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EyePoint Pharmaceuticals (vorher: PSIVIDA) startet durch !! (Seite 352)

ISIN: AU000000PVA7 | WKN: A0Q4DA | Symbol: PV3
Nasdaq OTC
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Neuigkeiten zur EyePoint Pharmaceuticals Aktie

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.... weitere Aktien kaufen. So muss man doch sicherlich deinen Satzanfang ergänzen, lieber lustigerBosniak.

Ich rechne nämlich damit, dass der Kurs höchstens noch auf 0,43/0,42 Euro fallen wird (aus der Keilformation). Danach werden wir einen signifikanten Kursanstieg sehen.
weiser, bin randvollgeladen mit psi :D würde gerne noch weiter nachlegen hab aber derzeit nichts mehr frei ! habe seinerzeit den rückgang bis 0,32 ebenfalls schön ausgenutzt. ich rechne mit einem relativ zügigen durchmarsch auf den mehr wage ich gar nicht zu denken....:p:p wünsche allen beteiligten viel erfolg !
machen wir es doch mal einfach und stellen einen Chart rein
(australische Börse!!!):
Mal ne Infos für Aufwärtskeil / steigender Keil (Rising Wedge):
Keile erscheinen meistens am Ende eines Sekundär-/Tertiärtrends.
Die Linien einer Keilformation zeigen in die gleiche Richtung, jedoch ist ihr Steigeungswinkel zueinander verschieden!
Bei einem Aufwärtskeil/steigendem Keil, steigt die untere Linien stärker an, als die obere Linie.
Bei einem Abwärtskeil/fallendem Keil, fällt die obere Linien stärker ab als die untere.

Im Gegensatz zu den Dreiecken sollten die Linien unbedingt mehrfach getestet werden und die Spanne voll ausgenutzt werden!!!
Die Ausbildung eines Keils liegt idealerweise bei mind. 3 Wochen.
Die günstigste Keilformation bildet eine waagerechte Achse über der Zeitachse (Kathete) und einer entsprechenden abwärtsgericheten fallenden Linie (Hypothenuse). Im Schnittpunkt dieser beiden wird ein Ausbruchspunkt bei fallenden Umsatzvolumen generiert.

Ich hoffe jetzt ist einigen von Euch ein Licht aufgegangen.... Dann sucht diese Formation mal bei Psivida

..... und dann schaut Euch mal im Nachbarthread bei Epitan
um (Jahreschart an der australischen Börse!!!)
... das heiß nicht das ich von Psivida ablenken will ... auch ich bin überzeugter Psividianer und werde das noch lange bleiben!!
Ist das denn keine News? :)
Bin gespannt, ob das dem Ausbruch aus dem Keil mal den
entscheidenden Kick gibt.

pSivida Recognized in the Small Times Magazine Best of Small Tech Awards

pSivida Limited has announced that it has been recognised as a runner-up in the Best of Small Tech Awards ‘Company of the Year’ category. The fourth annual Small Times Magazine Best of Small Tech Awards highlights the top leaders and the biggest successes in nanotechnology during the past year.

pSivida Managing Director, Mr Gavin Rezos said, “We are very honoured to be recognised in these prestigious awards. This award clearly demonstrates pSivida’s leadership position in the emerging global bio-nanotech industry”.

Posted 22nd November at
@ Verteilnix:
weder eine keilbewegung Psivida noch wirklich neue Nachrichten stellst du hier da. Die bereits vorhanden Informationen (siehe die bereits vorliegenden Diskussionen zu diesem Thema in diesem Thread ab dem 15.11.05) werden hier nur noch mal kommentiert; daraus irgend einen Börseneffekt zu erzielen ist am Ziel vorbei... auch wenn es schön wäre.
Hello German pSividans

I`m an Australian investor in ASX PSD and I thought you might be interested in a few things. A number of sources, including Gavin Rezos himself at last week`s Annual General Meeting, have reported that the share price fall on the ASX over the last month or so has occurred mainly because two large individual shareholders (several million shares each) have been selling their shares. Nearly all their shares have now been sold, which explains the smaller volumes this week. So we`ve hopefully seen the end of the price fall and things might look a little better now. It`s been a hard year for all of us.

Also, here is my report of the AGM, as posted on the PSD forum at last week (I am Pessimist on that forum):
- a pretty poor turnout; 20-25 present, including the directors
- royalties from Retisert are confidential, but GR gave a strong hint by pointing out that typically when a big company comes in late to fund testing and marketing, royalties are usually 10-20%
- Bausch & Lomb historically conservative about expected sales; expects $50-200 million (don`t know if that`s revenue or profit)
- ADRs very successful given no new ones were issued; 8 million shares moved to U.S. from ASX; working on increasing liquidity
- ASX sellers should sell into U.S. as ADRs because they`d get a better price (didn`t say how they are supposed to do that, or if small shareholders are included in that)
- press in U.S. has been good, and expects more in the next day or two [that was the runner-up award]
- reiterated that Brachysil is very much just for starters
- at the time of PSD`s approach, CDS was looking to raise capital because Retisert had been unexpectedly delayed for six months while B&L waited for Medicare approval; better if SP had been $1.20, but PSD had to move when they did due to above reason
- for devices (i.e., Brachysil), phase IIb is registration phase (no phase III)
- top 5 pharma won`t be known until the next phase of progress (whatever that is)
- indicated that at least another pharma isn`t far away, but negotiations with these guys take a lot of time (see "2+" in presentation on ASX)
- PSDV now at the lower end (yes, lower) of U.S. small caps, which means that it will now be on the radar of more investors (before, it was lower than than the lower end!)
- believes that many are waiting for shareholders to approve merger before taking more interest
- some of what pharmas want is very difficult science, and PSD wants to make sure they can do it before going further
- J.P.Morgan and Morgan Stanley want to present PSD to Aus institutions
- Roger Brimblecombe thanked Roger Aston profusely; said we wouldn`t be here without him because he was the one who recognized drug delivery potential of porous silicon
- Roger Aston resigning only because of the time zone difficulties of holding board meetings; with U.S. directors now, however they do it someone has to be up at 3:00 am, so Sydney was sacrificed (I guess this means board meetings are held by phone, but what time zone is GR in?)

Heard during refreshments after the meeting:
- two sellers largely responsible for share price fall; kept selling through positive announcements; both refused company offer to sell off-market; one is simply moving to blue chips and the other was unhappy about CDS; both are mostly out of shares to sell
- news on Itochu pretty soon
- Puretech has been making progress
- AGM might move around (possibly Melbourne next year)

I apologize for writing in English. I don`t know German.

Guten Tag, Pezzimist
Dear Pezzimist,

I deeply appreciate your sharing this info with German PSDV investors. You did a great job! I`d like to know your overall opinion on this stock. Do you think it is a good investment opportunity?

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