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hat da schon jemand Öl gefunden oder was? War schon länger nicht mehr hier:eek:

This promotion is not intended as financial advice. The shares discussed here may be small company shares. By their nature, such investments can be relatively illiquid and, as a result, hard to trade. This makes such shares more risky than other investments. This promotion refers to forecasts. Forecasts are
not reliable indicator of future performance. Please seek independent financial advice if necessary.BREAKING NEWS...BREAKING NEWS...BREAKING NEWS
New members are only being accepted to join The Bulford Files through this Falkland opportunity until 10.00 AM, 10th June.

Falkland discovery
sparks 60bn barrel

A potentially COLOSSAL deposit of oil has been hidden
beneath a tiny island in the South Atlantic
for centuries…

Now – thanks to a "breakthrough" oil strike – one
small company could be on the verge of
a blistering PRICE SURGE!

Lock on to this shrewd little stock TODAY and it
could make you £440,275 richer!

That is not a misprint – this overlooked London-listed
firm could eventually climb 17,611%! Give me a
few minutes RIGHT NOW and I’ll tell
you all about it...

Dear Fellow Investor,

On May 4th, 2010 oil was struck in the Falkland Islands.

That’s official.

And that single fact could trigger one of the biggest energy rushes since black gold first bubbled through the sand in Kuwait.

That’s how big this opportunity is.

Best of all, one very canny British firm is positioned to profit from it.

Far away from the media spotlight, no-one would think they’re in line for such a mammoth potential upswing in value.

But the fact is, this small AIM listed company holds EXCLUSIVE rights to extract what could be a massive amount of oil from underneath UK-owned territory.

Bottom line: they could be sitting on one of the largest fresh deposits anywhere on the
planet today!

If this deposit is as VAST as experts estimate, the oil in the ground could be worth THOUSANDS OF TIMES its current market cap! Imagine what that could do to its share price!

The profit potential is huge.

And it’s just sitting there on a plate, waiting for savvy investors to make the right move and scoop it up.

That’s why I’m not wasting any time trying to “warm you up” to this outstanding opening in the market – you either see the mammoth potential here, or you don’t.

There’s still data to be collected, still tests to be done, so this is EARLY STAGE investing. Sure, that means it’s risky – but it also means the rewards could be utterly spectacular.

What I’m saying is clear and straightforward: "Invest in this little-known business NOW... because should everything go to plan – and the pumps get fired up – this share could shoot up higher and faster than anything you’ve ever seen!"

Do that one simple thing today and you could be cashing out an almost instant payoff – 97% in under two months' time.

Hold on a bit longer and it could get better, much better…

If everything goes to plan, you could be looking at a longer term gain of 17,611%!

I’m talking about an outside chance of more than EIGHTEEN THOUSAND times your money within the next 3—5 years!

Profits like that put you in uncharted territory… you could totally
transform your wealth BUYING ONE SINGLE SHARE!!

Sounds ridiculous, I know – even as I write it. But over the next few pages, I’ll show you that this incredible price rise REALLY COULD HAPPEN.

Put just £450 into a play like that and you could cash out more than £79,000!

It’s certainly the biggest profit play of my career – by some distance.

Just imagine bagging a profit like that! Imagine what it could do for your wealth!

When the story of this company’s potential hits the mainstream, early investors – those who got in when I told them – could be counting out a life-changing return.

And you could be one of them…

But I’ll make no bones about it – you don’t have long to get in. You have to act quickly.

In just a few days, this company will be positioned to test-drill. And that could turn the ignition on a truly gigantic price climb.

I’ll be frank – this small London-listed share is very close to erupting… in fact, just a few whispers on the internet or in the back pages of the FT can send oil stocks like this racing through the roof.

The firm that started the oil frenzy, Rockhopper, has already leaped 167% in just 6 days! That was on the back of results from their test-drill.

And the City are now scrambling like mad, trying to get in on the NEXT stock which could be about to explode…

Luckily, I’ve been way ahead of the game on this one.

Spare me just three minutes today, and I’ll show you how you can join the small group of investors already perfectly positioned to profit from what I expect to be a massive leap
in price.

Interested? Good, now here’s the deal…

How you could bank a
breathtaking £440,275 from
Britain’s best kept secret!

The most significant British oil discovery of the last 37 years could be about to make one tiny UK-listed company very big, very fast.This figure is a forecast. Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Even if they extract just six percent of the oil reported to be in the ground, the potential value of this company to early investors is COLOSSAL.

I write today to get you in early on a huge oil story that’s about to really

When it does, I believe it will be the hottest story in the stock market. And everybody will want a piece of the action...

And you can't blame them - this could be a massive new oil supply at a time of global shortage... there is the potential for STUNNING gains to be made for the fortunate few.

That’s not just a throwaway line. I want you to really think about that for a second. I’m talking about how it feels to make a profit that could fundamentally change the way you live your life.

You see, if their test drills prove anything like Rockhoppers, I’m saying that you can realistically expect to make an 97% profit over the next 12 months. That’s the minimum I’m putting on it.

But that’s just the start. If this field proves to be a viable commercial source of oil, the absolute “best case scenario” for this company’s share price will knock your socks off…

Because they’re sitting in such a potentially lucrative position, if you move quickly, you could be sitting back, watching them clock-up as much as 17,611% on your money!

Let’s quickly look at what that could do for your cash…

Put just £750 into this play and you could pick up a gigantic £132,083 – for doing nothing more than making one quick call or clicking on your mouse button.These figures are forecasts. Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

That’s a tidy amount that any investor should be ecstatic with.

But if you have a little more spare cash you can afford to use to invest then returns get even more interesting…

If you placed as much as £2,500 on what I consider the absolute best profit-play tucked away in my portfolio right now, then you have a long shot chance of banking a whopping £440,275 over the next 3—5 years!

That’s right: just one play on this firm could put an absolute fortune into your bank account!

Like I said, it's a gamble - but if it comes off the rewards could be incredible!

That’s why I’ve prepared a special report telling you exactly which company this is, and how it could reach those staggering gains.

But before I show you exactly how to get your hands on the info, here’s why I’m so confident these shares could rocket…

The ace up Britain’s sleeve

Trapped beneath the seabed could be an oil field so big that it could produce enough crude oil to end Britain's new dependence on Russian and Middle East oil for the next 15 years.

And it's located in a 100% British owned area.

In the entire region, the best scientific equipment out there tells us there is up to 60 BILLION barrels of useable oil. Untapped.

And one small oil-drilling company has an interest in most of this oil... a company
whose technological breakthrough has proved for the first time in 37 years that there
could be a commercial oil source in British owned territory!

According to the BBC this find could propel the local population into the major league of oil producing nations... making them "the richest people in the world per head of capita, much more so than in places like Dubai."

Just imagine if you'd invested in the United Arab Emirates or Kuwait before they
struck oil...

Overnight, these countries turned into the world's wealthiest as oil brought status, power and billions of dollars worth of investment.

Well this is the extraordinary position you may find yourself in today.

And I’d like to show you how you could make a very big, very real profit from it…

The brilliant company that could
be about to turbo-charge
your portfolio...

It all started with a very important meeting with the chief executive of the company that could soon become the talk of the business pages.

I'd been hounding this guy for months. I wouldn’t let him out of my sights… I was DESPERATE to meet with him. Because I'd heard that this firm had trained its sights on something potentially EXPLOSIVE...

A British oil supply that's been right underneath our own territory for 242 years!

Surprisingly, he was extremely candid. He gave chapter and verse on this unusual situation - including the location of the untapped oil.

I couldn't believe my luck: Mainstream investors still haven’t clocked on to this one... For now, they don't have even the slightest inkling!

And do you want to know the weirdest thing?

In 1770 this colony was not even
considered fit for "savages"
- now every playboy in the world
will be heading there!

This territory is located about 300 miles from the nearest part of the South American mainland to the west, and 1000 miles from Montevideo, in Uruguay, to the north...

What could be Britain's major future oil supply is located deep beneath The Falkland Islands.

A place described in 1770 by MP Dr Johnson as "thrown aside from human use, stormy in winter, barren in summer, an island which not even the southern savages have dignified with habitation"...

If only he'd known the truth!

Today, across 65,354 sq km of east Falkland seabed, hundreds of probes and receivers are busily scanning and imaging the rocks along some of the earth's deepest fault lines.

Under the direction of this brilliant British firm, each one constantly streams back data to floating vessels above, where the information is stored and analysed for the location of the best potential drilling sites.

Bottom line: The existence of oil source rocks in the area has been proved.

So – you might be asking yourself one very obvious question right now… "why has this oil never been drilled?"

The “underground X-ray” about to
spark a 60 billion barrel oil rush…

A fortune in oil revenue has been trapped underground for centuries.

How could it not have been seen... or extracted?

Basically, the development of modern seismic technology has made all the difference.

Now, thanks to a new “underground X-ray” device, the opportunity to locate billions of barrels of oil all over the planet has opened up.

And it looks like the biggest deposit of the lot could be in UK owned territory!

You see, the Falklands Plateau Basin lies along one of the deepest and most complex geological fault lines in the South Atlantic. Locating the wells containing enough commercially viable crude has proved a long and expensive task.

But the British government always knew that they were sitting on a fortune - as soon as someone figured out how to drill it...

That's why they've always been DESPERATE to hold onto the territory - some have even speculated that this "trapped oil" was the REAL reason Argentina invaded in 1982!

In 1993 geologists Dr Phil Richards and Dr Nigel Fannin of the British Geological Survey published an extensive report claiming that the area could potentially contain up to 10 billion barrels of oil.

Since then, that already amazing deposit has been revised to SIX TIMES that, with an estimated 60 billion barrels under the surface…

To put that in context… that would put this region just behind Russia and ahead of big oil producers like Nigeria, Libya, Angola and Brazil.

In fact, this makes the Falklands’ reserves the 9th largest on the planet!

That kind of deposit has every major oil driller and producer on the planet licking their lips.

Especially right now, right in the middle of a stunning oil bounce-back…

The expected 2010 oil boom
could shoot these profits
into the stratosphere!

When its price rocketed to $147 in 2008, our dependence on oil was made starkly clear.

With chaos in the Middle East and doubts over Russia's reliability, our old sources of cheap “black gold” have become unstable.

That’s why, over the last 10 months alone, oil has rocketed more than 40% in value.

It’s already pushed past $75 and some experts think it could absolutely turbo-charge this year and next…

Jeffrey Currie – Head of Commodity Research at Goldman Sachs – is predicting it could hit $85 in the coming months, pushing $100 next year...

And Jochen Hitzfield, at UniCredit Market & Investment Bank, believes we’ll see at least another $10 on the current price this year… and rocket as high as $105 in 2011!

If that happens, this investment could turn from red to white hot and then who knows how high they might climb?

It could be double or even triple what I’m predicting based on today’s prices!

That’s precisely why the Falklands are now the ace up Britain's sleeve.

And it's why I'm so excited to be writing to you today.

Profit from the ignorance of the crowd

At this company's May 2009 AGM analysts revealed that a find of half a billion barrels of oil could be worth £14 per share…

…and a discovery of 3.5 billion barrels could be worth £100 per share.

But remember, we’re not talking about half a million barrels, or even 3.5 billion barrels. We’re talking about as much as 60 billion barrels!

I’m not going to do the calculations here for you but one things is for sure: if you can barrel it, then that kind of deposit equals a HELL of a lot of money!

That’s why – right now – I'd like to send you full details on one of the best ways you can invest in the Falklands and get in on the oil bonanza set to make the islands the playground of the rich.

Plus you’ll get the full lowdown on why buying this share not only puts you in the running for some spectacular gains, but a unique way to considerably lower the risk usually linked with small exploration companies.

Once this story hits the mainstream press in the next few months, these shares will be thin on the ground - and expensive to buy - so it's crucial you ACT NOW.

Developments that actually make
the share price soar are
coming thick and fast!

I've spent hours pouring over this company's plans. I've known for a long time what their goals were... and I've seen them coldly and clinically tick every one off.

With each successful benchmark, investors in-the-know have become a little more curious... and the stock a little more active.The figures below refer to the past. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

In August 2004 the first excitement about the mere possibility of oil exploratory work in and around the Falklands basin caused the market to stir...
In a matter of days the stock rose 53%!

Then, on 3 June 2005 the Board announced its delight at the results of the seismic
survey work...
In the three months that followed, their stock jumped again - by 15.7%!

And when it surfaced that a non-executive director snapped up 5000 shares on 10 February 2006...
It was enough to send the share price up another 7% in a matter of
days... and 22.5% in a week!

And on the 1st October 2008 the most significant development so far... a major industry giant agreed to partner the Falklands oil project and pay for the drilling to begin!
It sent the shares up 7% overnight!

All these gains were made purely on the reporting of news… just a scrap of information, a report floating around the internet, a press release.

And then the biggest news of all hit…

On May 4th 2010, one rival company struck oil in the Falklands! And this looks like making all the difference to firms with their fingers stuck deep in the oil pie…

The firm I’m telling you about today has a solid stake in one of the best-placed drillers! They’re in a great position to make a killing if there’s as much oil in the ground as
experts predict.

And it’s no longer a case of pure speculation: There IS oil in the area.

These developments have put the city boys on alert, rubbing their hands at the potential, and a few have already made their move… sending the price spiking here and there for the last few years.

But the majority have stayed out. They’re waiting for it to explode before they make their move. And over the next few months, that’s exactly what could happen…

You’ve got until 10th June to get in:
This spectacular growth story has
just hit its "trigger point"!

This company is getting ready.

Within a couple of weeks, their rig will be in place to start test drilling.

And that news alone could send all the big City investors piling in, trying to get a head-start on the action.

Should they hit the same kind of positive results as Rockhopper – early investors could be looking at a very swift and steep upswing in value.

Once the test data is in, they’ll be able to tell if the field can produce a constant, commercial source of oil.

A positive announcement on that front can send an oil share gushing into the air!

Just take a look at the price rises in these stocks between February 2009 and February 2010, after they released positive news…
Amerisur Resources has been drilling for oil in Columbia for the last few months - multiple positive updates saw its shares climb 725% in 12 months.

In that year, Afren's shares shot up 292% after a series of positive announcements from its Nigerian exploration.

In Kurdistan, Gulf Keystone Petroleum amazed the market with its oil find, resulting in an annual share price rise of an astounding 1,127%!

And Desire Petroleum made gains of 231% on news it is preparing to drill
in the Falklands.

And, now, I believe I’ve uncovered the next little oil firm which could make a massive leap…

Remember, they have a solid stake in a firm that is – even as I write this letter – making preparations to test drill in this seemingly oil rich basin.

The city can smell the raw profit potential of this story and I expect them to lead a mad rush to the share…

…one that could push its price thousands of percent higher than where it stands today.

The fact that one of this company’s main competitors in the area has just struck oil is
great news.

This rival firm may eventually recover as much as 3.5 billion barrels in the months and years ahead. But that’s not the big news…

The big news is that the Falklands is now closer than ever to becoming a fully-fledged oil producer – and if that happens – it could send these stocks on a hard and fast jolt in value.

Of course, not every oil drill that's sunk comes up with the goods. But that’s what a play on oil is all about – you take that extra risk on board for the chance to take home a truly mammoth profit.

Because all the City boys and big investors need to have full confidence in these companies is the tangible proof that there’s oil down there.

And it looks like that proof is starting to come through...

If further news confirms the oil can be easily extracted – well, it could generate profits most investors will only ever dream about!

That’s why I fully expect to see one of the most spectacular growth stories the penny share market has ever seen.

What that means for YOU is this…

Remember, this company could start test drilling in just a few weeks time. The price has already started creeping up ahead of this date, so you MUST get in soon.

While city boys wait and wait and wait to take action, you can steal in and snatch a bigger slice of the anticipated profits than any of them!

Remember, you could be tucking away a 97% profit over the next 12 months on this… and as much as 17,611% in the long term… a position most investors dream about.This figure is a forecast. Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

But the longer you wait, the more you’ll probably have to pay to get in on this stunning opportunity. And that means the profits are likely to decrease with every passing day.

Right now is the time to sneak in, before most investors know this stock even exists!

In a moment, I’ll tell you everything you need to do to get in on this amazing profit play.

But first, I want you to fully understand how this deal came about in the first place…

RIGHT NOW this special
situation presents YOU with
the chance to make a 17,611%
return on your cash!

First and foremost this “underground X-ray” is able to pinpoint EXACTLY where oil
is located.

How does it work? Get ready for bit of jargon...

CSEM (what I call the "X-ray") sends an electromagnetic signal through the seabed floor. The nature of the rock beneath the surface determines the way in which the signal bounces back. Oil is a very bad conductor of electricity, whereas rock is very good... so the reaction of the electromagnetic signal gives a strong clue to the presence of oil.

In plain English, this means it gives you a 3D picture of the strata underneath the ocean indicating what's inside the rock faults.

But most importantly it distinguishes what hydrocarbons - oil or gas - are present.

Can you see how useful the results will be when drilling gets started?

It shows you where to drill, how deep to drill, and crucially, which places to avoid!

Put simply: One of the biggest British oil deposits since the North Sea could be about to get sucked from the ground - meaning one small company could become a GIANT.

No wonder Aquila Financial has called it "the most important new technology in the field of offshore oil & gas exploration"!

Just imagine the enormous profit potential for the company using this to locate 60 BILLION barrels of oil they know exists!

And here's where this opportunity
gets irresistible...Even without their stake in the potential oil profits, this company is a RAVING BUY!

After Margaret Thatcher dispelled the Argentinean army in 1982, the Falkland Islands were given a £25m grant to kick-start the economy.

By 1986 fishing zones were created around the islands. This meant foreign fishing fleets all gaming for the rich pickings of valuable squid in the Falkland waters now required
a licence.

This alone brought in £20 million a year throughout the 1990s, bringing new independence, and moving the economy away from it's reliance on sheep farming. Right now, money is pouring in through tourism, agriculture and retail. In 1982 the territory's GDP was struggling at £5 million... today it's over £75 million.

And at the forefront of it all is the company I want to reveal to you today. In fact, it's been the biggest, most established company on the island since 1851!

It also owns a major chunk of the Falkland Islands themselves... the shopping complex, houses, hotels and flats in Stanley, sea vessels and cruise ships, insurance companies, the slaughterhouse and hundreds of red-hot development land.

This is a company with real earnings. Profits have increased year on year and so have the dividends it hands out to its investors! Just take a look at the company's dividend yield over the last five years:

If you'd owned 10,000 shares this April a nice £800 cheque would have landed through YOUR letter box!

Of course there is absolutely no guarantee this will continue. Past performance is no guide to the future.

But I've poured over its balance sheets, studied the business outlook for 2010, heck, I've even scrutinised the chief executive face-to-face... and everything points to an explosive future. And if the oil potential materialises as it's expected to over the next 12 months or so... its stake in the Falklands oil story will be worth BILLIONS.

Read on and discover how you can unlock this recommendation absolutely FREE!

When I first learned about the Falklands oil discovery, I was impressed with the oil potential. But what really excited me was learning that, even if the price of oil drops by 50% overnight, you could still make money.

Sound weird? Let me explain...

The truth is, the investment I've been telling you about isn't another typical "oil play"... it’s something a lot sharper and a lot shrewder than that…

It's what I call a "hidden value" investment, because it has more than just a stake in the Falkland oil profits.

In fact it's a very profitable, 156-year-old established company and it owns 8.2% of an oil driller that could be about to make a BIG strike!

Now consider the potential here...

Remember, just off the East Falklands coast lies an estimated reserve of 60 billion barrels.

How much is that worth? Well, even if oil drops more than half its current price... and sells for $35 a barrel... that still amounts to $2,100 billion of oil reserves - worth about £1,295bn.

8.2% of that is worth £106bn... and the total value for this entire company on the stock market is currently less than £50m!

Do you see why this company is a brilliant "hidden value" share?

How my "hidden value" investing strategy could earn you a 97% return over the next 12 months…This figure is a forecast. Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Believe me it's not easy to find these overlooked potentially profit-packed companies. It takes a lot of work and dedicated research to uncover firms on the verge of hitting their tipping point… on the verge of charging ahead into enormous gains.

But I believe this is the ONLY way to ever invest in a share.

My name is Tom Bulford.

I'm the Editor of The Bulford Files, an elite investment advisory alert service published by MoneyWeek Ltd.

The Bulford Files concentrates on finding the most solid, cheapest shares in the UK market - "hidden value" investment situations, like the company with a stake in the Falklands oil discovery I've been telling you about.

If you would like to learn more about this incredible situation - an opportunity that could make you a ridiculous amount of money - I'll send you a detailed study, called The Falkland Report, completely free of charge.

Claim your FREE report by scrolling to the bottom of this page, or read on so I can tell you a bit about myself and how I discovered the real and only way to make consistent money in the stock market: by investing in "hidden value" shares.

The proven potential of
"hidden value" investing...

I used to manage a European fund for the Argentinean market that grew into that country's largest mutual fund. I was also a director for Schroder Investment Management International. For years I was responsible for over £2 billion of rich foreign clients' money.

With over 30 years experience in the world markets, I've pretty much seen it all.

I've seen plenty of eager young traders come and go... most of them turn up fresh out of uni with big egos and even bigger misconceptions of the money to be made. Most crash and burn pretty quickly.

And it's all because of the misconceived idea that in order to make big money in shares you have to gamble with overly risky companies in order to make quick-fire winners - regardless of a stock's fundamental value.

Nowadays my time is my own. And this is how I spend it:

I conduct detailed research into companies that show robust management, sound balance sheets, exemplary prospects for future profit, but yet for whatever reason are completely ignored by the wider market.

I've been using this strategy for the past five years to find what I believe to be the absolute best, as safe as can be, most overlooked "value" investment situations in the UK market for a small group of like-minded investors.

If you've never heard of my "hidden value" strategy before, I'm not surprised. Most people haven't... But in all my years of investment experience, I have never seen another strategy that works so consistently and effectively to bring the potential for such amazing gains.

But don’t just take my word for it...

This same hard-work approach has
paid-off handsomely for some of the
world's richest investors...

Warren Buffett will not invest in ANYTHING he doesn't fully understand. Plain and simple - he point blank refuses to.

What he does look for is real "hidden value" in the shares he decides to invest in. And it's what's made him the most well-known, super-successful investor in the world (in fact he's the second-richest man in the world, according Forbes).

The point is this: buy into shares that offer genuine “hidden value” and they sometimes REALLY pay off. Using this strategy you can often make the sort of gains usually associated with high risk, highly speculative stock market punts.

Okay, I'm no billionaire, but it's important for me to be totally aware of what I'm getting into before I'll part with a penny of my cash.

I don't just look at charts and graphs. I absorb facts and figures... get a real understanding of the companies I'm interested in. But above all, I talk to people.

And it was doing this that convinced me NOW more than ever is the time to get in on the Falkland's oil story.

Very soon I believe the market will realise the value of this share, its price will soar and the opportunity for you to profit from potentially the biggest oil bonanza in recent years will have gone.

If drilling proves to yield commercially viable quantities of oil you could see astronomical gains from the company poised to profit when this excitement sends Falkland land and property prices sky-high!

And now that a major player has agreed to put £49 million into the project, there's no question - the "endgame" has begun! I really don't think it'll be long before we could see big moves in the share price...

But before any of this can happen, I'd like to send you full details of this company, including a comprehensive breakdown of its business, prospects, management, history and, most importantly what I believe is its real value.

With the world's supply of cheap oil in deadly crisis, I believe this is going to be a MAJOR story over the next 12 months, and beyond - one that could generate hundreds of billions of pounds for investors.

And I want to let YOU in on it...

This special Falklands report is yours for free – plus 3 extra “hidden value” tips that could earn you gains of 84%, 114% and 37%... all within just 12 months!These figures are forecasts. Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

In return, I'd like you to review The Bulford Files for three months. It is the most deftly researched UK market investment strategy we have here at MoneyWeek Ltd. The aim is to take carefully placed positions in companies that minimise the risk of losses, yet still have the potential to yield stunning returns.

In short, you and a select few shrewd investors are invited to join us as we secure our investments in what I believe are the most dynamic and high-growth companies that the UK has to offer.

If you truly believe that real, long-term market success tends to be based on strong fundamentals and good, solid value...

...then you're exactly the kind of investor I'd like to hear from.

I'd also like to give you - assuming you're the right person for this type of elite service - privileged access to every single one of the grossly undervalued, solid businesses with high-growth potential shares in my portfolio right now - including 3 of which could make you potential returns of 84%, 114% and 37% in this year alone.Come on board today and you’ll receive these three
extra reports absolutely free…

Extra report #1:
“Snap up this 'boring' finance stock for a possible 84% gain… ”

I’ve prepared a special bonus report telling you everything you need to know…These figures are forecasts. Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

Extra report #2:
“The tech revolution that could shoot one of the UK’s brightest companies to a 114% gain”

Read the full complimentary report and find out who they are and how to get in today…

Extra report #3:
“How you could make 37% from the great ‘spin’ explosion”

Read on and find out how to get your hands on all the details…

Of course there can never be any guarantees that my projections will come good.

I can show you why I'm so confident they will. But I need to warn you first...

"The Bulford Files" may not
be right for you

Now before you make a decision on whether you'd like to receive my advice, let me just make one important point very clear: this service is NOT for the average investor.

Stop reading NOW if you cannot answer “YES” to these three questions…

The fact is, The Bulford Files is not for most investors... and I want you to think seriously whether or not this is for YOU...

1) Are you a serious investor?

This is for serious investors only, those that understand the market and the importance of value. This is not for occasional, small-time investors who throw in £300 here and £1,000 there, just a couple of times a year.
This savvy investment circle could be earning you serious money, too…

“An excellent tipping service of exceptional value which has resulted in my receiving some great gains over a very difficult two years in the market, thank you very much”
Mr. Glyn Williams

“I have followed your advice and guidance from the outset… I feel sure that I must be only one of many who gratefully benefit from your expert knowledge and experience in stocks and shares. Very many thanks…”
Alec Jenkins, Cornwall

So, I’m not looking for “Flash Harry’s” who want to nip in and out for a quick quid. I
want investors who understand they might have to wait months or even a year to bank
any profits.

2) Do you have the passion to see an investment through?

This service is not for people who panic the instant a share drops 5%, 10% or even 15% in value. And, to be frank, if you don't like risk and you’re excited by gains of that amount, you should probably stop reading, too.

Any realistic investor knows that a share can go up and down by increments before it realizes its true value. I cannot count the times a share that’s turned out a profit for me has fluctuated by these margins along the way. And we may have to accept losses along the way too.

Because a share can obviously go down in value and not recover. At these times, it’s best to cut your losses and sell it. Then you move on. That’s investing.

And the truth is, it can scare some investors away.

But serious investors know that their capital is at risk, that investing in shares can be risky and that anyone should only ever put money in that they can afford to lose.

You also know that some of the smaller stocks I go for are pretty illiquid – meaning there can be large differences between the sale and purchase price (the bid/offer spread). So if you need to sell them soon after you have bought them, you might get back less than you paid. And when investing in foreign shares, the exchange rate can work both for and against you.

So you should be prepared for that.

Look, although the dreamers might wish for a stock to simply go up and up and up, sometimes you simply have to hang on before for the potentially spectacular pay-off that “hidden value” shares can bring.

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I want the right kind of investors to get the most out of this opportunity.

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I’m not building this up, I’m not exaggerating: if commercial drilling begins, it could totally change the oil industry forever. There will be a new major player on the scene and this is your chance to get in on that deal – at the very start!These figures are forecasts. Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results.

And remember, you could be cashing out a profit anywhere between 97-17,611% if they start pumping oil!

Get in early on this stock, and others like them, and they all have the potential to make you a fantastic return on your money… with a strategy that looks seriously at limiting risk by hunting out solid, undervalued companies.

If that sounds like something that works for you, just scroll down to the end of this letter to sign up right now.BREAKING NEWS...BREAKING NEWS...BREAKING NEWS
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The Bulford Files

P.S. A recognised independent oil industry study group report has concluded that there are up to 60 BILLION barrels of oil around the East Falklands Basin. A number of oil majors have been clamouring to partner this tiny oil company that holds 100% rights to the field.

I believe it's only a matter of time before further announcements fire this stock into tremendous profit. By which time you could have made an awful lot of money. I’m talking about the kind of profit you may never get the chance to make ever again.

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All share prices and monetary calculations are correct as at market close on 11/05/10.


Your capital is at risk when you invest in shares – you can lose some or all of your money, so never risk more than you can afford to lose. Shares recommended in The Bulford Files can be small company shares. These can be relatively illiquid, which means they can sometimes be hard to trade and there can be a large bid/offer spread. So if you need to sell soon after you’ve bought, you might get less back than you paid. This can make them riskier than other investments. A full portfolio is available on request. Past performance and forecasts are not reliable indicators of future results. Profits from share dealing are a form of income and subject to taxation. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future. Editors may have an interest in shares recommended. Special first year price offers are only available to those who have not previously subscribed and are limited to one subscription per household. Full details of our complaints procedure and terms & conditions can be found on our website, www.moneyweek.com/.

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