Modex is Launching the Blockchain Developers Token

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LONDON, June 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Modex, the world's first App Store for the Blockchain, is empowering developers with a token of their own: the MODEX token. The world's first token specifically designed for developers acknowledges and rewards their hard work for building dapps which can then be monetised on the Modex Marketplace, thus bridging the gap between developers, businesses and real-world users.

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Modex is a Smart Contract Marketplace and app ecosystem that allows for easy, user-friendly access to multi-protocol smart contracts. Developers can leverage Modex to monetize their skills and offer Smart Contract solutions to end-customers. The real-world community can easily find Smart Contracts that meet real-world needs, are already audited and secure, without having to scout developers and manage one-off development projects.

At the very base of the Modex Marketplace lies the MODEX token, created specifically for developers. The MODEX token will connect developers with the real world, helping companies and end-users find the right solutions for their needs and contributing to future growth. Building on its strong, inherent value, MODEX is the world's first token empowered by developers, reflecting every single hour of development work.

10 million tokens offered to developers 

So far, over 800 blockchain developers from all over the world have joined the Modex community. "We strongly believe that the best ambassadors for the Modex platform will be our happy developers, who have a better chance to monetize their development skills on blockchain and evolve in this ever growing segment," stated Mihai Ivascu, the CEO and Founder of Modex. "I am delighted to announce that we will be offering - through initial bounties - 10,000,000 MODEX tokens to developers. Moreover, the platform for global hackathons will accelerate the distribution of MODEX tokens towards the most talented developers from around the world," added Ivascu, at the TokenBlast event in London, last week.

Developers from all around the world can join the Modex Platform and receive 1,500 bonus MODEX tokens by publishing the first Smart Contracts.

The Modex platform was designed after months of interaction with the development community through our hackathons, presentations and workshops, incubating all the innovative ideas from the brightest minds in this field. "The last mile adoption of the blockchain can only be solved through the collective brain power of all the interested developers around the world. We are very confident that the blockchain marketplace will play a very important role in this segment, but the real game changer - which can't be found on the market currently - is a complex Unified Developer Environment created for blockchain developers. Without doubt, the opportunities for smart contracts uses are endless, bringing added value and a huge leap forward for everyone.", explained Ivascu during the 'Token Economics' panel at the TokenBlast event, in London.

About Modex 

Modex has launched the first fully functional product alpha on March 15th, bringing to the market the World's First App Store for Blockchain. Modex's Smart Contract Marketplace aims to tackle the 'last mile' adoption problem that will bring blockchain technology into daily use, by facilitating access to multi-protocol smart contracts.

Besides the mature Marketplace, where developers can monetize their blockchain developments, Modex will roll out in the next 6 months a full developer ecosystem that allows developers used to various programming languages to easily shift to blockchain developments, providing the full set of tools needed to learn, create, test, deploy and sell their smart contracts and dapps. Modex platform offers the world's first Unified Developers Environment with tools like Integrated Developer Environment (IDE), Source Code Auditing, Development Platform, Test Net Environment, Block Explorer, and Suite of Oracles.

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