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      schrieb am 15.12.23 14:08:38
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      GCR Neuigkeit
      Hallo an alle noch lebenden die immer noch an 💎💰 glauben :)

      hab schon eine Ewigkeit nicht mehr ins GCR Update geguckt aber es erscheint doch noch der Name CMKX

      Donnerstag. 14. Dez. Texas Snake: Ich habe heute eine Mitteilung erhalten und diese dann von mehreren Stellen bestätigen lassen, die nichts mit der ursprünglichen Nachricht zu tun haben. Die Nachricht, die ich erhalten habe, war, dass sowohl die Anleihegläubiger als auch CMKX und die Indianerstämme morgen spät am Freitag benachrichtigt werden würden. 15. Dezember bis Samstag, 16. Dezember, darüber, wie ihre Gelder geliefert werden sollten. Tier4b- und Anleihegläubiger würden unsere Mitteilungen spät am Sonntag erhalten. 17. Dez. bis früher Mo. Tier 4b könnte ab

      Demnach gibt es die tage Neuigkeiten, aber nicht allzu ernst nehmen...wiederholt sich wie bei einer Demenz.

      Liebe Grüße
      schrieb am 27.10.23 11:36:28
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      schrieb am 20.10.23 10:40:19
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      Is This The End Of Naked Short Selling?…

      Yahoo Finance (…)
      Is This The End Of Naked Short Selling?
      American investors have been taken for a trillion-dollar ride by naked short sellers, in what could turn out to be the biggest financial regulatory scandal in North American history

      schrieb am 21.05.23 11:23:10
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      schrieb am 05.03.23 13:26:37
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      Seeking to unearth the world’s largest deposit of high-value diamonds
      Content from: Investing in Mining Report
      Published March 3, 2023

      Underneath the Fort à la Corne forest in Saskatchewan, about 60 kilometres east of Prince Albert, lies what may be the world’s largest undeveloped diamond mine.

      A Saskatoon natural resource company hopes to unearth these precious stones – and the economic benefits they’ll bring to the province and country.

      “We’re talking about millions of diamonds of unsurpassed clarity – rare, high-value diamonds that can be produced right here in Canada,” says Ewan Mason, interim CEO and chair of Star Diamond Corporation (TSX: DIAM), which is working to advance mining in the central Saskatchewan forest.

      The stones are contained in a field of more than 60 kimberlites – the most common host rocks for diamonds – in the southeastern part of Fort à la Corne, where Star Diamond holds a 25 per cent participating interest in two extensively evaluated kimberlites, Star and Orion South.

      The remaining 75 per cent – which Star Diamond aims to acquire, according to Mr. Mason – is currently held by Montreal-based Rio Tinto Exploration Canada Inc.

      Between 2003 and 2009, underground bulk samples taken from Star and Orion South yielded 13,300 carats, including a 49.5-carat stone, from about 98,000 tonnes of kimberlite ore. An unusually high proportion of the yield was made up of Type IIa diamonds – rare stones, which can be very large and of the highest quality, that account for less than 1.3 per cent of global production.

      A 2018 preliminary economic assessment authored by an independent international consulting firm concluded that, over a 38-year project lifecycle, the Star and Orion South sites could yield about 470 million tonnes of ore containing 66 million carats, at a weighted average grade of 14 carats per hundred tonnes.

      The assessment also set the average weighted price per carat at $210 (U.S.) for diamonds from Star, and $169 (U.S.) from Orion South – more than double the world average at the time.

      “Just imagine the economic benefits to Canada, in particular to Saskatchewan,” says Mr. Mason. “Preliminary studies show cash flow from this project into Saskatchewan will be at least $25-billion over 38 years.”

      Beyond their abundance of high-value diamonds and mining longevity, the Star and Orion South projects – which are expected to incur just over $1.4-billion in construction costs – feature a number of other advantages. The sites are close to existing power and transportation infrastructure, and all federal and provincial environmental permits are in place, says Mr. Mason.

      The preliminary economic assessment from 2018 points to a 19 per cent internal rate of return based on a net present value, after taxes and royalties, of $2-billion.…

      Trading Spotlight

      East Africa Metals
      0,1480EUR +0,68 %
      Kennen wir bei East Africa bislang nur die Spitze des Goldberges?!mehr zur Aktie »
      schrieb am 05.03.23 09:32:02
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      schrieb am 01.03.23 06:21:04
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      February 28, 2023 Meet Perseus. Thank you for following our month of Saskatchewan diamonds. We hope this array of cut and polished gems has confirmed to you the beauty of these unique diamonds from the Prairies! Stay tuned for highlights from the PDAC Convention March 5-8 in Toronto.…
      schrieb am 18.02.23 09:00:37
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      CMKM Town Hall
      Freitag, 3. März 2023 19:00 - 19:30
      (UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rom, Stockholm, Wien…
      schrieb am 06.02.23 11:42:30
      Beitrag Nr. 33.902 ()
      The Company has recovered more than 160,000 individual diamonds to date from the Project and this is
      a great opportunity to see some of these attractive Saskatchewan diamonds up close…
      schrieb am 02.02.23 10:55:14
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      January 31 2023 - 12:48PM
      PR Newswire (Canada)
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      TSX: DIAM

      SASKATOON, SK, Jan. 31, 2023 /CNW/ - Star Diamond Corporation ("Star Diamond" or the "Company") is excited to announce that during the month of February, Star will be revealing each day on our social media platforms and website, one of the vast array of stunning diamonds recovered from the Fort à la Corne Project ("FALC"). Each diamond revealed will be named and the provenance of the stone will be disclosed.

      Star Diamond Corporation Logo (CNW Group/Star Diamond Corporation)

      February is the month of showing your love and what better way to profess love than with diamonds. February is "Diamond Month" at Star Diamond, and we hope that you will take this opportunity to follow our daily disclosure of these stunningly unique world class Saskatchewan diamonds and their respective provenance.

      Please go to our website to find our links to all Social Media Accounts, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.
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