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Metalle für Batterien in Argentinien: Lithium/Nickel/Cobalt - Neueste Beiträge zuerst

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Gaaanz langsam, der Kurs bräselt wieder runter. Bei 0.10 CAD könnte es interessant werden, die nächste Pushwelle mitzugehen. ;)

Schnellanalyse auf der Webseite:

1. GB 2018
Alles in CAD
Cash: 350k
Verbindlichkeiten: 660k
EK: 3.5M
Verlustvortrag??? 17M

Admin = Verlust: -1.5M
Neue Aktien: +2.5M
Umsatz: NULL !

Die Bude hat Claims in Argentinien, scheinbar schon seit 2009.
Nicht klalr, warum da bisher nix passiert ist? Keine Kohle? Schlechter Gehalt?

Hänge mal alle News aus Sedar rein...Dann kann man die ganzen Ankündigungen und blöden Entschuldigungen prüfen:

Wie gesagt: VORSICHT! Hier wird gepusht.
....das muss aber nicht heissen, dass der Lden schlecht ist....;)

Marifil Mines | 0,143 C$

Und hier noch der Push-Brief:

Dear Reader,
I’ll keep this message brief.

1. Consider locking in profits on any digital gold, ETFs, or stored gold that can be sold by the click of a mouse. Gold has just made a huge move higher and is overdue for a pullback.There’s always tax consequences when you sell an asset, so make sure you speak to your financial people, CPA, and advisor before making any changes in your portfolio.

I’m a long-term gold bull, but if you just bought gold for less than $1,285 last month, it’s made a 13% gain in just the past 30 days.

In the near-term, I plan to lock in some gold profits to purchase more gold mining shares and digital silver.

3. Consider BUYING First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG). It’s the best mining play I’ve ever profiled by far, and it never fails to prove me right.

Silver has barely budged in the last month, yet AG is up 40% since May 31st.

The gold-to-silver ratio is nearing an all-time high and a threshold where it historically leads to a massive silver rally.

For me personally, AG is the first mining play to own and a must for any precious metal portfolio.

3. Sell palladium (up 172%) and buy physical silver or use the profits to acquire high-quality mining shares.

For all of my physical metal purchases, I HIGHLY recommend MilesFranklin.com. You can have it safely delivered to your home or stored away in the U.S. or Canada if you prefer.

4. Consider taking a position in Marifil Mines (TSXV: MFM & US: MFMLF) today.
***I plan to make it one of my single largest investments in the gold space.***

Within 45 days (could be a lot sooner), they should have their 43-101 report published on their core gold project that is joint ventured with NovaGold.

Richard Walters, a top executive of Marifil, is the guy who started Yamana, one of the most successful gold mining operations in the world.

$29 million has been invested in it, it has a 55% insider ownership level, and the entire market cap is about $6 million today.

Today, we can buy shares on the U.S. exchange (MFMLF) for about 12 cents. On the Canadian exchange, shares are about CAD$0.15.

It has a third-party price target of CAD$0.31, but the upside could be much greater depending on the 43-101 news expected in early August.


Gold is back! The new bull market will last for years, and silver should soon follow.

For the short-term, I’m selling some gold, but only to reposition in silver and high-quality mining shares.

As for my long-term physical gold ownership, I bought it as insurance and will continue to hold.

Now is a great time to be invested in the right gold stocks and own the physical precious metals.

Marifil Mines | 0,160 C$

Es gibt einen Schräd aus dem Jahr 2008, mal reinschauen.
Grosse Pläne hatten die wohl schon mal, die Kurse waren gigantisch!

Einfaches Einfügen von wallstreet:online Charts: So funktionierts.

Scheinbar haben die operativ nix hinbekommen. Keine Ahnung warum? Explorationsgebiet nicht erfolgreich? Beschiss? Der Laden scheint eine Art Mantelgesellschaft mit ner toten Mine zu sein.
Wäre daher sehr interressant, das Management-Team zu analysieren.

Roberto Abenante
Mr. Abenante is a seasoned executive with extensive public company experience. Mr. Abenante is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) who also holds a Masters, who has founded and/or served as an officer/director of several public and private companies across various industries, ranging from energy and mining to agriculture technology and life sciences.

Richard (Dick) Walters

Dick Walters is certified by the American Association of Professional Geologists, and is licensed to practice geology in two states of the U.S. He is a Qualified Person by definition in Canadian NI 43-101. Mr. Walters has worked for 45 years in the mining industry as a mineral deposit explorer and developer with a world-wide reach, particularly in Southeast Asia and North and South America. He has held various field and management positions in Kennecott Copper Corp., Joe Minerals Co., Sunshine Mining Co. and others. He has been consistently active in Argentina’s mining scene since 1990 where in 1994 his private Argentinean company, Compania Minera Polimet S.A., gave birth to Yamana Resources Inc. via a shares exchange, thence gaining a listing on the Canadian stock exchange. In addition to being a co-founder of Yamana Resources he was a director and its COO and President for several years. Mr. Walters has been involved in supporting and running the Company’s wholly owned Argentinean subsidiary, Marifil S.A., since 2000, and remains responsible for its mineral exploration and acquisition activities. At least eight notable mineral deposits have been discovered under his direction, including two that have become mines currently in production: Mina Martha in Argentina – one of the richest silver mines in the world, and Chandalar – the largest gold placer mine in Alaska.

Daniel Buffone

Mr. Buffone is a geologist with 30 years mineral exploration experience in Argentina, and is a successful independent Argentinean cattle rancher as well. His background includes dealings in oil properties, acquisitions of hydrological rights and training in agricultural engineering. Amongst others, he formerly worked as a geologist for Yamana Resources Inc. helping launch the company. In 1997, he founded Marifil S.A. underpinned by a slate of his own mineral properties. Marifil S.A. was folded into Marifil Mines Ltd. by way of a shares exchange in 2005 upon becoming a public company on the Canadian exchange. The Company relies on his abilities as a prospector and businessman to continually generate or find new properties for acquisition in Argentina, and to manage all affairs of the Company in the country in a legal and socially responsible manner.

John B. Hite

Mr. Hite is a Registered Geologist with significant experience in the junior mining industry, having worked as a geologic consultant since August, 1978, and is a Qualified Person as defined in National Instrument 43-101. Previously he was a Director and President of East Asia Gold Corp.

Michael Sweatman

Mr. Sweatman is a Chartered Professional Accountant and has operated MDS Management Ltd., a Vancouver-based management consulting company, since November 1992. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and commerce from Simon Fraser University, gained his CA designation in 1982, and is a member of CPA BC and CPA Yukon . He has served as a director and officer of a number of public companies over the past 30 years and is currently a director and the CEO of Eureka Resources Inc (TSX-V: EUK) and a director of Nevada Sunrise Gold Corp. (TSXV: NEV).

John W. Pearson

Mr. Pearson holds a Honours B.Sc. in Geology and has extensive experience in investor relations as an Investor Relations Executive with over 35 years experience in the natural resources industry, which includes 30 years of direct investor relations and corporate communications experience. Currently, he is Centerra Gold Inc.’s Vice President Investor Relations. Previously, he held increasingly senior executive investor relations roles and was the executive in charge of Investor Relations at Stillwater Mining Company, SouthernEra Resources Limited, Pegasus Gold Inc., LAC Minerals Ltd., and Canamax Resources. Mr. Pearson began his career as an exploration field geologist in 1981 working throughout Canada and has also served as an Investor Relations Consultant to the mining industry and has served on various committees with the Ontario Mining Association and the Mining Association of Canada.

Greg Burnett
More than 25 years of capital markets experience as President and Managing Director of Carob Management Ltd, a private management consulting company specializing in providing due diligence services, developing business plans, and the structuring, financing, and management of emerging businesses, specializing in going public transactions in both Canada and the United States. Experience in the mining, oil and gas, green energy, consumer products, biotech, and technology sectors. Has served on the board of directors of more than 20 public companies, currently serving on three public company boards. Serves as an advisor to one other public technology company. Obtained a Master of Business Administration Degree in 1986 and a Bachelor of Applied Sciences Degree in Civil Engineering in 1984 from the University of British Columbia.

Marifil Mines | 0,160 C$

Der Wert wird gerade von "Newslettern" gepusht, hier ein Disclaimer: https://www.futuremoneytrends.com/fmt-news/be-very-wary-of-t… Die bekommen wohl 200k für ihren Push...;-)

Die Sache scheint zu funktionieren, der Kurs ist von 0.08 CAD auf 0.16 CAD gesprungen.

Einfaches Einfügen von wallstreet:online Charts: So funktionierts.

Der Laden ist ziemlich markteng. Wenn ich mir die Webseite anschaue, fällt gleich die fehlende Geschäftsadresse auf: https://www.marifilmines.com/. Naja, auf SEDAR findet man was:

Nun, das Thema Batteriemetalle ist sicher spannnend. Das meiste Lithium kommt ja auch Bolivien, Argentinien (nomen est omen: das Silberland) oder Chile.
Werde mir den Laden mal genauer anschauen.

Der Kurs wird garantiert wieder runter gehen, wenn die Lemminge weg sind.


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