable-free access to the Internet or home pc.

In Denmark TV-2 Sputnik has selected KiSS Technology as the provider of its new TV-box, which provides consumers with complete control of TV programs and movies on-demand via a simple remote control. The solution and the box will be demonstrated at CeBIT.

“Besides TV-2 Sputnik we are currently in discussions with several telecom companies and Internet providers about the concept. There is a great deal of interest being expressed in this reasonably priced and very high-quality solution. At the same time we are also offering one of the best solutions on the market for protecting the copyright of the content being sent,” says Bo Lustrup , Marketing Manager, KiSS Technology A/S.

As part of the MediaMate concept, KiSS plans to expand the range to also include a similar box with hard disk for downloading content or using progressive download for better viewing results. It will be possible to purchase these boxes as extras, and they will match the MediaMate in terms of both design and functionality.

KiSS Technology expects the first commercial MediaMate projects will be available at the end of March 2005.
by: WINTER_CFA 10/31/05 08:58 am
Msg: 88336 of 88345

"Apple may change how we see TV and movies"

http://www.shreveporttimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20… 347/1064


"Now think about what Apple is doing. It`s offering a handful of TV shows, short films and music videos for sale, buyable and viewable 24 hours a day. Imagine if every show were available this way, and then consider whether you would need a cable subscription, a TiVo or a DVD player in such a world."

"Microsoft`s Media Center operating system will soon be able to transmit TV shows, music and photo slideshows to any XBox gaming console in the house."

"SBC Communications is installing super-fast fiber networks capable of sending video to the home in addition to data and telephone service. Using a set-top box, subscribers would also be able to send their TV shows throughout the home."

"Closer to home, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and his business partner, Todd Wagner, are using their collection of media companies to experiment with releasing Hollywood movies in theaters, on DVD and on television at the same time."

"There`s also no need to record and store TV shows if they`re constantly available for download. When consumers can download any show anytime they please for $2 a pop, only the most avid TV watchers will care about setting their recorders. "Appointment viewing" is out; "no-appointment-necessary viewing" is in."

"But neither the video quality nor the selection is good enough for prime time on the iTunes service right now."

"Several industry experts say they`re convinced that Apple`s new video service is just a trial run for something much bigger. One longtime computer industry analyst, Roger Kay of Endpoint Technologies Associates, said that by getting Disney and Pixar involved, Apple was showing other big media companies that it was OK to experiment. Their copyrights can be protected and they can make money with video downloads."

BOTTOM LINE - The technologies needed for all this (i.e. advanced decoding, hi-def, networking, DRM) are right down SIGM`s wheelhouse.

The comments about Cuban were also quite interesting. As a small holder of SIGM stock and with his plan above that could require SIGM technology, his limitless pockets could produce a windfall for SIGM at some point.

Stay tuned.
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 10/31/05 09:48 am
Msg: 88338 of 88345

Big trade show next week in San Diego. There will be some news released there.

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Recommended reading:
by: WINTER_CFA 10/31/05 02:05 pm
Msg: 88346 of 88346

This 4Q05 newsletter from a venture investment shop called Telesoft Partners has a very good discussion of IPTV under a banner called "From the Front Lines":


Many providers and equipment names are mentioned therein (it`s a veritable Who`s Who of SIGM customers/relationships) although the article does not get into the decoder chip players.
Silvio Perich
by: wimbledonwimbledon
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 10/31/05 03:40 pm
Msg: 88351 of 88352

Microsoft-now positioned to serve theoretically 26 percent of the world`s fixed-access phone subscribers with its own IPTV platform-has become a guiding light to chip vendors seeking access to the high-end IPTV market. Eleven operators around the world have signed up for Microsoft`s early adopter program. They include British Telecom, Swisscom, SBC, Verizon, T-Online in France, Telecom Italia, Bell Canada, Bell South and India`s Reliance Infocomm.

Microsoft has spelled out what it expects of IPTV set-top silicon in terms of feature sets, integration level and mass-production deadlines. "Microsoft is predefining the whole user experience," said Silvio Perich, senior vice president at digital media processing vendor Sigma Designs Inc. (Milpitas, Calif.).

FiOS news
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/01/05 10:03 am
Msg: 88367 of 88375

Verizon Boosts Fiber-Optic Lines As It Embraces TV
Web Posted 10/31/2005 - Print Edition 11/1/2005

No. 1 phone service provider Verizon Communications (VZ) plans to double the number of homes and offices reached by its speedy fiber-optic service next year as it bids to become a big TV services provider.

Verizon`s fiber network, called FiOS, will reach 3 million homes by year-end, the company says, and 6 million by the end of next year.

For now, the local Bell is selling high-speed Internet services via the fiber network to 1.2 million homes. And it`s selling TV services, but only in the small market of Keller, Texas.

Verizon needs FiOS to compete with cable TV companies as the two fields start to offer similar products. Cable firms are ramping up their phone services, especially in Verizon`s Northeast core market.

It`s much less expensive for cable operators to offer phone services than for phone companies to sell TV. Verizon had to build a new network, but the cable firms can add VoIP phone service to their existing networks. Also, the cable guys own some content but the telecoms have to buy all their programming.

As a result, investors and some analysts are worried about Verizon`s fiber rollout costs and its return on investment. Others say Verizon has little choice but to forge ahead. And certainly the company is showing no signs of doing anything else.

"We can make money at FiOS-TV and win a substantial share of the market over time," said Robert Ingalls, president of the firm`s Verizon Retail Markets unit. "With FiOS Internet, we offer superior broadband speed.

"There are plenty of things that are going to drive broadband speeds — movie on demand, interactive games, media sharing, videoconferencing. Along with our voice network, that`s a pretty good offer in the market."

Costly Project

The buildout costs Verizon billions of dollars a year. That outlay has been a drag on Verizon`s financial results and its stock, which is down 25% this year.

Verizon must make the FiOS investment or risk losing the highest-spending consumers to cable rivals, says Andy Belt, an analyst at consulting firm Adventis.

"They can`t afford not to be leaders in this space," he said. The telecom-cable battle "will come down to who can deliver the most innovative services over their broadband pipes."

FiOS provides faster Internet access than does cable or phone company DSL broadband. Analysts say Verizon is signing up a good share of Internet customers where FiOS is available.

Verizon says some 30% of Keller`s 11,500 homes have signed up for FiOS-based Internet service.

As for video, UBS analyst John Hodulik expects Verizon will offer TV in five more small markets by year`s end. He forecasts it will have 345,000 TV customers at the end of 2006.

Verizon says FiOS-based TV will be available to 3 million homes by mid-2006, but it still needs regulatory approval to sell TV services in many markets.

It expects to sign up 20% of homes for TV service within five years after entering a market.

The company is offering a programming lineup similar to cable, but at a lower price. In Keller, Verizon offers a 180-channel service for $44 a month, plus taxes.

In the long run, Verizon expects FiOS will reach 60% of its 30 million U.S. household customers.

At its current spending pace, Verizon`s FiOS network would reach 18 million homes by 2010, says David Barden, an analyst at Banc of America Securities.

SBC Communications (SBC) plans to offer TV to about the same number of homes via an upgraded network.

FiOS will be delivered via a set top box with Sigma inside. 345,000 Verizon TV customers by the end of 2006 means roughly $10 million in 2006 revenues for SIGM from Verizon.
Another take on BT`s IPTV effort:
by: WINTER_CFA 11/01/05 11:47 am
Msg: 88371 of 88377

"Telephone line TV will give viewers favourites on demand"

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/connected/main.jhtml?xml=/connect… ne01.xml&sSheet=/connected/2005/11/01/ixconn.html

"Users of BT’s video on demand service, due to start next summer, will be able to choose from a library of thousands of films and TV shows."

"They will also be able to replay instantly programmes from the previous week’s digital television schedules including EastEnders, Coronation Street and Desperate Housewives."

"However, the new – as yet unnamed – package will be the first to be nationally available without subscription."

""No longer will customers be reliant on TV schedules. From next year, they will be able to watch what they like when they like.”

Industry analysts believe that 2006 could be the year that television over broadband takes off in Britain and begins to threaten the dominance of cable, satellite and Freeview – the digital television available via a rooftop aerial.

Initially the new service will only be offered to BT Broadband customers who will need to buy a set top box, manufactured by Philips.

The box connects to their television, telephone line and a roof top aerial. Microsoft will provide the software for the boxes.

Using a standard 2MB broadband telephone connection, owners of the boxes will be able to choose from a library of old films, television shows and music.

Each programme is likely to cost between £1 and £3 to watch and can be paused, rewound or fast forwarded like a conventional video or DVD.

BT will also offer a selection of programmes from the previous week’s broadcast schedules. They are likely to include shows from all the major digital and non-digital channels such as BBC1, ITV1 and Sky 1."

"So the set top box will contain a Freeview digital television receiver, giving owners access to 30 terrestrial digital channels.

The box also comes with a built-in personal video recorder capable of storing up to 80 hours of programmes on its internal disc drive.

The set top box, which will start trials in the spring, will also be able to handle the new high definition television signals due to start in the next few years.

BT claims it will be simple to use and will appeal to people who have been reluctant to upgrade to digital. It will allow viewers to take part in on-screen video conferences with friends while watching football matches, or to text each other during soap operas."
Survey: IPTV to boom

Mia Gralla
(11/01/2005 8:43 AM EST)
URL: http://www.eetimes.com/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=173400626

IPTV will become the next global growth industry, with a potential market of 200 billion RMB (Chinese currency), according to a study by Analysis International. The China IPTV market, in particular, will skyrocket, reaching 16.7 billion RMB in revenue and nearly 17 million users by 2009, the group adds.
The early stages of market cultivation may pose some threats and risks, the group says. Uncertain regulations, insufficient hardware platforms, an immature value chain and unclear business models are the main concerns right now.

The potential for profit has attracted many companies despite the risks. According to the study, there will be 1.1 million IPTV users in China by the end of 2005. That number grow quickly until it slows down by the end of 2009. By that point, there will already be 16.7 million users.
Wollte nur mal kurz einwerfen, dass es gestern ein MACD Kaufsignal gab, sowie den Ausbruch aus den Abwärtstrend! Bin gespannt wie es weitergeht! ;)
[posting]18.545.346 von Stochastic am 02.11.05 17:01:26[/posting]Scheint so als ob die Instis auch nach der Charttechnik gehen/kaufen:

Total Shares Held:

01.11.: 6,434,861
02.11.: 6,643,721

Und gestern wurden gerade mal 361k Shares umgesetzt! ;)
na...:cool: was sagt den die charttechnik erst....wenn wir das ath durchbrochen haben?;)


Current Headlines
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High-Definition Multimedia Interface Digital IP Receiver And Transmitter Core Unveiled

Sunnyvale, CA - Silicon Image, Inc. extended its industry leadership when it unveiled the first High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) digital IP (intellectual property) receiver and transmitter core with a companion physical layer (PHY) chip.

The new Silicon Image offerings extend the most comprehensive set of HDMI solutions available on the market, giving IC designers and OEMs flexibility to select the HDMI and PHY components that best suit their time-to-market, packaging, cost, integration and other design needs. Silicon Image is the leader in HDMI technology, with comprehensive solutions ranging from HDMI Tx and Rx (transmitter and receiver) standalone chips, to integrated HDMI digital and PHY IP, to HDMI Tx and Rx digital IP plus a companion PHY chip.

HDMI has quickly become the de facto interface standard for high-definition consumer electronics products such as HDTV, DVD, set-top boxes and A/V receivers. Chip designers for these consumer electronics products seek HDMI integration options as they begin to integrate HDMI into their designs. Silicon Image aids this process by offering the broadest portfolio of HDMI solutions on the market.

Silicon Image`s HDMI Tx and Rx Digital Logic, announced today, is a soft RTL (register transfer logic) core that is independent of foundry and process geometries, which SoC designers can integrate with their own logic and interface circuitry to connect to the external HDMI PHY. The HDMI digital logic core offers customers an affordable yet integrated HDMI solution that they can quickly take to their foundry partner to manufacture.

The company`s Sil9002 HDMI Tx PHY, also announced today, is an affordable PHY transmitter chip designed as a companion to Silicon Image`s HDMI Tx digital IP. Fully compliant with HDMI 1.1 and HDMI 1.2, the Sil9002 is designed to be integrated into a customer`s system-on-a-chip (SoC) designs. Silicon Image is also developing a companion PHY receiver chip, the Sil9003, with availability in the second quarter of 2006; pricing and packaging details for the Sil9003 will be announced at that time.

"Producing a standalone HDMI PHY with associated digital core IP enables our customers to choose the level of HDMI integration in their chip designs," said Eric Almgren, vice president of Intellectual Property Licensing at Silicon Image. "We will continue to expand our portfolio of HDMI technology -- ranging from chips to IP -- to enable our customers to build solutions that meet their functionality, time-to-market and cost requirements."

These new offerings will enable customers to more quickly integrate HDMI IP, remain process independent, and keep high-speed analog circuitry out of their system-on-a-chip designs, while helping to reduce the bill-of-material (BOM) costs for OEMs.

Renesas Technology Corp., one of Japan`s leading consumer electronics chip manufacturers, has licensed Silicon Image`s HDMI Tx and Rx IP. Because Silicon Image has HDMI compliance-verified, silicon-proven IP in tens of millions of devices shipped, companies like Renesas are attracted to the low-risk of integrating Silicon Image`s IP. "Renesas Technology is developing a family of integrated chips that require the HDMI interface," said Kazutami Arimoto, deputy general manager of Renesas`s System Core Technology Division in Japan. "We licensed Silicon Image`s HDMI IP because their solution is silicon-proven."

Sigma Designs Inc. has licensed Silicon Image`s HDMI digital transmitter IP. "Our key customers helped drive the integration of HDMI to reduce the bill of materials and achieve an airtight security system with HDCP encryption directly on the chip," said Ken Lowe, VP of strategic marketing Sigma Designs, Inc. "Naturally we chose to work with Silicon Image, as they`ve established the de facto standard for HDMI implementation and a clean, fast route to silicon."

SOURCE: Silicon Image, Inc.
hu...also...der liebe doctor of value...aus dem yahoo-sigm threat...hat da glaube ich die richtige antwort...

sollte man ernst nehmen...meiner meinung nach!

Advice - don`t sell
by: Doctor_Of_Value
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/02/05 10:20 pm
Msg: 88458 of 88463

I don`t have enough confirmation to post exactly what I have heard, but those of you who may have the slightest bit of trust in my posts, I will say DO NOT SELL ANY STOCK. Sigma should be making a significant announcement soon which should move the stock as much as 30%. Those who feel that management manipulates the stock with self serving timing would expect the announcement at CC time so that Tran can get his 40,000 off at a much higher price. Those who continue to believe that management is dedicated to letting all investors know the same information at the same time would believe that an announcement is close at hand.

The key to knowing more than the other guy is knowing people who have contacts with Sigma customers. I have posted about my contact with Cavalier Telecom. This recent information (which is not confirmed enough) is NOT from that source. I will say that if you are a big dude, you can butt in front of the line.

A short squeeze is highly likely the day Sigma admits that the SMP8634 is shipping. While I think MSU is an asshole, I am nice enough to tell him to stay out of a short position through the next CC. Sigma is NO LONGER a trading stock. NO ONE should sell at this time.
Institutional buying
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/03/05 10:17 am
Msg: 88468 of 88468

The due date for Q3 filings from institutional money managers is the 15th. Early filings continue to trickle in. A small money manager that I`ve never heard of, STG Capital Management, had a very small position in SIGM at the start of Q3, then took a much larger position during the quarter.

http://www.nasdaq.com/asp/Holdings.asp?FormType=institutiona… ed=SIGM

Of the $92 million STG had under management at the end of Q3, they had $2.4 million in SIGM, and it was one of their 15 largest positions. Obviously this firm likes what they see at SIGM.

As more and more institutional investors move into SIGM and take larger and larger positions, the stock will continue its process of moving from a microcap to a small cap, and then eventually to a mid cap.
Top SBC Exec to Deliver a Technology Update on Project Lightspeed at Heavy Reading`s Links 2005 Executive Summit on Nov. 10

Ralph Ballart, VP of Broadband at SBC Labs, Will Detail SBC`s Latest Technology Plan to Roll Out Fiber-Based Triple-Play Services to 18 Million Customers

Of interest:
by: WINTER_CFA 11/03/05 10:58 am
Msg: 88471 of 88495

"Toshiba`s risky push on HD DVD"


"TOKYO--In the high-stakes battle with Sony over whose format will power the next generation of DVD players, Toshiba has adopted a potentially perilous strategy: encouraging low-cost Chinese competitors to crank out machines using its standard, known as HD DVD."

"To thwart Sony, Toshiba has reached a bargain with Chinese manufacturers. By making its technology available to them, Toshiba hopes to get cheaper HD DVD players in the stores months ahead of Sony, Panasonic and other Blu-ray companies...Toshiba, industry analysts say, also knows that DVDs became a mass market item in the United States after low-priced models arrived from China and filled big-box retailers like Wal-Mart."

"In September, two of China`s largest made-to-order DVD makers, Amoi and JiangKui, said they would start using Toshiba`s HD DVD format to produce high-definition disc players for other companies as early as next year."

Any development that moves blue laser players into high volume should be a distinct positive for SIGM, IMO.
SBC and Verizon, the 10,000-pound IPTV gorillas, aren`t buying into the anti-Hollywood hype. Both have hired top programming executives to run their operations. Dan York, SBC`s executive vice president for programming, used to handle In Demand Network`s relationships with Hollywood heavyweights like HBO and Showtime; he previously spent 13 years at HBO. Terry Denson, leading Verizon`s FIOS effort, was a vice president for programming at Insight Communications, where he handled relationships with loads of premium cable channels like Starz, HBO, and Cinemax. He was also previously in affiliate sales at MTV.

Both men have assembled a programming team heavy with former Hollywood executives, and they are busily negotiating rights for cable offerings like HBO, Disney Channel, ESPN, TBS, and Fox News.

The National Rural Telecommunication Cooperative, which represents rural telephone operators, is also negotiating on behalf of its members for rights to the most popular cable channels.

Yes, they`re paying top dollar. Yes, they`re dealing with onerous digital rights agreements. But anybody getting ready to invest big bucks in an IPTV network had better reserve some big bucks for Hollywood, too. Otherwise, they may soon be watching FIOS TV while they wait for their next job offer.
Re: Expanded Chinese IPTV rollout
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/03/05 03:17 pm
Msg: 88485 of 88495

The Roth analyst covering SIGM came out with a report October 14th. Excerpts:

China Telecom and China Netcom close to completing IPTV trials.
In our visit to China last week, we were able to confirm the status of IPTV trials at China Telecom and China Netcom, the two major telcos in China. China Telecom in cooperation with Shanghai Media Group is in the process of completing its trials in 5 provinces and 17 cities in South China. Upon completion later this month, we believe the Company could begin launch of its services beginning in Q1:06. China Netcom is currently testing IPTV services in 10 cities in North China with expected completion at the end of Nov 2005. With ~600 million phone subscribers and ~30 million broadband subscribers, China Telecom and China Netcom expects to attract at least 10% of its broadband subscribers in 2006 to its IPTV services. We note UT Starcom using a SIGM chipset signed an agreement with both China Telecom and China Netcom earlier this year to provide the network infrastructure and set top boxes.
Re: Expanded Chinese IPTV rollout
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/03/05 03:44 pm
Msg: 88487 of 88495

No, you are not missing anything. IPTV is in the process of rolling out in China and this will be a huge moneymaker for SIGM. SBC and Verizon are in the process of rolling out IPTV here, initially using SD hardware. Now that the Sigma 8634 HD chip is available, SBC and Verizon will be switching over to set top boxes from SFA and MOT that have the 8634 inside. BT and others in Europe are in the process of rolling out IPTV using a Philips set top box with the 8634 inside. So IPTV is going to be big, big, big for SIGM, and the advice in post 88458 is correct. Anyone selling this stock at this point is nuts.
Bill & I would like to invite you
by: wimbledonwimbledon 11/03/05 04:19 pm
Msg: 88488 of 88495

Microsoft`s Bill Gates to Receive Industry Award at CEA`s Digital Patriots Dinner; 2006 Entertainment Technology Summit Also to Feature ``New Content, Delivery and Devices`` Conference, Plus 11th Annual HDTV Summit

CEA Entertainment Technology Summit

ARLINGTON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 3, 2005--The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) today announced that Microsoft Corp. Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates will be presented the Industry Digital Patriot Award for his lifelong commitment to technological innovation and the digital transition. Gates will be receiving the award in person at CEA`s second annual Digital Patriots Dinner on March 15, 2006 in Washington, DC.

"We are honored to recognize Bill Gates for his persistent vision, outstanding achievements and industry contributions," said CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro. "CEA created the Digital Patriots awards last year in order to recognize and celebrate industry and government leaders who fight for the freedom to innovate and change the world through digital technology. Perhaps no industry leader exemplifies these principles better than Gates and we are overjoyed he has agreed to receive this award in person."

The Digital Patriots Dinner is part of CEA`s Entertainment Technology Summit, which will be held March 14-17, 2006, at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center. The event will include conference programming beginning with the HDTV Summit: Pipelines, Spectrum and the American Consumer on Wednesday, March 15. This will be the 11th annual conference of its type and will delve into policy, technology and consumer issues related to the end of analog broadcasting. The HDTV Summit also will feature the 2005 Academy of Digital Television Pioneers (DTV Academy) Awards luncheon where industry and government leaders will be recognized by their peers for their contributions to the analog to digital television transition. The DTV Academy Awards honor excellence in all aspects of digital television content development, content delivery and DTV transition leadership.

On Thursday, March 16, CEA`s Entertainment Technology Summit will feature a new day-long conference titled New Content, Delivery and Devices on Thursday, March 16. The remainder of the Entertainment Technology Summit will focus on CEA membership division meetings and networking opportunities. Registration details and additional programming information will be available online at www.CE.org/events as the event approaches.
[November 03, 2005]

FCC to Act on IPTV Local Franchising Delays

TMCnet Wireless and Technology Columnist

In the midst of a blockbuster week for Internet Protocol (IP)-based video services, the Federal Communications Commission on Thursday announced steps to ensure that state and local authorities don’t hamper the rollout of IPTV service by companies like the regional Bell operating company (RBOC), which haven’t yet secured all the necessary local franchise agreements as required by cable operators.

“We are hearing from some providers that local authorities may be making the process of getting franchises unreasonably difficult. New video entrants, regardless of the technology they employ, should be encouraged – not impeded from entry,” explained FCC Chairman Kevin Martin.

The FCC’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking is a symbolic win for companies like SBC Communications, which have been lobbying to reform the local franchising system that cable operators must abide by. In response to today`s actions, SBC officials echoed the sentiments of the commissioners.

“Consumers deserve more choices, competitive prices and new, innovative services, and we applaud the FCC for looking into alternative ways to make that happen. The cable TV franchising process today is exploited by the dominant cable companies to deter competitive entry and delay the day consumers see competitive choice for their TV and entertainment services,” James C. Smith, senior vice president, at SBC.
Ironically, the FCC’s actions come on the same day that SBC provided its own update on the rollout of its IPTV/video-on-demand (VOD) service called Project Lightspeed.

Addressing a group of industry analysts hosted by IBM in New York today, SBC Services Chief Information Officer Andy Geisse confirmed the company will embark on the next phase trials for its delayed IPTV service with a limited customer rollout around the end of 2005 or early 2006 in neighborhoods in San Antonio, Texas. Up to now, SBC has only been testing the service in the homes of about 40 employees

“IP is the next big thing. We`re going to change the face of television with an IP-based platform that enables integration, personalization and a high-quality entertainment experience,” Geisse is quoted as saying.

The news comes only a day after Sprint’s milestone announcement with some of the largest cable operators in the U.S. to offer consumer converged applications. Sprint and cable executives on Wednesday promised their so-called “Quadruple Play” services (video, voice, data and wireless) would hit the market in 6 to 9 months – around the same time that SBC is expecting to scale up the offerings.

Meanwhile, DIRECTV also announced on Thursday that it has struck an agreement with Level 3 to upgrade and augment the backbone to support and aggregate HDTV signals from local markets for rebroadcast to DIRECTV customers.

SBC said it expect to reach approximately 18 million households by the first half of 2008 as part of initial deployment, using fiber-to-the-node (FTTN) and fiber-to-the-premises technologies. SBC is using the Microsoft TV Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) Edition software platform and working with Alcatel to provide access, routing, and aggregation infrastructure equipment and video system integration services. Other partners include Scientific-Atlanta (IP video network equipment), Amdocs (billing, ordering and payment systems), Scientific-Atlanta and Motorola (set-top boxes), and IBM.

Separately, the FCC also mandated that digitally transmitted video or radio services must include access emergency alert and warning information by the end of next year.


Robert Liu is Executive Editor at TMCnet. Previously, he was Executive Editor at Jupitermedia and has also written for CNN, A&E, Dow Jones and Bloomberg. For more articles, please visit Robert Liu`s columnist page.
die letzten postings sehen doch wirklich gut aus.
Warten wir mal die Zahlen ab und dann sollte es doch endgültig aufwärts gehen.
Verstehe nur nicht, warum diese Aktie in D kaum Handel verzeichnet.
Re: I wrote Ken Lowe
by: Doctor_Of_Value
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/03/05 11:32 pm
Msg: 88496 of 88499

I agree that Ken Lowe`s reply to my e-mail was benign. Since I received that message, I have had contact with sources that tell me the SMP8634 has already begun to ship. The way I interpret the information (be clear this is an interpretation) is that backlogs are so high that Sigma has been forced to decide which customers will get the available supply. Sigma has had to decide which customers will "take them to the dance". Amino, while a great account, is not a Motorola or a Scientific Atlanta. Amino wants to get supplied, but they are being allocated what is left over from the tier one accounts.

In the past, posters have responded to my questions about capacity ramps. The foundry was sighted as having capacity to supply sufficient quantities as needed. I hear this is not the case today. They (Tiawan something) can not keep up with demand. BUT, there is a ramp curve, and I interpret the current situation as temporary.

If Sigma decides not to keep investors as informed as those who have discovered information from the customer side of things, Sigma`s management is continuing to make the same credibility mistakes as have plagued them in the past. To be certain, I am stating this as if my information sources are totally correct - I am not convinced that this is the case. But, the stock is acting as if it is correct. Somebody knows something. I am not telling anyone to buy, but I am saying that you should not sell. If you can, I would suggest transferring your long shares into your cash account (out of your margin account) to force shorts to cough up the shares. The squeeze is something I have been waiting to witness.
Re: I wrote Ken Lowe
by: harold_flashman (M/yorkshire)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/04/05 02:52 am
Msg: 88497 of 88499

Doctor of Value,

I cannot comment on your other statements. But your statement that Amino is not a Scientific Atlanta,.... , I would say this....

Sigma`s chips are fast becoming `the` consumer electronics chip of choice for Feature-Packed Consumer Electronics Devices which employ video.

Fact of the matter is, most of the world`s manufacturing and design-ins is today driven by Asia, not old blighty, not Europe and not the good old USA anymore. Japan has still some interesting design capability, but they design for their own market, and these designs are far too expensive for anybody else in the world to buy. Koreans have design capability, but their impact on innovation is too small from the perspective of consumer electronics - and more influential in terms of LCD displays, washing machines, refrigeration technologies, chip fabrication, etc.

In the past, if HP needed to make a PDA, they designed it and made it in the USA. Then, 5 years ago, they designed it and asked Taiwan to manufacture it. TODAY, HP designs it, goes to a Taiwanese manufacturer, and the manufacturer (paraphrased) sort of says: `Hey, I`ve got all these designs already, it`s too much trouble to make a new design for you, take one of my designs instead.` and HP accepts that because it`s quick to market, well tested and damn, it`s a whole sight cheaper. (damn, I`m beginning to write like a yank after reading too many yank forums)

Any Taiwanese manufacturer or Chinese manufacturer today, have heard of Sigma, or already have Sigma chips in their design portfolio already, or are already shipping Sigma`s products. This is important - while the Yanks or others* concentrate on the software part of it - the hardware is ready and tested. So, the bottom line is this: Though Scientific Atlanta is a plum, hordes (maybe 30-50) manufacturers with their sales forces knocking on every yank brand`s door to sell their Sigma devices, are more important than a single account like SA. Because it is these 30-50 manufacturers who decide on which chip to use in the future. In my opinion, SA is not a plum. Apple is. And they have to approach Apple more aggressively (if they have not already)

And the longer we go on like this, the higher the barriers to entry for other chip manufacturers. And the better chance Sigma has to survive.

And here I agree with Wimbledon - top management must realise what I say is true. At this time, they do not seem to.
[posting]18.571.214 von hahel am 04.11.05 11:00:32[/posting]ja definitiv!man sollte sich als anleger einfach mal vor augen halten...in welchen projekten sigma design schon jetzt zu 100% vertreten ist...hinzu kommt das mircrosoft so große stücke auf sigm setzt...es wird schon was heißen, dass sigma design die einzige firma ist...die derzeit den anforderungen von msft gerecht wird!msft hat die power und das nötige kleingeld sich im iptv-markt einen großen anteil des marktes zu sichern!die können standards setzen...

mich wundert das nicht, das sigma design hierzulande kaum umsätze verzeichnet!das handelsvolumen ist selbst an der nasdaq teilweise relativ dünn (für nasdaq verhältnisse!;) )das ganze dürfte sich ändern...wenn auch hierzulande iptv in aller munde ist...projekte sind ja geplant-und überhaupt soll in europa ein großer teil des marktes entstehen!

ich gehe schon bei den kommenden zahlen von den ersten sichtbaren erfolgen aus...zudem dürfte der ausblick bekräftigt werden...und weitere details sollten genannt werden!ich kann mir durchaus vorstellen...das wir noch in diesem monat richtung 15$ laufen...die richtigen partner mit msft und cisco/linksys hat man...entweder wird sigma in den kommenden jahren selbst "groß" durchs internet...;) oder...sie werden geschluckt...mit einer dicken prämie!(würde das 1. bevorzugen!)...

gefahren sehe ich eigtl keine mehr...für mich steht zu 100% fest...das der umsatz-/ergebnissprung im kommenden jahr zu 100% kommen wird...sobald die börse das erkennt...:D

@ amorphis
Danke für die schnelle Antwort.
Stimme dir voll und ganz zu.
Ich vertraue auch auf positive Quartalszahlen und einen weiteren positiven Ausblick.
Und wenn SIGM in den nächsten Jahren aus eigener Kraft ein "großer" wird habe ich dann einiges für meine Altersvorsorge getan.
und noch einer...;)


by the way...ich hoffe es ist JEDEM klar...das 2006 bald ist...;) dann startet pro.lightspeed...und sigm...ist def. dabei!ach ja...noch ein kaufargument....iptv ist lediglich ein bereich von vieren...in denen sigm zukünftig stark wachsen wird!
mVision news from UTSI
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/04/05 10:45 am
Msg: 88503 of 88504

UTSI reported their earnings yesterday. Included in UTSI`s revenue guidance for the fourth quarter is approximately $40 million in revenue related to the Softbank BB mVision IPTV product deployment. SIGM is partnering with UTSI on mVision, so this is obviously positive for SIGM.

Re: article on project lightspeed
by: WINTER_CFA 11/04/05 10:47 am
Msg: 88504 of 88505

Here is SBC`s PR on the subject, which I don`t believe was posted here yet:

Lots going on
by: WINTER_CFA 11/04/05 11:08 am
Msg: 88509 of 88518

Comments from UTStarcom`s conference call yesterday:

"The company will continue to aggressively lead the IPTV market:

a. The company believes this technology has a strong growth potential and it is starting to see the initial adoption by major carriers worldwide.

b. It has been one of the pioneers in the market and it is currently one of the very few providers that has a complete entry in IPTV solution in the large-scale commercial service globally.

c. The company enjoyed the initial success in China, Japan, North America, Latin America, and India and sees additional opportunity in Europe."

"During 3Q05, the company launched its first commercial IPTV network in Japan with the Yahoo BB...they currently have approx. 30,000 active subscribers on the networks.

In 4Q05, the company expects to launch commercial IPTV services with DSSI, a competitive local exchange carrier in Florida and at least one commercial network in China."

From the Q&A:

"IPTV overall in China, we have significant number of trial sites. We actually have probably about close to 40 test sites. But we have actually very actively working closely with the heart being in the north and we also actively working with Shanghai and also with the trendjo as as well as the Fujo and we are in the very final discussion with the Serjian province. And predominantly with China Telecoms and also we will be actively engaged with China Netcoms as we speak. I think this is in the very, very early stage. I know most of operators there are going to focus on quite a bit of their future expansion and IPTV, it seems to be one of their focus points. Now, nevertheless, that we have been doing the trial, in Harbin, we have been seeing fairly strong and it takes some time to really make the system mature. And we believe we are one of the most mature system-wise and commercially ready and we are already deployed in Japan. So, it is also commercially ready in China. I would say the system is going to be still lumpy. And so we were hoping it`s going to be a very, very significant revenue base for us in 2007 on. But 2006 is going to be a lot of introduction and a lot of groundwork and a lot of smaller installation bases to start, to begin with."

"The trial site that we have, largest one is in Harbin. We already have more like close to 50,000 subscriber trial. And so that`s a very significant trial site. And we believe capacity`s over 10 million. So I think each city, it would be easily giving you close to I would say, anywhere between 5 to $10 million range. If they start taking off obviously, we`ll go more. And in Japan, we have a much bigger contract. It`s a much bigger scale. So one single order wise, Japan is much bigger. But opportunity-wise, China is by far much bigger than in Japan just simply because of the sheer number of users out there with the broadband capabilities."


"TI Plans Converged Services"


"The Telecom Italia Group is also moving ahead with its third significant challenge: content distribution over fixed terminals (TVs and computers) and mobile terminals. By the end of December, IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) will bring a vast range of innovative services to home TV sets. Customers TVs equipped with an infrared keyboard, an ADSL connection and a special Set-Top Box offer access to a vast range of high-definition content (films, news, sport, music, reality shows and live events), as well as allowing customers to surf the internet and send/receive e-mail. Trials of IPTV are now almost complete and the service is scheduled for rollout in 21 Italian cities by the end of the year."

Telecom Italia is an early adopter of MSTV and SIGM`s encoder partner Tandberg has been involved with the trials there.


Lots going on
by: WINTER_CFA 11/04/05 11:20 am
Msg: 88513 of 88518

Here is a great interview with yet another SIGM partner, Streaming21:

"INSIGHT: China`s IPTV market is the "next step," says Streaming21 CEO"


"Streaming21 provides broadcast and media-on-demand software solutions used to deliver broadcast-quality video and audio over IP networks. The company is already working with Shanghai Media Group (SMG), the only IPTV license holder in China, on the Shanghai-based broadcasters IPTV field trials."

"In terms of China, I see ongoing trials next year, in 2006. My prediction on China`s IPTV market is about 2007. The reason for this is the Olympics in 2008 in Beijing and the World Expo in 2010 in Shanghai. IPTV will be a multimedia communication tool, and definitely will play a crucial role in these two events."

"If we can have the patience to wait until 2006, in the metropolitan areas, the bandwidth should be ok. Because China is a big market, we don`t need to focus on the whole market, we just need to focus on the metropolitan areas."

"We have set-top box partners, two of them are in Beijing, Sunniwell and Yuxing. They offer a really niche low end set top box, a very cost effective deployment set top box. As you know, the investment in the set top box is a big one. You need to buy one box for each household, so there`s a big investment."

"The growth rate could be a 200-300% growth rate per year. As I mentioned, the Olympics and the World Expo, these two events are really important events for the IT industry and IPTV also. They have a need.

I would say by 2007, the Chinese market could break 1 mln. In the second half of 2006, there will probably be trials all over the place. Trial sizes normally range between 20,000 and 50,000 households. By 2007, because the Olympics are closing in, 1 mln users will be a good milestone.

In 2008, I would say, 5 million and continue to grow to 20 to 30 mln households using IPTV by 2009, could be a good guess."

"So far in Japan I already see the commercial launch size of 200,000-300,000 subscribers. They will break 1 mln by the first half of 2006. Once they break 1 mln users, they will grow very fast."

The 2 set-top makers mentioned use SIGM chips.





There is also an 8630 model, which is not always actively listed yet, so here is a cache url for it: Box.html+sunniwell+8630&hl=en

PS - The Ziva-based models from both these firms won`t cut it going forward, or so I`m told.
Re: News?
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/05/05 01:01 pm
Msg: 88542 of 88542

Last month the Baird brokerage came out with a report predicting growth in IPTV from less than 3 million subscribers now to over 25 million in 2008. Keep in mind that many subscribers will need more than one set top box. Assuming the Baird forecast is correct, I think sales of 10 million set top boxes in calendar year 2007 is a reasonable projection. Assuming SIGM has a 50% market share, this implies revenue of around $100 million. I also think $100 million in sales from other products, mostly DVD and DMA, is achievable, for total sales of $200 million in calendar year 2007, or the year ended January 2008. Sigma is on track for revenues in the current fiscal year ending January 2006 of a bit over $30 million, so obviously we are looking at a lot of growth here. As the company has noted, the customers that they are working with now are 10 times the size of the ones they were working with a year ago.
Re: This company has no debt?
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/06/05 12:25 am
Msg: 88549 of 88549

SIGM has bank lines of credit that they occasionally access. Latest available balance sheet is as of 7/31/05. About $500,000 in bank debt was on the balance sheet at that time. There could be more now. The company has a new chip, the 8634, that just went into full scale production. The word is that there is a lot of demand for this chip from set top box and DVD OEMs. It’s possible that SIGM has accessed more of their bank line of credit to finance the ramp up of this product.
Hallo amorphis,

deine Beiträge finde ich echt klasse.
Vielen Dank für die vielen News.
Da ich in Englisch nicht so fit bin, kannst du mir bitte das lightspeed-projekt näher erklären? :confused:


na klar...;)

also...das project lightspeed ist eines der ganz großen IPTV-projekte in den usa...es werden dort über 20 millionen haushalte angepeilt die dieses auch nutzen!der verbraucher benötigt dazu breitbandinternet sowie eine settop box zu empfangen der einzelnen kanäle...

überall auf der welt werden in den nächsten monaten solche projekte an den start gehen...das wichtige ist...das microsoft in diesem markt mitmischt...und zwar kräftig!bislang hat msft etwa 25% des marktes sicher...weil immer mehr projekte mit der software von msft laufen werden!bislang ist sigma design der einzige hersteller von mediaprozessoren (werden für die settop box benötigt!) der den anforderungen von msft entsprechen konnte!es ist zum jetztigen zeitpunkt sicher das sigma design im projekt lightspeed vertreten sein wird...ausserdem aber noch in vielen anderen!

ich stelle dir mal ein älteres posting von mir herein...damit die fantasie deutlich wird!

noch fragen? :)


beginnen wir mit der company...

was macht sigma design im allgemeinen?

Sigma Designs, Inc. engages in the development, manufacture, and marketing of silicon-based digital moving picture experts group decoders primarily for consumer appliances and commercial systems. The company offers media processor chipsets for consumer appliances, including Internet protocol television set-top boxes, digital media receivers, high definition digital versatile disk players, high definition television, and portable media players, based on its proprietary REALmagic Video technology. It also provides hardware and software support services. The company sells its products through its direct sales force, as well as through distributors and manufacturer representatives worldwide. The company was founded in 1982 by Thinh Q. Tran. Sigma Designs is headquartered in Milpitas, California.

diese media-prozessoren...die in settop-boxen,mobile media playern,hddvd-player,etc zum einsatz kommen...sind technisch führend...man schätzt den vorsprung den sigm vor wettbewerbern wie STM,broadcom,pxlw hat auf etwa 9 monate.

den wichtigsten markt stellt der schnell wachsende iptv-bereich dar (auf kurze sicht - langfristig sind die anderen bereiche genauso bedeutend)...hier ist noch in diesem jahr mit wichtigen aufträgen für die settop-boxen zu rechnen!

zum thema iptv-wachstum:


August 23, 2005

IPTV Will Grow 1000% By 2010: Report

By Mia Gralla Courtesy of Networking Pipeline

The number of IPTV subscribers will jump tenfold by 2010, according to a new report published by Informa Telecoms & Media.

The report covered 50 countries and found that although there are only 2.5 million subscribers globally today, there will be 25 million subscribers by the end of 2010. Hong Kong is currently the leading market with 475,000 subscribers, but it will drop to eighth position by 2010. At that time, China is estimated to take over the lead spot with 4.9 million subscribers. The U.S. will be in second place with 3.9 million.

According to a statement by the author of the report, Adam Thomas, " IPTV is entering a crucial stage in its development. It is moving away from a technology under trial, into full commercial deployment."

Thomas suggests that IPTV must find a compelling strategy to compete with existing TV services, including low price points, the licensing of unique content, and through technical innovations.

ein wichtiger meilenstein stellt der SMP8634 media processor für das unternehmen dar!
dieser prozessor hat als einziger sämtliche features, welche von den großen telcos gefordert wurden...


" The SMP8634 represents a substantial milestone for the media processor industry, providing the first system-on-chip processor that not only decodes H.264 (AVC), VC-1 and MPEG-2, but also supports multi-stream decoding of any format, up to the equivalent of two simultaneous high-definition streams, along with full-screen graphics."

also kurz gesagt...unterstützt der prozessor sämtliche formate die es auf diesem planeten gibt...

ein weiterer großer vorteil ist die enge zusammenarbeit mit microsoft. es hat sich in den letzten monaten herausgestellt das sich msft einen großen teil des iptv markts mit einer eigenen plattform sichern wird. viele große firmen auf der ganzen welt unterstützen den weg, den msft eingeschlagen hat. ganz wichtig dabei ist...das der sigm-chip der einzige ist, welcher nicht nur theoretisch " im labor" funktioniert...der sigm chip war der einzige, welcher ohne probleme allen anforderungen nachgekommen ist. einen link der dieses belegt habe ich jetzt leider nicht parat...da muss vertraut werden auf das was ich sage-es ist aber definitiv so!

zudem beinhaltet der sigm-chip ein sicherheits-feature...welches besonders wichtig ist für die anbieter die z.b. bei einem video on demand service den " content" liefern!denn ohne diesen schutz wären sämtliche inhalte ungeschützt...was die industrie natürlich vermeiden will. also auch im bereich sicherheit hat der chip ein alleinstellungsmerkmal!

was ist in künftig zu erwarten? dazu ein von mir kürzlich abgegebenes posting:

habe mir mal aktuell gedanken gemacht...was für dimensionen sigma design erreichen könnte in den nächsten jahren...

eine einfache rechnung...welche nicht 100% richtig sein muss...es soll ja auch nur das potential aufgezeigt werden...

habe die frage im yahoo forum gestellt…wo in etwa die preise im verkauf der sigma chips liegen werden...und der user byronangel hat mir folgendes geantwortet...

nur zur info...den user halte ich ebenfalls für sehr kompetent!er hat kommt definitiv aus der finanzbranche...hat schon viele zusammenhänge erklärt...und ist ebenfalls auf den analystenmeeting/conference calls von sigma design verteten...gehe also davon aus das die infos nah an der realität liegen!

Re: could someone please...
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 08/24/05 05:49 pm
Msg: 85966 of 85966

Last I heard the planned price point on the 8634 was in the low \$40´s.

http://finance.messages.yahoo.com/bbs?.mm=FN&board=4687185&t… action=m&mid=79401

Keep in mind that prices will come down a bit once volume really takes off, but this will still be a very, very profitable product for SIGM. They are way ahead of the competition with this product.

=> also...denkt jetzt nur mal an den iptv markt...in so einem projekt wie z.b. lightspeed...werden um die 20 millionen haushalte angepeilt...solche projekte sind aber zunehmend auf der ganzen welt in planung...so...legen wir jetzt mal den durchschnittlichen preis von 25\$ je chip zugrunde...(da der preis der chips ja fallen soll bei zunehmender größe des marktes)...

weil die sigm chips die besten am markt sind...und ich jetzt einfach mal weitere innovationen unterstelle...wird sigma design in weiteren projekten wie lightspeed vertreten sein...angenommen nach der anrollphase von iptv ist sigm in 5 projekten verteten...dann würden bei 100 millionen haushalten settop-boxen mit sigm chips stehen...

100 millionen boxen mal 25\$ für den chip würden also 2,5 mrd \$ umsatz erzeugen...da ich denke das durch den breitbandboom sich die iptv technologie durchsetzen wird...sind also langfristig einige 100 millionen haushalten drin, die solch eine settop box benötigen...ist also ein hammer umsatzpotential vorhanden!

gleichzeitig bedeutet das...die vermeldung des lightspeed auftrags einen umsatzsprung ab dem nächsten jahr garantieren würde!bei preisen von 25\$ je chip ...und angestrebten 18 millionen kunden würde der auftrag mit 450 millionen \$ in den folgenden jahren zum umsatz beitragen!so...wir reden aber hier die ganze zeit nur von dem umsatzbringer iptv...was ist mit den bereichen hdtv,mobile media-player,next generation hd-dvd playern?auch alles wachstumsbringer...sowohl kurzfristig als auch langfristig...könnte das " die" aktie werden!

das ganze kombiniert mit einem weiteren gedanken zu sigma design:

=> iptv entwickelt sich bis 2010 zum massenmarkt und sigm sichert sich einen großen teil...ausserdem entwickelt sich das geschaft im zusasmmenhang mit dem cisco/kiss deal positiv...sigma design wird dann hohe wachstumsraten beim gewinn und beim umsatz vorweisen...und somit ein potentieller übernahme-kandidat für den dann statt aktuellen knapp 200 millionen 3-4 milliarden \$ bezahlt werden... was dem 15-20 fachen entsprechen würde...

in dem posting spreche ich von cisco/kiss...

gemeint ist damit eine kürzlich erfolgte übernahme der kleinen dänischen firma kiss durch cisco. das wichtige daran ist die tatsache, das kiss bis dato nur sigm-inside verwendet-das wird auch so bleiben.

cisco möchte sich mit der übernahme einen großen teil der neu entstehenden consumer-electronic märkte sichern. die neuen kiss produkte treten also in völlig neue dimensionen...da der vetrieb jetzt über den giganten cisco läuft...

was das geschäftliche angeht...kann man sich schon vom nächsten quartal einiges erhoffen...sigm gibt allerdings keine prognose ab, was allerdings ein kluger schritt des managements war, um keine falschen hoffnungen zu wecken.

spätestens ab 2006 wird dann der große sprung in den zahlen gelingen...wenn aktuell zwischen 30-40 millionen $ im jahr umgesetzt werden...wird der umsatz im nächsten jahr schätzungsweise 80 millionen $ betragen.
Hallo amorphis,

tausend Dank für deine mehr als ausführlichen Infos.
Das hört sich alles wirklich seh sehr gut an.
Werde nun investieren ;)


[posting]18.623.504 von investi007 am 06.11.05 17:35:27[/posting]denke das wirst du nicht bereuhen!sigm ist meine zweitgrößte position hinter viropharma!ab märz sind die shares von sigm steuerfrei...habe aber vor deutlich länger zu halten!wenn sich alles so entwickelt wie ich es erwarte (mein eindruck zu sigm hat sich in den vergangenen monaten durch viele kleine eindrücke zum thema sigma design/der angepeilten märkte entwickelt) wird sigm in den nächsten monaten ein top-performer!bleibt nur zu hoffen das die company nicht übernommen wird - denn so würde nur ein kleiner teil des gesamten potentials abgeschöpft!ist natürlich alles nur meine meinung...;)

ratet mal wer die chips für aminos boxen liefert?!...;)

Amino Selected for First HD IPTV Deployment in USA; Surewest to Be First to Market Using AmiNET120 for MPEG-2 HDTV Service

Ref: EMQ1314

CAMBRIDGE, England--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 7, 2005--Amino (LSE:AMO) today announced that it has enabled leading independent telecommunications holding company SureWest Communications (NASDAQ: SURW) as it prepares to become the first US broadband service provider to offer high-definition (HD) television services over IP. Through its current beta testing phase, SureWest has already rolled out Amino`s AmiNET120 HD set-top box to a core group of subscribers in the Sacramento, California region. With the first high-definition IPTV roll-out of its kind in the USA, SureWest customers will be able to enjoy the same live sports, Hollywood films, and other high-definition content with the added benefits of IPTV.

"Many cable companies have begun to deploy HD services in an effort to attract more subscribers," commented Bill DeMuth, SureWest`s vice president and chief technology officer. "Therefore, time to market was a critical factor for us in selecting the AmiNET120, in addition to fundamental quality."

The SureWest fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) infrastructure in the Sacramento region supplies more than enough bandwidth to allow its standard-definition (SD) IPTV subscribers to receive full HD services.

The AmiNET120 unit is based on the award-winning AmiNET103 design and has the same dimensions as the AmiNET110, which is currently deployed with SureWest subscribers. "The design of the set-top box was important to us," explained DeMuth. "Customers appreciate modern-looking equipment that performs at high levels and doesn`t take up much space. The AmiNET120 is the smallest high-definition set-top box we evaluated offering advanced functionality and high-performance."

Rick Sailor, VP Sales - Americas for Amino noted, "HDTV has been accepted as the next evolutionary stage for television and manufacturers are already making HD-ready equipment available to consumers for their homes. Consumers are therefore demanding HD services from their Pay-TV operators to justify their hardware investment. SureWest has been very quick to respond to this increasing consumer demand and provide advanced, interactive HD IPTV services over its existing fibre network."

Amino`s technology will be demonstrated at TelcoTV 2005, San Diego - USA, from 9 to 10 November, stand #628.

ich klink mich jetzt mal auch in diesen thread als stiller Leser ein.

An dieser Stelle Dank an deine Arbeit und Recherchen hier!
ja...hallo...;) hoffentlich kannste so deinem namen bald alle ehre machen...oder machste das schon?!:D

by: WINTER_CFA 11/08/05 08:02 am
Msg: 88581 of 88582

I own more than ever before.

I will never run with the Donald, regardless of wealth level.

I think we see $15 by or before the CES show.

In just briefly until Thurs.
Re: Question to WINTER
by: WINTER_CFA 11/08/05 08:08 am
Msg: 88582 of 88582

I think DMA sales for SIGM through 2006 could be substantial, perhaps reaching seven figures per Q at some point if ViiV PCs really sell well and are used as video servers.

For now, I`ll stick with the EPS and share price numbers given in my last CC comments.
A little News
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/08/05 10:14 am
Msg: 88584 of 88585

Sunnyvale, CA - Silicon Image, Inc. extended its industry leadership when it unveiled the first High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) digital IP (intellectual property) receiver and transmitter core with a companion physical layer (PHY) chip.


Sigma Designs Inc. has licensed Silicon Image`s HDMI digital transmitter IP. "Our key customers helped drive the integration of HDMI to reduce the bill of materials and achieve an airtight security system with HDCP encryption directly on the chip," said Ken Lowe, VP of strategic marketing Sigma Designs, Inc. "Naturally we chose to work with Silicon Image, as they`ve established the de facto standard for HDMI implementation and a clean, fast route to silicon."

SOURCE: Silicon Image, Inc.

http://www.digitalbroadcasting.com/content/news/article.asp?… 7A-4B26-A388-EA9F8B5B9C22%7d&Bucket=Current+Headlines&VNETCOOKIE=NO

leider bin ich`s noch nicht, aber ich arbeite noch daran, Frührentner bzw. Privatier zu werden ;-)

Weiterhin happy trades!
Re: kiss news
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/08/05 10:48 am
Msg: 88590 of 88594

Keep in mind that there are lots of products on the way from KiSS.

From a recent report from the Baird analyst following SIGM:
Cisco/KiSS, A Broadbased Platform For Sigma Starting In 2006.
Cisco will make recently acquired KiSS Technology a worldwide brand including in the U.S., with HD DVD players, set-top boxes, digital media adapters, and LCD TV launches starting in 2006. Sigma Designs is currently the sole supplier of decoders to KiSS. We anticipate this relationship to last given the extensive software development effort from KiSS around Sigma Designs` decoders.

Comments from SIGM in their last earnings conference call:
As a result of its entrenched position as a key media processor technology within the Kiss product line, SIGM anticipates a higher level of future demand as it takes advantage of the distribution resources within Cisco. Regarding the launch of an IPTV product category by Cisco/Kiss, SIGM stated that such an announcement would not surprise them. SIGM expects to see product announcements and product introductions from Cisco/Kiss probably toward the end of this year in the calendar 4Q.

gabs in der (jüngeren) Vergangenheit mehr o. weniger grosse Käufe von "Insidern" und/oder Institutionellen Adresssen?
Net Institutional Purchases - Prior Qtr to Latest Qtr
Net Shares Purchased (Sold) 1,577,480
% Change in Institutional Shares Held 18.5%
Data provided by Computershare

Stock Picks based

on Insider Trading.
Nov 9, 2005

Telecom Asia Daily
UTStarcom secures a new IPTV supply deal from China Telecom and the Shanghai Media Group. UTStarcom will provide devices in the IPTV commercial tests the carrier will conduct in the Pudong and Minghang districts in Shanghai.

Australia`s Optus attracts 59,000 new mobile phone customers in the last quarter. The carrier now has over 74 million subscribers overall.

Solutions provider iGate Global Solutions plans to expand and double its manpower headcount in Japan. The company is aiming to beef up its customer and technology operations in the country.
Kasenna Breaks Streaming Server Performance Barrier - Setting New Record for Large-Scale Triple Play IPTV VOD Delivery

12-node Intel-based Linux Server Cluster Delivers 135Gbps, Powers `Metro-Scale` Deployment of Over Half-Million Subscribers

WORLDBEAT - Life Squared shows Microsoft`s vision
Jeremy Kirk

The idea of Microsoft Corp. some day decorating your home or business might be taking the software king`s influence a bit too far.

But Microsoft has made a mock-up home, business and cafe as part of a marketing strategy to show its customers exactly how the technology it produces would really work if, say, someone actually used it.

Situated in a brick-walled compound on London`s rapidly developing Chelsea Harbour neighborhood on the south riverfront, the Life Squared project is a brisk, 90-minute tour into how Microsoft wants you to work and relax using its products.

"It`s really an educational process," said David Weeks, Windows marketing manager, on a recent tour. "We`re showing how it (the technology) connects together."

All of the software and products are already on the market, Weeks said. The demonstration, which runs through February, is not open to the general public, but is instead aimed at courting high-level Microsoft customers and at its partners.

The tour begins in the reception area of Marsh Marine, an entirely fictitious business that loves Microsoft.

The owner, "Rick Marsh," who is played by an actor, explains how he uses a range of products to keep track of how many winches his salespeople sell, where the winches must be sent and how fast his customers can receive their orders. Through a deft network of wireless devices used by salespeople, Rick extols the virtues of three flat-paneled screens that show his sales.

He uses Microsoft`s Office Communicator to talk to one of his co-workers about where is a good place to grease a winch. He also uses the company`s OneNote program with the same employee to jointly view a diagram in a chalkboard-like setting to mark where the grease should be applied. He later comments that his father, who started Marsh Marine, could not believe the efficiencies that are gained now through technology.

Life Squared is well rehearsed. The actors breathlessly roll through product demonstrations, deftly clicking and manipulating programs with almost unrealistic consumer ease. But the actors are just for show: Life Squared tourists are advised before embarking to ask no questions of the actors, as they are not the experts on the technology, and to save queries for Microsoft spokespeople.

So thus continued the very candid and smiling one-way tour. At one point, the candor and surface likability of the actors almost trick me for a few minutes into believing all of it is real. I nearly ask a question, too.

Moving on from the business, you enter Microsoft`s enviable if slightly Orwellian home on tour with Jenny Marsh, Rick`s wife. The gargantuan living room has a massive flat screen television running Microsoft`s Media Center, a muscled-for-multimedia software package integrating music, video, photos and television.

Then on to the kid`s room. Want to set limits on your child`s access to computers and Web sites? No better way than to stop mischievous access than through biometric identification, Microsoft`s Optical Desktop Elite with Fingerprint Reader for Bluetooth, a solid challenge for the budding fraudster.

Microsoft`s house wouldn`t be a bad place to live -- a perfect plush palace of interconnected devices and unmissed TV programs in which to raise a nuclear family. And Marsh Marine seems like a squared-away business, with not a winch out of place.

But is it safe from burglars? We won`t ask Microsoft about home security for now
Ist was negatives mit Sigma im Busch?
Geht ja heute richtig runter.
denke ist einfach so nach einigen Tagen der Aufwärtsbewegung, und sie sind auch am oberen Boilingerband angestoßen, oder besser gesagt sie waren oberhalb dieser und sind wieder in diese reingerückt, das ist nur eine kleine Konsolidierung und die Luft nach oben ist einfach dünner, außer es kommt noch mal Masse in die Aktie
fundamental ein Spitzenwert
Eagle Broadband to Demonstrate High-Definition MPEG-4 H.264 Set-Top Box at TelcoTV Conference

New MPEG-4 Compression Technology Added to MediaPro IP5000 With Standard and High-Definition PVR Capabilities

ILC Teams with Envivio to Help Service Providers Rollout IPTV Services

ILC-Envivio Solution Powers World`s First Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting Service for Mobile Devices


Previous Envivio - Sigma News
Re: by the way winter
by: WINTER_CFA 11/10/05 11:22 am
Msg: 88689 of 88709

I have met with Thinh Tran on numerous occasions over the past 7 years. I`ve always found him to be intelligent, honest and personable. He has clearly put the bulk of his adult life`s sweat and effort into SIGM. He has kept the firm afloat through several silicon valley boom and bust cylces over the past 20 years (unlike literally 1000s of others long forgotten) and has finally, largely through his vision and business connections, guided the firm to an increasingly dominant position in several potentially huge growth markets.

Those that share his vision and stay for the endgame will, IMO, earn a huge payoff just like he will (his periodic stock sales versus total exposure have been MINISCULE). It`s as simple as that.

To see him anonymously slandered by others on an ongoing basis disgusts me.

There is no honor in such actions.
There is no integrity in such actions.
There is certainly no bravery in it.
All in all, it smacks most of immaturity.

The rules of stock investment are clearly written and basically are (as elsewhere): lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Just calling `em like I see `em.

Institutional buying
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/10/05 01:34 pm
Msg: 88700 of 88710

Q3 filings from institutional investors are due 11/15. Early filings continue to trickle in. One of SIGM`s institutional investors, Wall St. Associates, which owned over half a million shares heading into the quarter, picked up about another 50,000 shares during Q3.

http://www.nasdaq.com/asp/Holdings.asp?FormType=institutiona… ed=SIGM

When somebody already owns over 500,000 shares, and then they buy another 50,000, that, to me, is a very bullish sign.
Institutional buying
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/11/05 11:40 am
Msg: 88748 of 88754

Another filing is in today, this one from Roxbury Capital Management. They owned around 800,000 shares of SIGM at the start of Q3, then added about 150,000 during the quarter.

http://www.nasdaq.com/asp/Holdings.asp?FormType=institutiona… ed=SIGM

Institutional buying is set to take SIGM towards $15/sh between now and the Consumer Electronics Show at the start of 2006.
Re: 100K purchase
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/11/05 12:27 pm
Msg: 88750 of 88754

Yes, looks like another institutional buy. A large institutional buy at this point in time indicates that the Q4 ramp in SIGM revenues is on track.
Option trade
by: Doctor_Of_Value
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/11/05 01:19 pm
Msg: 88753 of 88754

One possible explanation for the 100K blocks is that a large investor is buying huge amounts of January and April $7.50 call options from the option market maker. The MM then buys the stock to have available to sell at $7.50 when the calls are exercised. The market maker buys 100K at $10.80 and sells the calls at $4.30. In April, he sells the stock at $7.50 for a $1.00 per share profit.

It is my opinion that these option trades and large share blocks are connected in this fashion. The good news is that someone or some institution is willing to pay $11.80 for the added leverage gained by going with the calls instead of just buying the stock. That is extremely bullish. Trades like these are only done based on very solid information. I just wish Ken Lowe would share this information with me. I don`t feel that I am being included in the club. Please Ken, I have paid my dues!
der untere abschnitt des artikels ist interessant für uns...


How to Watch TV
The Wall Street Journal Online
By Peter Grant and Dionne Searcey

Flurry of Deals Gives Viewers New Options
For Tuning In to Shows; Paying by the Program

Watching TV used to be the embodiment of mindlessness.

But now, deciding how and what to view is a surprisingly complex task, as a series of industry-transforming deals presents consumers with a host of new viewing options. Each approach requires a different device, and each charges viewers in a different way.

The upshot: It is easier than ever before to watch any show you want anytime you want, instead of watching scheduled shows. The move toward "time shifting" accelerated this week, when two big TV networks, CBS and NBC, agreed to make such prime-time shows as "Survivor" and "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" available for viewing anytime. The deal comes less than a month after Apple Computer Inc. and Walt Disney Co. made a deal that allows viewers to download episodes of popular TV shows, including "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost," on a video iPod.

Now, programs can also be viewed on cellphones, computers and practically any other device with a screen. Sprint Nextel Corp. last week announced a deal that will dramatically increase the amount of content available for viewing on cellphones. Already, Sprint and Cingular Wireless offer some live TV, and Verizon Wireless and Vodafone run a video-on-demand service called Vcast.

This changing landscape means viewers can often avoid commercials. But they may have to prepare for a future of paying fees for specific shows, such as the CBS/Comcast Corp. deal that will sell episodes of "Survivor" for 99 cents apiece. Here`s a viewer`s guide to the latest ways to watch TV.

Video on Demand

Cable companies now make movies and other programs available to subscribers who buy a higher "digital" tier of service, which costs roughly $10 to $15 a month extra. To start watching, all viewers have to do is press a few buttons on their remotes, tapping into thousands of hours of content stored in central offices. Viewers usually can reverse, pause or fast-forward the action so they can speed through commercials.

On-demand services have one notable plus: They usually include programs that aren`t available on regularly scheduled TV. Operators offer everything from local high-school football games to clips of available singles in the area. Also, many cable operators give a special on-demand benefit to subscribers to premium channels. They can, for example, watch at any time any episode of Rome that`s aired on HBO so far this season.

But by the same token, the content is limited by the cable company. Cable companies vary widely on how much content they have provided and what they charge. Often, operators charge a fee to view recently released movies, prime-time programming or other popular content.

Comcast, the country`s largest cable company, offers 3,800 movies and programs -- most of them free. Comcast charges about $4 apiece for the most recently released movies and 99 cents each for the CBS prime-time shows that were announced this week. More than 90% of Comcast`s 9.4 million digital subscribers can get on-demand service.

But other cable companies have been slower to offer on demand. Cox Communications Inc., for example, which has put a higher priority on rolling out phone service, offers on-demand service to about 50% of its subscribers. Cox also has less free content and charges $1.95 to $3.95 for movies.

Time Warner`s cable division, meanwhile, is heading off in a different direction. It offers a standard on-demand service that includes hundreds of movies for a fee and 350 hours of free content from Cartoon Network, Court TV and other programmers. But Time Warner Cable also has just introduced a new on-demand service, known as "Start Over," that enables viewers to watch a show from the beginning even if they tune in while it`s in progress. That service only works if the viewer tunes in during the show`s scheduled time. Also, while pausing and rewinding is available, consumers can`t fast-forward, so they have to watch commercials.


TiVo`s introduction in the 1990s of DVRs, which can record shows without tapes and can pause and reverse live TV, was a major improvement over videocassette recorders. Today, digital recorders are offered by most major cable and satellite companies as well. The best aspect of DVRs is that once consumers acquire the equipment, they can record any show they want for no additional fee.

Consumers can either buy a DVR from TiVo or another manufacturer such as ReplayTV or lease one from a satellite or cable company such as Time Warner Inc. Most viewers have preferred to lease, which costs roughly $10 to $15 a month over the price of digital cable service. TiVo recently reached for more market share by dropping the prices of its least expensive unit to $49.99. TiVo subscribers also have to pay a monthly fee, but many consumers prefer TiVo service because it is easier to use and can do things that other DVRs can`t do, like recommend shows on the basis of viewing habits.

One drawback of DVRs: The storage capacity is limited, so at some point consumers have to delete programs they`ve recorded to make room for others.


People who want to watch TV on the small screen are getting a lot more choices. The new Sprint deal will enable viewers to watch shows that they`ve stored on their home DVR, along with more live TV and on-demand offerings. Sprint and Cingular Wireless both offer MobiTV, which has 25 live TV programs, including MSNBC, Fox Sports and two C-SPAN channels. Sprint also has a video-on-demand service called Sprint TV that offers frequently updated short video clips of news, entertainment and weather forecasts and live TV from outlets such as Fox news.

Meanwhile, Vcast features shorts from NBC, CNN and Dow Jones & Co.`s MarketWatch, along with music videos and clips of "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" and other TV comedy and entertainment programs.

To watch cellphone TV, consumers have to buy video-ready phones, which cost as little as $99. The TV service also usually costs an extra fee. While the mobility may be enticing, allowing you to watch TV anywhere you get cellphone service, the quality of the picture is not as good as on traditional TV sets. Also, content is limited to what the cellphone companies make available.

IPods, etc.

IPod viewing has pros and cons similar to those of cellphones: It`s portable, but the content is limited.

Under the Apple/Disney deal, viewers can synch shows to their iPods and tune in on the go. The episodes cost $1.99 each. New episodes are available the day after they are broadcast, and older ones from the first season are available immediately. In addition to "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost," the other shows are "Night Stalker," "That`s So Raven," and "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody." The cost of the video iPod starts at $299.

NBC Universal has said it is close to working out a deal with Apple to provide shows on the video iPod. Apple also has a deal with Pixar Animation Studios to distribute short animated features including "Tin Toy," "Geri`s Game" and "For the Birds" for $1.99 each. And the company is offering 2,000 music videos licensed from major recording companies.

New Content Providers

Other technology companies are looking for ways to put on TV content stored on the Internet. Computers using Microsoft Corp.`s Media Center operating system can connect directly with TVs, enabling users to watch Internet content. Users can either view things they`ve downloaded from the Internet or, using a Media Center application called Online Spotlight, they can watch content from services like MovieLink and CinemaNow. Computers with Media Center software can now be purchased for under $1,000. Internet content services like CinemaNow charge fees starting in the $1.99 range.

A venture of Yahoo and TiVo announced earlier this week also plans to make Internet content available on TV. At first, TiVo subscribers who plug high-speed Internet connections into their boxes will be able to use the Yahoo site to see photos and check traffic and weather. Eventually, the venture may make it possible for TiVo subscribers to search for video on the Internet.

Besides the rush to the small screen, traditional phone companies are trying their hand at getting into the television business. Verizon Communications Inc. this fall launched its fiber-based television service in Keller, Texas, and has plans to expand the offer elsewhere. SBC Communications Inc. is preparing its own Internet-based television service to be deployed in coming months. The companies are spending billions to enter the TV market in hopes of competing with cable companies that have entered their turf by offering Internet-based phone services.

Write to Peter Grant at peter.grant@wsj.com and Dionne Searcey at dionne.searcey@wsj.com.
verbindungen zu softbank bestehen...;)

Softbank eyes local Web TV market

`NEW ERA`: The founder of the Japanese firm said that it was eyeing partnerships with local content providers to venture into the promising new Internet TV market
By Jason Tan
Saturday, Nov 12, 2005,Page 10
"With its highly mature broadband infrastructure, Asia will play the main role in the Internet TV era."

Masayoshi San, founder and chief executive of Softbank

Softbank Corp, Japan`s second biggest provider of high-speed Internet services, is set to form a joint venture with Taiwanese content service providers in the near term to tap onto the booming Internet TV market, its founder said yesterday.

"TV stations and broadcasting companies here create good content which is limited to Taiwanese viewers.

Now with Internet TV, they can offer programs to 1 billion Internet users around the globe, which will help create a superstar industry," Masayoshi Son told reporters after delivering a speech in Taipei yesterday.

content on demand

Its Internet TV platform, called TV Bank, will enable viewers to search for and watch content such as foreign films over broadband connections.

The Japanese Internet giant is in discussion with local companies, including TV stations, digital content providers, record companies, broadcasting firms and production houses for possible cooperation. But Son decline to reveal further details.

According to Chinese-language newspapers, Taiwan Television Enterprise Ltd (‘䎋) is one of the domestic companies showing a high interest in partnering with Softbank.

The service, which will launch in Japan next spring, will have strategic bases in Tokyo, Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul, the paper said.

"The preliminary investments in Taiwan will be small, but it will gradually increase over time," Son said.

He added that Softbank will serve as the hub of Internet TV, and help distribute Taiwanese content to the rest of the world, while bringing overseas content to local viewers.

"With its highly mature broadband infrastructure, Asia will play the main role in the Internet TV era," Son told an audience in a speech given in conjunction with the 2005 Taiwan International Film & TV Expo.

To make the TV Bank platform work, offering free content on an advertisement-based model will be a start, he said, adding that the pay-per-view model will follow afterward as a way of increasing revenues.

Conservative companies which focus only on a domestic audience will not be able to succeed in a blossoming global broadband era, said Son, who has been dubbed the "Bill Gates of the East."
Philips, BT, & SIGM
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/13/05 10:45 am
Msg: 88769 of 88770

On 10/27/05 Jay Srivatsa, the Roth analyst covering SIGM put out a report on the new Philips Set Top Box for British Telecom`s IPTV Service. From the report:

We believe SIGM is designed into Philips` set top box, the first set top box slated for British Telecom`s IPTV service. British Telecom (BT) announced yesterday that it had selected Philips Electronics as the set top box supplier for its IPTV service and Microsoft`s IPTV platform as the software. Given that Sigma Designs in the only chip supplier that successfully supports Microsoft`s IPTV platform, we believe SIGM`s 8634 chip has been designed into Philips Set Top Box for BT`s IPTV deployment. With ~5 million broadband subscribers, British Telecom could be major revenue driver for SIGM, in our view. We believe initial volumes in CY:06 could be ~300K-500K units. At ~$30 ASP, BT could represent a $9 million-$15 million revenue opportunity for SIGM in CY:06.

The Financial Times recently published additional invormation about what BT is doing with IPTV and the set top box they will be using. From the Financial Times:

One core offering of BT’s version of television will allow broadband customers with the right set-top box to download films from a back-catalogue on demand via their phone-line and to watch and rewind the movie as they please for a certain amount of time. The same set-top box will have a digital signal decoder built in, so customers can watch the free-to-air digital terrestrial offering enjoyed by Freeview subscribers.

Re: 100K purchase
by: seeker_of_value
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/13/05 11:10 am
Msg: 88770 of 88771

I think these 100K buys are not indications that the institutions know much more than we do. They are simply indications of institutional accumulation of SIGM stock.

Total institutional ownership of SIGM is only 35%. This is very small. Most decent stocks are owned 90+% by institutions. So the institutions are simply increasing their holdings of SIGM. They are not helped by 100 share purchase. Individuals keep selling in small quantities and MM keep buying lowering the stock price and then institutions come and buy up 100 K shares in one chunk.

Why are institutions buying? The writing is on the wall. Online video is increasing rapidly. We have seen numerous postings on this board. By last week all three major networks CBS, NBC and ABC had decided to put their prime time shows for on-demand viewing. Within one or two years there will be huge increase in online videos. The result will be a huge demand for related hardware and software.

It is just a matter of time when small companies like SIGM, SIMG, SEAC will go through the roof. The writing is clearly on the wall. Who cares if it takes some time. Some of our short term gains will become long term gains. That is all.

So nobody should short SIGM. If SIGM goes up suddenly, huge losses will be there.
3rd Quarter Earnings ?
by: azaria2whistler 11/13/05 12:35 pm
Msg: 88771 of 88771

Back on May 13th 2005 Sigma gave a negative warnings announcement for the 1st Q. and the stock plunged. Back on Aug. 17th they gave a notification of 2nd Q earnings call with no negative warning and the stock accelerated up to eventually peak at 12.50. This is the week for yeh or nay on the 3rd Quarter. If no negative announcement on their earnings call then expect a steady stream of positive news as SIGMA`s new processor starts to ramp up in orders and production. The stock will blow by 12.50 in a flash and as the shorts start to cover 15.00+ is a given!!! Remember that there are only 20 M shares and Tran isn`t going to dilute them to raise capital.
Keep your fingers crossed over the next few days from the good news .
Press Release Source: Sigma Designs, Inc.

Sigma Designs, Inc. to Hold Third Quarter Conference Call
Monday November 14, 6:30 am ET

MILPITAS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 14, 2005--Sigma Designs (Nasdaq:SIGM - News), a leader in digital media processing for consumer appliances, announced today that the Company will be discussing third quarter results during a conference call on Tuesday, November 22, 2005, at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Participants can dial into the conference call at 866-362-4820 (617-597-5345 for international) using the passcode 14686979. A question and answer period will take place at the end of the discussion. The earnings release will cross the wire at the close of market on the same day.

The call will be webcast live by CCBN and can be accessed at Sigma`s web site at www.sigmadesigns.com/. The webcast is also being distributed over CCBN`s Investor Distribution Network to both institutional and individual investors. Individual investors can listen to the call through CCBN`s individual investor center at www.fulldisclosure.com or by visiting any of the investor sites in CCBN`s Individual Investor Network. Institutional investors can access the call via CCBN`s password-protected event management site, StreetEvents (www.streetevents.com).

An audio replay of the call will be available shortly thereafter the same day and will remain on-line for one week. The replay number is 888-286-8010 (617-801-6888 for international) using passcode 99167440. For further information, please see the link on our website at www.sigmadesigns.com or email investor relations at IR@sdesigns.com.

About Sigma Designs, Inc.

Sigma Designs (Nasdaq:SIGM - News) specializes in silicon-based media processors for IPTV set-top boxes, digital media receivers, high-definition DVD players, HDTV and portable media players. The company`s award-winning REALmagic® Video Streaming Technology is used in a variety of consumer applications providing highly integrated solutions for high-quality decoding of H.264, WMV9, MPEG-4, MPEG-2 and MPEG-1. Headquartered in Milpitas, Calif., the company also has sales offices in China, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. For more information, please visit the company`s web site at www.sigmadesigns.com/.
More Softbank comments:
by: WINTER_CFA 11/14/05 08:23 am
Msg: 88779 of 88785

"Softbank CEO: Softbank to launch IP TV in 1Q 2006"


Japan-based Softbank plans to launch its IP TV business in the first quarter of 2006, aiming to play the role of Google in the global video content service industry, company president and CEO Masayoshi Son said in Taipei last week.

The company’s IP TV service program, dubbed “TV Bank,” will stage a test-run starting in Japan in March 2006 and then venture into the Taiwan market in the second quarter of 2006, Son noted.

While in Taipei, Son met with a number of video content providers and television networks to tout his TV Bank venture and invite local content providers to invest in his IP TV program. Softbank will provide a platform and also integrate content for its IP TV, Son added.

IP TV will become a profit-making business by initially taking advertisements and then start to charge fees based on the contents it provides, Son indicated.
Re: More Softbank comments:
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/14/05 10:36 am
Msg: 88786 of 88788

Good info. I would just like to remind everyone that SIGM mentioned Softbank in their presentation at the Roth investment conference a couple of months ago - Slide #10, “Worldwide IPTV Deployments”, listed the following customers (by geography) and deployment timeframes: Europe - British Telecom (1H06), Swisscom (1H06), T-Online (2H06), Deutsche Telecom (2H06), Telecom Italia (2H06); North America - SBC (1H06), Bell Canada (2H06), Verizon (2H06), Bellsouth (2H06); Far East - China NetCom (now), China Telecom (now), Softbank (now), Korea Telecom (1H06).

Last month the Roth analyst covering SIGM reported that SIGM had started shipping product to Softbank for its IPTV deployment in Japan.
hm...man lasse sich mal diese wahnsinns-wachstumsraten der nächsten jahre auf der zunge zergehen!!!!:D

und seid euch sicher...sigm ist dabei!

so oder so...hoffe nicht das sigm übernommen wird...das würde uns das potential zum global player nehmen!

Press Release Source: Infonetics Research

IPTV Set to Skyrocket: 53.7M Subscribers, $44B in Service Revenue by 2009, Says Infonetics Research
Monday November 14, 10:12 am ET

CAMPBELL, Calif., Nov. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- IPTV service revenue, subscribers, and capital expenditures are increasing rapidly, says a new report by analyst firm Infonetics Research, IPTV Equipment and Services Market Outlook.

Worldwide IPTV service revenue will skyrocket to over $44 billion in 2009, according to the report. DSL providers account for the bulk of service revenue now, but cable broadband providers will also migrate to all-IP triple-play services in the next few years, possibly offering wireless services as well.

Service providers anticipate big payoffs from IPTV, judging from the significant investments they are making. In 2004, service providers worldwide spent $304 million on IPTV-related services infrastructure, growing to almost $4.5 billion in 2009 as providers look to IPTV services as the means of raising ARPU from a near-saturated broadband subscriber base.

"Service providers have been investing in IP DSLAMs, broadband edge routers, and aggregation switches to prepare for IPTV in the network infrastructure layer, but are having to make significant investments in the services layer too, adding video on demand servers, encoders, and headend equipment as well," said Richard Webb, Infonetics Research analyst and lead author of the report. "But the biggest decision they face right now is who to choose as a middleware partner."

IPTV subscribers are increasing briskly as well, topping 53 million worldwide in 2009. Subscriber growth is strong in all regions, especially in Asia Pacific, where faster forms of DSL like VDSL and ADSL2/2+ are stimulating subscriber growth.

"Service providers in Asia Pacific and EMEA, especially PCCW in Hong Kong and FastWeb in Italy, and independent operators in North America like SureWest, are already experiencing significant IPTV subscriber growth," noted Jeff Heynen, Directing Analyst for Broadband and IPTV at Infonetics Research. "We expect SBC, Verizon, BT, and other large providers to successfully conquer the technical and marketing hurdles before them, and when they do, their IPTV subscriber figures will increase substantially year-over-year."

Growth Highlights
-- Worldwide IPTV service revenue will grow to over $44 billion in 2009
-- IPTV services infrastructure capex will grow 1,377%, from $304
million to close to $4.5 billion
-- The number of IPTV subscribers worldwide will grow to 53.7 million
in 2009
-- The number of IPTV subscribers in North America will increase
12,985% between 2004 and 2009

Infonetics` report analyzes the fundamental drivers, growth areas, and technologies gaining the most traction in the market, tracking IPTV service infrastructure capex, IPTV service revenue, and IPTV subscribers. The report includes worldwide and regional market size, analysis, and revenue, capex, and subscriber forecasts through 2009 for North America, EMEA, Asia Pacific, CALA, and worldwide.

Download sample data at www.info.infonetics.com. For sales, contact Larry Howard, vice president, at larry@infonetics.com or +1-408-583-3335.

Infonetics Research (www.infonetics.com) is the premier international market research and consulting firm specializing in data networking and telecom. Services include market share and forecasting, end-user survey research, service provider survey research, and service provider capex analysis.
so ist es!


Re: IPTV News
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/14/05 11:55 am
Msg: 88790 of 88793

This kind of growth in IPTV implies annual revenue for SIGM of over $100 million, just from IPTV alone.
Re: IPTV News
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/14/05 12:23 pm
Msg: 88793 of 88793

In the last conference call SIGM pointed out that the customers they are working with now are 10 times the size of the ones they were working with last year, they said that the lines of credit they had established would be needed to support a revenue ramp to $30 or $40 million in quarterly sales, and that they expect Q4 (ending 1/31/06) revenue to be significantly higher than Q2. I expect similar statements to be made next week as it`s now clear that the long awaited revenue ramp is getting underway for SIGM. I don`t expect the company to provide specific Q4 guidance due to the inherent variability of this company`s revenues from quarter to quarter. Hopefully investors will focus on the fact that on an annual basis SIGM`s revenues are set to take off and not worry so much about the quarterly ups and downs caused by the timing of orders and other random factors.
More IPTV news from China:
by: WINTER_CFA 11/14/05 09:27 pm
Msg: 88807 of 88816

"China Netcom To Initiate IPTV Tests In Beijing"


"November 15, 2005
China Netcom (CN) is to sign a cooperation agreement with Shanghai Media Group for IPTV implementation and to increase the number of cities undergoing IPTV trials from 1 to 21.

Shanghai Media Group won the first IPTV license in China a few months ago and is currently testing IPTV.

Under the agreement, Shanghai Media Group will provide IPTV content, and China Netcom will provide technology and value-added service."
30,000 share purchase
by: sigmawahoo (36/M/Reston, VA)
Long-Term Sentiment: Buy 11/15/05 09:40 am
Msg: 88816 of 88817

at 9:39 there was a 30,000 purchase. It will be interesting to see if there is similar activity on the option side this morning.
wir heben ab!guckt mal auf den kurs!!!!!

UTSI report on CNBC
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/15/05 12:16 pm
Msg: 88830 of 88830

http://finance.messages.yahoo.com/bbs?.mm=FN&action=m&board=… sid=1600640741&mid=117282

This will be big, big, big for SIGM!!!
@ amorphis
Seh es auch, hoffentlich hat sich das warten und das Vertrauen in SIGMA gelohnt und der Anstieg wird von Dauer sein.
$10-15 mil in revenue for SIGM in 2006
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/15/05 12:29 pm
Msg: 88833 of 88833

http://finance.messages.yahoo.com/bbs?.mm=FN&action=m&board=… sid=1600640741&mid=117352

This could mean an extra $10-15 million in revenue for SIGM in 2006, just from this one contract.
[posting]18.827.990 von hahel am 15.11.05 18:29:05[/posting]mach dich auf ein gutes jahr 2006 gefasst...kommt alles was sich derzeit abzeichnet...kann es nur nocheinmal wdh...entweder haben wir hier nen tenbagger im depot....oder wir werden übernommen...was sich auch positiv für uns auswirken wird...nur leider das ganze potential nicht ausschöpfen wird!aus meiner sicht gibt es aber nichts mehr zu verlieren!
UTSI - Worth repeating:
by: WINTER_CFA 11/15/05 12:47 pm
Msg: 88836 of 88840

http://finance.messages.yahoo.com/bbs?.mm=FN&action=m&board=… =4687185&mid=88509

Comments from UTStarcom`s conference call yesterday:

"The company will continue to aggressively lead the IPTV market:

a. The company believes this technology has a strong growth potential and it is starting to see the initial adoption by major carriers worldwide.

b. It has been one of the pioneers in the market and it is currently one of the very few providers that has a complete entry in IPTV solution in the large-scale commercial service globally.

c. The company enjoyed the initial success in China, Japan, North America, Latin America, and India and sees additional opportunity in Europe."

"During 3Q05, the company launched its first commercial IPTV network in Japan with the Yahoo BB...they currently have approx. 30,000 active subscribers on the networks.

In 4Q05, the company expects to launch commercial IPTV services with DSSI, a competitive local exchange carrier in Florida and at least one commercial network in China."

From the Q&A:

"IPTV overall in China, we have significant number of trial sites. We actually have probably about close to 40 test sites. But we have actually very actively working closely with the heart being in the north and we also actively working with Shanghai and also with the trendjo as as well as the Fujo and we are in the very final discussion with the Serjian province. And predominantly with China Telecoms and also we will be actively engaged with China Netcoms as we speak. I think this is in the very, very early stage. I know most of operators there are going to focus on quite a bit of their future expansion and IPTV, it seems to be one of their focus points. Now, nevertheless, that we have been doing the trial, in Harbin, we have been seeing fairly strong and it takes some time to really make the system mature. And we believe we are one of the most mature system-wise and commercially ready and we are already deployed in Japan. So, it is also commercially ready in China. I would say the system is going to be still lumpy. And so we were hoping it`s going to be a very, very significant revenue base for us in 2007 on. But 2006 is going to be a lot of introduction and a lot of groundwork and a lot of smaller installation bases to start, to begin with."

"The trial site that we have, largest one is in Harbin. We already have more like close to 50,000 subscriber trial. And so that`s a very significant trial site. And we believe capacity`s over 10 million. So I think each city, it would be easily giving you close to I would say, anywhere between 5 to $10 million range. If they start taking off obviously, we`ll go more. And in Japan, we have a much bigger contract. It`s a much bigger scale. So one single order wise, Japan is much bigger. But opportunity-wise, China is by far much bigger than in Japan just simply because of the sheer number of users out there with the broadband capabilities."
Institutional buying
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/15/05 12:52 pm
Msg: 88838 of 88841

Most of the Q3 filings are now in. Most major holders of SIGM added to their positions in Q3. For example, Kingdon added almost 400,000 shares. Additionally, heavyweight new investors are coming into the stock. For example, Citigroup took an initial position of over 100,000 shares.

http://www.nasdaq.com/asp/Holdings.asp?FormType=institutiona… ed=SIGM

Looks like from today`s volume institutional investors are continuing to move into SIGM. These are the buyers that will take this stock to $15 by the CES at the start of January.
Re: A question on simg`s chip
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/15/05 12:56 pm
Msg: 88839 of 88841

SIGM has some customers in the portable media player space, including Unibrain, AL Tech, DTS, Digital Cube, and Dvico. However, right now SIGM is focused on the IPTV, DVD, and DMA spaces. Portable media players could become a growth business for SIGM at a later time.
Total Number of Holders 53
% of Shares Outstanding 37.05%
Total Shares Held 7,925,403
Total Value of Holdings $88,051,227
Net Activity 1,624,220

Top 5 Holders Shares Held
KINGDON CAPITAL... 1,592,643
WALL STREET ASS... 617,800
denke es wird kräftig gesammelt!

Volume: 1,298,234
Avg Vol (3m): 340,154

hm...bald kommen die zahlen...noch eine woche...viel zeit für spekulationen bleibt nicht mehr!das gute...bisher gabs keine warnung seitens des managements...der haken...eine prognose wurde beim letzten meeting nicht abgegeben...trotzdem...ich gehe von einem starken quartal aus...und von richtig starken folgenden quartalen!bleibe bei 15$ zum jahresende...und deutlich mehr in 2006!
Sigma Designs may benefit from UTSI contract with China Telecom - BWS Financial (11.64 +0.53)

BWS Financial writes that other than UTSI, SIGM would likely be the greatest beneficiary of UTSI winning a contract with China Telecom to provide Internet-Protocol TV tech to the carrier. Firm notes that SIGM and UTSI entered into a collaboration earlier this year where UTSI would use SIGM chips in its IPTV equipment. The more units that UTSI ships to China, the more revenue SIGM could see from the partnership. The initial estimates were that SIGM could see up to 500,000 units being sold to UTSI by 2006. BWS says it now believes that the initial estimate could very likely double depending on the expansion UTSI sees in China.
Habe mich die letzten 1,50 Stunden intensiv durch die letzten Infos/News gekämpft.
So langsam aber sicher kommt bei mir auch ein echt gutes Gefühl auf.
Die Frage für mich ist nur: Kann noch ernsthaft etwas "in die Hose" gehen ?? Eigentlich nicht.
Daher freuen wir uns auf 2006 und einen guten Verlauf noch in 2005.
Wäre auch mit $12,50 zum Jahresende zufrieden.
Ach ja, mach weiter so. Hier ist es wenigstens ruhig, keine Chaoten, gute Infos.
[posting]18.830.495 von hahel am 15.11.05 21:18:22[/posting]Die Frage für mich ist nur: Kann noch ernsthaft etwas " in die Hose" gehen ?? Eigentlich nicht.

das kann ich zu 100% unterstreichen!
Baird update
by: handsr_24 11/15/05 03:27 pm
Msg: 88863 of 88863

Baird analyst is out today with update. Headline reads "Momentum should accelerate into year-end and 2006".
Key points:
-Believes momentum should return to Sigma`s top line Jan Q driven in part by DMAs as well as higher mix of 8620 (vc-1/h.264) integrated decoder family
-Their checks indicate company is currently in dicussions with tier-one PC OEMs for DMAs and other consumer electronic devices supporting advanced video decoding.
-DMAs shipments should accelerate in 2006 driven by Intel`s Viiv strong marketing push. Key to Viiv media pc platform will be ability to wirelessly stream video around the house and across devices, making DMAs central to Viiv`s strategy.
-Also expects wins at 2006 CES in new segments including HD DVD and Blu-ray players.

This is not just an IPTV story, folks, although that is potentially huge. This company has so many ways to generate big #`s, it is hard to see them missing the brass ring at this point. The great thing about some of the leading institutions buying more in the Sept. Q is that it tells you that their original premise in buying the stock is intact, and getting stronger.
Press Release Source: UTStarcom, Inc.

China Telecom to Launch IPTV Service Powered by UTStarcom`s mVision End-to-End IPTV System
Tuesday November 15, 3:09 pm ET
Initial Deployment of 5,000 Subscribers in Shanghai

ALAMEDA, Calif., Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- UTStarcom, Inc., a global leader in IP-based, end-to-end networking solutions and services, today announced that China Telecom, the largest fixed-line telecom operator in China, has chosen UTStarcom`s mVision end-to-end IPTV system to support its new IPTV service in China to be launched by the end of the year. The first official service launch of up to 5,000 subscribers is scheduled to be in Shanghai.

(Logo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20051013/SFTH063LOGO )

"While we don`t expect revenue associated with this agreement to be meaningful in the near term, we do believe this represents a significant opportunity over the next several years," said Ying Wu, chief executive officer and president of UTStarcom China. "We believe that IPTV technology will revolutionize the way people watch TV by empowering users with the ability to choose the programs they want to watch when they want to watch them. According to a recent report from ABI Research, IPTV subscriber growth is expected to exceed 110 million people by 2010, with the Asia Pacific region accounting for more than 50 percent of the subscribers worldwide."

"We feel confident in our long-standing relationship as an equipment provider to China Telecom, which dates back more than 10 years when we started to deploy our PAS networks," Wu added. "We believe our mVision IPTV solution is a mature, field-proven platform, having been deployed by Softbank Broadband in Japan for the launch of their BBTV commercial IPTV service in July. We believe the success Softbank Broadband has had to date with mVision in Japan will translate well in China, a country with more than 1.3 billion people and a television penetration rate of more than 90 percent. The company currently has more than 40 trials underway throughout China."

The launch of the commercial service in Shanghai is the culmination of an integrated commercial trial of IPTV by China Telecom in five provinces throughout China. Partnering with Shanghai Media Group (SMG), a leading multimedia television content provider, China Telecom Shanghai plans initially to offer subscribers a service package of live broadcast television and videos-on-demand. Additionally, the service is also designed to offer subscribers "time-shift" capabilities -- the ability to pause and rewind live television, as well as an expansive amount of storage to record any program and watch on each subscriber`s own schedule.
Harry Boxer Update
by: jm15670 11/15/05 07:48 pm
Msg: 88880 of 88888

Harry Boxer discussed Sigma (he`s the guru in the last news item on Sigma) on Winning on Wall Street tonight. Said the large volume is bullish. Thinks it would be good for the stock to flag (go sidewise for a few days) in preparation to spring through the multi-year resistance of $12.50. If it penetrates $12.50, he agrees with your $17.00 as initial target. Long term --- $25.00.
SBC mentions SIGM today:
by: WINTER_CFA 11/15/05 11:39 pm
Msg: 88883 of 88888

At the UBS Telecom Conf in NYC this morning, SBC CTO John Stankey made the following remarks in response to a question regarding chip suppliers for its Lightspeed program:

"There are two vendors playing in this chip world today, ST Micro and Sigma. They`ll be the core chip producers...Motorola and Scientific Atlanta will take their chips and integrate them into their boxes."

NOTE - These comments can be heard at the 49:40 mark in a replay that is available at SBC`s homepage:

Some insight on SIGMA from Harry Boxer a stock guru :
Today was significant for Sigma in that it broke across a two-month double-top above the 11.40-.45 range. But more importantly the volume today, at 1 3/4 million, was the heaviest volume the stock has seen since February, and the fact that this stock closed over that 11.40-.45 zone at 11.55 today is a key. Follow-through is going to be important. More importantly, as we all know, major multi-year multiple tops at the 12 1/2-3/4 range need to be taken out before this stock can make any significant progress. I still hold it personally. Thanks everyone! --Harry
Re: Byron
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/15/05 04:19 pm
Msg: 88870 of 88888

SIGM has a better short term outlook. We’re going to be getting some big IPTV announcements and I also think there will be some major DVD announcements at the CES in January and by that time the stock will probably be around $15. It’s been a tough year for VNWK due to the Telco mergers. I don’t look for much to happen with VNWK until tax loss selling ends and the Telco mergers are completed and SBC and Verizon start a marketing push to sell more products and services based on VNWK technology. However, once this starts to happen I think there is a lot of money to be made in VNWK. The stock will at least get back to the $4 range where it was before all the Telco mergers. So in summary I think VNWK has the better long term outlook. It will reach $3.60, probably sometime in 2006, before SIGM makes it to $36, which probably won’t happen until 2007.
More on the SIGM-powered Acer DMA:
by: WINTER_CFA 11/16/05 08:44 am
Msg: 88889 of 88909

This EM8620L-powered DMA is getting a lot of press in Europe:

"The Linux-powered Acer Media Gateway MG-3001P media extender takes Jørgen Sundgot by surprise; straight out of the starting blocks, it proves to be a marvellous little media juggler."


"Installing and setting up the MG-3001P is a deceptively simple affair"

"A slew of formats can be pushed either via Wi-Fi or wires to the MG-3001P, including MP3, WMA 7/8/9, LPCM and WAV for audio; MPEG 1/2/4, DivX, XviD, WMV 9 and Quicktime for video; and JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and BMP for pictures. It should also be noted that MPEG2 is supported up to 1080i resolution; MPEG4 up to 720p; and WMV 9 similarly up to 720p. Despite this superbly broad plethora of acronyms, however, we`re a tad disappointed by the lack of support for Secure WMA. Still, future support is at the very least not entirely implausible given the MG-3001P`s Internet-upgradeable firmware."

"The highlight of the MG-3001P, though, is its video streaming capabilities - which must be said to be utterly impressive. The most capable player we`ve seen to date, it supports a battery of formats and streams all with aplomb in resolutions up to 1080i, easily resizing formats on the fly between different resolutions and gloriously trumping competitors such as the Philips Streamium SL400i."

"The Acer Media Gateway MG-3001P is now shipping throughout Europe, selling in the €250 EUR range."

If the last line is true, this would certainly have helped SIGM`s about-to-be-reported 3Q.
Re: earnings
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/16/05 10:34 am
Msg: 88891 of 88909

I’m not sure what the the Q3 results will look like but I don’t think it’s all that important - what matters are the forward looking statements about Q4 and 2006. We should be getting postive comments from SIGM in all 3 of their key areas:
IPTV - Philips has chosen SIGM for their set top boxes in Europe, UTSI is using SIGM in Asia, and Motorola and SFA are using SIGM in North America and elsewhere.

DVD - Important wins will be announced at the CES at the start of 2006

DMA - Baird reported yesterday that their checks indicate SIGM is currently in dicussions with tier-one PC OEMs for DMAs and other consumer electronic devices supporting advanced video decoding. Baird believes that DMA shipments should accelerate in 2006 driven by Intel`s Viiv strong marketing push. Key to Viiv media pc platform will be ability to wirelessly stream video around the house and across devices, making DMAs central to Viiv`s strategy.

So in summary I think we will be hearing plenty of good news from SIGM next Tuesday and the stock will start its move to the next level on Wednesday.
SA also mentions SIGM:
by: WINTER_CFA 11/16/05 11:20 pm
Msg: 88929 of 88980

Day 2 of the UBS Telecom Conf in NYC today saw Scientific-Atlanta CTO Rob McIntyre make a presentation largely focused on IPTV.

I spoke briefly with him before his presentation and he had this to say about SIGM and ST Micro, respectively:

SIGM - "They`re a good company and they`ve grabbed the lead."

ST Micro - "We`re sticking with them because they`re our foundry."

Based on the wording of these two remarks, it sounds to me like SIGM could very well get the majority of IP STB business at SA for at least a while.

Interesting items/remarks from the presentation itself included:

A list of prospective IPTV customers that included basically everyone using or evaluating the MSTV platform.

"We have seen a significant incease in RFQ (request for quote) activity (for video over DSL) in recent months."

"For IPTV, all TVs will require a set-top and the average home has 3 TVs."

"The adoption of video over DSL will be the equivalent of adding 200 million subcribers that need video networks and CPE (customer premise equipment)."

In the Q&A segment, at the 49 minute mark, yours truly asked about the firm`s IPTV silicon suppliers. This was the response:

"We`ve been pretty open about the fact that we actually have two different silicon platforms. They have SOCs for IPTV solutions. They were not selected by us, but by our customers. One is the Sigma platform, a company in California. The other is ST Micro. They have different feature sets and different schedules...we`re going to develop both platforms and we have to. As well we are developing several different versions of software to run on those platforms."

Sounds good to me.

The replay of the presentation can be heard at:

News about Kiss:
by: WINTER_CFA 11/17/05 08:02 am
Msg: 88932 of 88980

"Evolution Audio Video Launches K/i/S/S in Canada"


Toronto, ON, November 16, 2005: Evolution Audio Video Inc., in conjunction with the Royal Danish Consul General, held a launch event last night, introducing the Danish designed and developed K/i/S/S (Keep it Simple Solutions) brand to the North American market. Select media, consumer electronics retailers, and system integrators, were invited to the event, which took place at the Trump Tower model suite in downtown Toronto. The Danish Ambassador, Poul Erik Dam Kristensen, was in attendance; as well as Carsten Knudsen from the KiSS Technology A/S office in Denmark.

Recently acquired by Cisco Systems’ Linksys division, and headquartered in Horsholm near Copenhagen, K/i/S/S was founded over a decade ago. The Company manufactures DVD products and DVB receivers, and has developed advanced networked and DVB-receivers, DVD-players and hard disk recorders, as well as plasma and LCD TVs.

Featured at the North American launch was the sleek-looking DP-600 media player that streams online movies with video-on-demand (where available), accesses online services, and allows users to experience a wide range of multimedia files. Using either an Ethernet connection or the built-in wireless LAN, the DP-600 allows consumers to connect a computer or USB drive, and enjoy video, audio, and picture files directly on a TV with K/i/S/S PC link. The device will play DVDs, CDs, Windows Media 9 (including Windows DRM), Nero Digital, DivX High Definition, MPEG-1,2,4, XviD, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, JPEG and PNG Picture files.

“This European innovator has solved the universal problem of how to marry consumers’ PCs with high definition TVs and sound systems, play virtually any media file, and do so wirelessly,” commented Saxe Brickenden, President of Evolution Audio Video.

Connected to the Internet and upcoming VOD services, the K/i/S/S player is fully upgradeable, with free online downloads from K/i/S/S.
Words from Viewsonic:
by: WINTER_CFA 11/17/05 10:11 am
Msg: 88941 of 88980

"ViewSonic moves to Taiwan, an interview with H.C. Ho, president of ViewSonic International"


"ViewSonic aims to ship 600,000 LCD TVs next year."

"By the end of this year, the company will also introduce other products that feature built in WLAN."

From last January`s CES:

http://www.viewsonic.com/companyinfo/pressrelease_detail.cfm… 59

"Later this year, ViewSonic will deliver consumers even more entertainment flexibility by introducing Linux based products that feature Microsoft Digital Rights Management compatibility and superior video and wireless networking performance. These platforms, being developed in partnership with Broadcom Corporation, Sigma Designs and Syabas, will allow consumers to easily collect, store, and access digital content anywhere around the home."

Looks to me like some SIGM-powered Viewsonic LCD TVs are ready to be introduced.
by: WINTER_CFA 11/17/05 10:33 am
Msg: 88947 of 88980

"Acer to expand branded presence in non-PC markets in 2006"


"Besides its ambitions in the PC segment, Acer is gearing up to expand its branded presence in the PDA and LCD TV markets in 2006, according to company chairman JT Wang, who anticipates on-year sales growth of more than 100% in both the PDA and LCD TV segments next year."

"For LCD TVs, Acer projects it will ship one million units by 2007, up significantly from an estimate of 150,000 units this year. Quanta Computer is currently Acer’s major contract maker for the segment."


http://finance.messages.yahoo.com/bbs?.mm=FN&board=4687185&t… action=m&mid=86898
Re: News about Kiss:
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/17/05 10:47 am
Msg: 88951 of 88980

On the subject of Kiss, Needham is out with a report which mentions them. From the report:

Kiss, now recently part of Cisco/Linksys, relied primarily on MPEG chips from Sigma Designs (SIGM). Interestingly, we have written in previous research reports that SFA also is likely to rely on SIGM for MPEG chips in the IP set-top boxes it will start shipping to SBC soon. This common reliance on Sigma Designs should a clear sign of synergies and a common engineering approach and philosophy as both Cisco and SFA are angling to attack the same IPTV market. For example, we believe Cisco is competing against SFA for several international IPTV set-top awards in places such as the United Kingdom and through continental Europe, for example.

Regardless of whether Cisco or SFA gets these European set top contracts, the boxes will have Sigma inside. Obviously it`s also of interest that SFA is going to start shipping product soon to SBC with Sigma inside.
IPTV about to take off
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/17/05 10:49 am
Msg: 88952 of 88980

Infonetics Research Inc. believes that IPTV infrastructure spending will zoom to almost a billion in 2006, then double by the end of 2007 and reach $4.5 billion in 2009. (See IPTV Revenues to `Skyrocket`.)

Kasenna news
by: sigmawahoo (36/M/Reston, VA)
Long-Term Sentiment: Buy 11/17/05 02:16 pm
Msg: 88963 of 88980

Kasenna wins IPTV deal

Sigma partners with Opera
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/17/05 08:36 pm
Msg: 88981 of 89038

That`s a new one on me.

Init thoughts on CSCO/SFA deal:
by: WINTER_CFA 11/18/05 08:10 am
Msg: 88995 of 89038

BOTTOM LINE - This deal should be VERY positive for SIGM given the following:

1) CSCO`s recent purchase of Kiss Technology already made it effectively a SIGM-only supplier of their advanced video end-point devices.

2) SFA was positioned to split its IPTV set-top business between SIGM and ST Micro. As indicated recently here, though...

http://finance.messages.yahoo.com/bbs?.mm=FN&action=m&board=… =4687185&mid=88929

...SFA`s CTO stated that SIGM had the technology lead in IPTV and that ST Micro would still a player for them, in part, because of foundry incumbancy.

3) CSCO has no reason to maintain such loyalty to the weaker solution. They are off-the-shelf buyers of the best technology on most occasions.

Thus, it seems to me that CSCO will now pursue a large number of global Telco IPTV opportunities using SFA`s infrastructure technology and SIGM`s chips at the endpoints either exclusively or practically so (at least for the foreseeable future).

Man, it`s going to be fun to own this stock over the next 12 months.
Reaction to the Cisco/SFA deal
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/18/05 10:20 am
Msg: 89025 of 89038

From the Wall St. Journal:

Cisco has made no bones about its ambitions to be the leading equipment supplier as the Internet evolves to take over functions that were long carried out by separate entertainment, voice and data networks. But in doing so, it has to penetrate an area that has been dominated by a duopoly of Motorola Inc. and Scientific-Atlanta.

Set-top boxes play a key role in determining what features can be offered on the TV screen. Scientific-Atlanta has about 40% of the U.S. set-top box market, or roughly 56 million cable devices in U.S. households. Its largest customer is Time Warner Inc.`s cable division.

Demand for set-top boxes is expected to intensify as competition heats up in the TV distribution business and technology makes possible a wide array of advanced TV features. Roughly 300 million analog televisions will need some form of converter to work with the digital broadcast signals required by the government by 2009. At the same time, telephone companies, like SBC Communications Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc., are racing to provide television service, opening a new market for set-top boxes.

Cisco is already relying on SIGM in its Kiss product line. If Cisco/SFA relies more on SIGM than on STM and this deal causes a shift in business from STM to SIGM, it`s a huge win for SIGM. Also, I think the fact that Cisco, a huge company that is only interested in huge markets, is buying SFA proves that set top boxes are about to become a huge market.
Amino products rolling out, SIGM inside
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/18/05 10:29 am
Msg: 89034 of 89038


Amino has SIGM inside.

http://finance.messages.yahoo.com/bbs?.mm=FN&board=4687185&t… action=m&mid=88049
also....cico übernimmt sfa...was bedeutet das für sigma design???nachdem jetzt schon die dänische kiss durch linksys/cisco übernommen wurde...der nächste deal seitens cisco im iptv markt!cisco will ein großes stück des marktes haben...ganz klar...und wenn man aktuelle studien zugrunde legt...sehr verständlich!immerhin wird das die nächsten jahre der wachstumsmarkt schlechthin!iptv wird für sigm eine ganz ganz dicke sache werden!mit weltfirmen wie microsoft und cisco an der seite ist sigm bestens aufgestellt...

siehe posting #621:

SIGM - " They`re a good company and they`ve grabbed the lead."

heute 52 wochenhoch erreicht...wir stehen bei etwa 13$...steigende tendenz...nächste woche dienstag dann die earnings...meiner meinung nach dürfen wir ne positive überraschung erwarten...dann gehts ganz schnell mit sigm!mein kz von 15$ zum jahresende sollten wir in jedem fall sehen...nächste woche wenn die earnings draussen sind...denke ich nochmal drüber nach...;)
es lohnt sich immer wieder in Sigma zu investieren, auch wenn der Staat die Spekufrist abschaffen will, hoffe die kommen damit nicht durch
[posting]18.870.197 von kojote1 am 18.11.05 18:38:17[/posting]mich interessiert die spekufrist nur am rande...wenn alles so weitergeht wie es sich derzeit abzeichnet...und sigm nicht übernommen wird...steht sigm in ein paar monaten deutlich höher...wie sie in ein paar jahren stehen könnten...daran denk lieber nicht...sonst nimmt die gier überhand...:D
die müssen schon steigen wenn wir jetzt bis 67 arbeiten sollen, in meinem Beruf wäre ich da schon lange unter der Erde:laugh:

Glückwunsch....hat SIGM es jetzt endlich geschafft über das alte Hoch! ;)

Wollte vor ein paar Tagen schon schreiben, dass jetzt beim 4. Versuch der Sprung darüber klappen könnte....sah gut soweit aus....habs dann aber doch sein lassen....nicht das es doch anders kommt! :D:rolleyes:
ohne worte!!!

Volume: 1,003,428
Avg Vol (3m): 368,030

nächste woche dienstag sindearnings...solltest dir schnell was überlegen...:D
Ach ja, wenn ich schon vor 20 Uhr auf den Kurs gesehen hätte, dann hätte ich noch in Dtld. zugegriffen....so muss ich erstmal warten....Volumen stimmt jedenfalls!
[posting]18.871.373 von amorphis am 18.11.05 20:10:59[/posting]Ne dazu ist "mein" Volumen zu gering....das rentiert sich nicht....aber vielleicht ist es eh mal besser die Earnings abzuwarten....kann ja nie wissen was kommt....erwartest Du denn gute Zahlen?
sollte sigm aufgekauft werden...hier ne einschätzung was man mindestens als kaufpreis erwarten sollte...:cry::cry::cry: hoffe nicht das es so kommt!20$ sind mir 40$ zu wenig...:laugh:
[posting]18.871.410 von Stochastic am 18.11.05 20:13:43[/posting]ich erwarte zahlen die sehr sehr gut sind...deutet eigtl alles drauf hin!was aber viel wichtiger sein wird...der cc samt ausblick!
[posting]18.871.418 von amorphis am 18.11.05 20:14:08[/posting]Re: Winter/Byron: What`s $400-$500 mill
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/18/05 02:03 pm
Msg: 89070 of 89071

Not less than $20/sh. Keep in mind that in a conference call earlier this year SIGM management said they might be approached about a buy out.
Will dir nicht nahe treten aber bei Vphm hast das selbe gesagt, meistens kommt es anders als man denkt.
[posting]18.871.615 von formentum am 18.11.05 20:28:03[/posting]will dir nicht zu nahe treten...aber wo habe ich was falsches gesagt?!viro ist zu unrecht zurückgekommen...jeder kann anderer meinung sein...aber ich vertraue auf meine recherche!bin mit viro durchschnittlich dreistellig im plus...mit sigma design im hohen zweistelligen bereich...iptv wird ein milliardenmarkt...und sigm ist der key-player was die chips betrifft...lies den threat...dann merkst du das!entweder wird sigm übernommen und ich gehe dreistellig raus...oder...was ich hoffe...sie bleiben wer sie sind...eine eigenständige firma...dann steht einem tenbagger auf sich der nächsten drei jahre nichts im wege!hast du dir mal die wachstumsraten angesehen?jetzt...wenige user im iptv markt...2010 sollen es 110 millionen weltweit sein...vor allem asien wird sehr stark wachsen...welch glück das sigm bisher in allen großen iptv projekten als chiplieferant für die boxen ausgewählt wurde...und welch glück das msft und cisco auf sigm vertrauen...und...welch mega glück das sigm nächsten jahr nen umsatz und ergebnissprung von mehr als 100% machen wird...;)

wers weiß bleibt ganz locker und gelassen...das betrifft übrigens auch viropharma!
China Netcom to increase trials
by: heyanyonehome 11/18/05 02:51 pm
Msg: 89077 of 89077

China Netcom To Sign Contract With SMG For IPTV Test


Like China Telecom earlier, this should be a boost to UTStarcom and to Sigma.
ich traue mir meinen Hintern wetten das wir bei 13,00 schließen, diese Amis sind solche Angsthasen...war doch schon weiter oben...na dann halt am Montag...
Cisco to increase foreign sales by SFA
by: byronangel (M/Washington State)
Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 11/19/05 10:44 am
Msg: 89117 of 89117

Cisco Systems sees its future sitting on top of a television. In announcing yesterday a $7 billion deal to acquire Scientific-Atlanta, the maker of television set-top boxes, Cisco signaled its commitment to a strategy of augmenting sales of its powerful routers that direct Internet traffic with more consumer-oriented technology. Cisco`s decision is built