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      schrieb am 31.03.24 17:59:27
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      PetroChina (H) | 0,784 €
      schrieb am 02.01.24 15:33:04
      Beitrag Nr. 2.567 ()…

      „ Konkurrenten des Unternehmens in China sind Sinopec und CNOOC.„

      Die hab ich schon länger im Depot .
      Jetzt hab ich auch PetroChina .
      PetroChina (H) | 0,596 €
      schrieb am 02.01.24 15:16:30
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      ExxonMobil übergibt den Betrieb im Ölfeld West Qurna 1 an PetroChina…

      WEST QURNA 1 OILFIELD, Irak, 1. Januar (Reuters) - Der US-Energieriese ExxonMobil Corp (XOM.N) hat das Ölfeld West Qurna 1 im Süden des Irak offiziell verlassen und seine Aktivitäten als Hauptauftragnehmer an PetroChina übergeben, sagte ein stellvertretender Ölminister am Montag gegenüber Reuters.

      Hochrangige irakische Ölbeamte trafen sich am Montag mit Führungskräften von ExxonMobil, PetroChina und Basra Oil Co auf dem West Qurna 1-Feld in der Nähe von Basra, um den vollständigen Ausstieg von Exxon und die Übergabe seiner Operationen an PetroChina zu markieren.

      Die endgültige Einigung, die kürzlich zwischen dem irakischen Ölministerium und Exxon erzielt wurde, hat den Interessen beider Parteien gedient, sagte Mohammed.

      West Qurna 1 produziert derzeit etwa 550.000 Barrel pro Tag (bpd), fügte er hinzu.

      N. Chr.

      "Wir treffen uns heute, um uns von ExxonMobil zu verabschieden, und gleichzeitig gratulieren wir PetroChina, dass es der leitende Auftragnehmer geworden ist", sagte Basim Mohammed, stellvertretender Ölminister für vorgelagerte Angelegenheiten, Reuters in einem Interview vor Ort.

      PetroChina hält nach dem Ausscheiden von Exxon den größten Anteil in diesem Bereich.

      Letztes Jahr unterzeichnete der Irak einen Kaufvertrag, um 22,7% der Beteiligung von ExxonMobil an West Qurna 1 durch die irakische staatliche Basra Oil Co. zu erwerben.( BOC), während Indonesiens staatliche Pertamina die verbleibenden 10% der Exxon-Anteile kaufte und ihren Anteil auf 20% erhöhte.

      Es ist eines der größten Ölfelder der Welt mit erstattungsfähigen Reserven, die auf mehr als 20 Milliarden Barrel geschätzt werden.

      Der Irak und PetroChina planen, die Produktion Ende 2024 auf 600.000 bpd zu steigern, sagte der Leiter von BOC.
      PetroChina (H) | 0,596 €
      schrieb am 21.12.23 12:34:51
      Beitrag Nr. 2.565 ()
      China oil output growth to slow in 2024 as supply harder to extract
      BEIJING, Dec 20 (Reuters) - China's surging oil production growth in recent years, the result of a concerted investment push, is expected to ease in 2024 as falling output from mature fields requires state oil companies to tap more challenging shale and ultra-deep reserves.

      While China is the world's biggest crude importer, it was also the world's sixth-largest crude oil producer last year, according to the EI Statistical Review of World Energy, with heavy investment helping to reverse a significant decline between 2015 and 2018.

      Production for 2023 at around 4.18 million barrels per day (bpd) remains below the 2015 record of 4.3 million bpd, but Goldman Sachs said that the upside surprise of China's output trails only the higher-than-expected production this year from the U.S., Iran and Russia.

      For next year, analysts and agencies are divided on the outlook, with forecasts ranging from a drop in output by as much as 31,000 bpd or increase of up to 60,000 bpd, a growth slowdown that is likely to increase China's import dependency.

      Chinese state oil companies are now pushed to chase "high-hanging fruit", said Woodmac's Rodgers, such as PetroChina's Qingcheng shale oil field in the Ordos basin.

      PetroChina estimates that there are some 7.3 billion barrels of oil in place at Qingcheng, but high costs mean that only a small portion of this is currently commercially viable, Woodmac said.

      "We think it will be very challenging for China to maintain oil production growth," Rodgers said.…
      PetroChina (H) | 0,575 €
      schrieb am 08.12.23 12:15:21
      Beitrag Nr. 2.564 ()
      CNPC Sees China’s Oil Demand Peaking in 2030
      China’s state-owned oil and gas giant CNPC has forecast a peak in oil demand coming to China by 2030.

      The level at which demand is seen peaking is between 780 and 800 million metric tons annually. One metric ton of crude is equal to almost 8.5 barrels.

      The report, as carried by Reuters, is an update on an earlier estimate by CNPC’s Economics and Technology Research Institute, which saw oil demand peaking at 780 million tons by 2030.

      In its report, the Economics and Technology Research Institute also said that by 2030, petrochemicals will account for 30% of oil demand. This still leaves the bulk of demand in the fuels segment. Over the longer term, demand is seen falling to 220 million tons annually, which should happen by 2060.

      ETRI also forecasts peak gas demand, which will take longer to arrive: per the estimate gas demand in China should peak at 6.6 billion cubic meters in 2040.

      Earlier this year, Sinopec and PetroChina saw gasoline demand in China peaking in 2025, driven down by rising sales of electric vehicles. The IEA and Rystad Energy saw the peak in 2024. From there, peak oil demand is only a short step, according to the above forecasters.
      PetroChina (H) | 0,574 €

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      East Africa Metals
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      Hat East Africa bisher nur an der Oberfläche gekratzt?! mehr zur Aktie »
      schrieb am 24.11.23 10:24:33
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      China slows Venezuela crude buys as US sanctions lifting triggers 'disarray'
      SINGAPORE : The suspension of U.S. sanctions on Venezuelan oil has rattled its biggest customers, China's independent refiners, who are now holding off on making new purchases amid wide discrepancies in offer prices, trading sources say.

      The independent refiners have for years bought Venezuelan oil at steep discounts, but since Washington lifted sanctions in mid-October for six months, global energy firms and trading houses Vitol, Gunvor and Trafigura have gradually resumed purchases.

      Sellers and Chinese buyers are now struggling to agree on prices, two China-based sources said. China's purchases have also slowed amid low seasonal demand for asphalt - a key product made from Venezuela's heavy crude.


      The refiners are also waiting to see what state-owned PetroChina will do.

      PetroChina is seeking to buy up to 8 million barrels per month of Venezuelan crude from PDVSA, Reuters reported early this month, but has yet to seal a deal, traders and company sources said.

      "Buyers are staying put despite expectations of higher prices and tighter supply, as they are waiting to see if and when PetroChina will come back to the market," the refinery manager said.
      PetroChina (H) | 0,600 €
      schrieb am 23.11.23 10:20:34
      Beitrag Nr. 2.562 ()
      China oil demand growth poised to slow to around 4% in H1 2024 -analysts
      BEIJING : China's oil demand growth is likely to ease in the first half of 2024 to around 4 per cent, according to consultancies, with resurgent consumption from the aviation and petrochemical sectors offset by weaker diesel usage due to an ongoing property sector crunch.

      Slowing demand growth for the world's biggest oil importer comes amid what remains an uncertain outlook for the Chinese economy and as travel patterns normalise following the post-COVID rebound earlier in the year.

      The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries foresees Chinese demand averaging 16.41 million barrels per day (bpd) in the first half of 2024, up 3.2 per cent on 2023 levels, while the International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasts demand averaging 17.1 million bpd for the full year, to show 3.9 per cent growth.
      PetroChina (H) | 0,606 €
      schrieb am 18.11.23 15:19:10
      Beitrag Nr. 2.561 ()
      Der Versuch Operating Targets abzubilden, aus der öffentlich zugänglichen PetroChina 2023 Interim Results Presentation und PetroChina 2022 Annual Results Presentation wird leider untersagt: 🤐……
      PetroChina (H) | 0,604 €
      schrieb am 18.11.23 15:12:28
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