Dig a Gold and Diamond Fortune With Goldiam Coins

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BELGRADE, Serbia, July 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

The Future of Physical Gold and Diamond with Goldiam Coins 

Cryptocurrencies have definitely turned the world topsy-turvy with investors still trying to get a grip on their mining. But no cryptocurrency so far has been used for trading of precious assets like gold/diamonds. With Goldiam, the investor is now able to invest in this asset market without worrying about its fluctuations. Goldiam is a peer-to-peer blockchain platform dealing with new cryptocurrency, Goldiam coin. Users can now open accounts, create/import tokens on Goldiam blockchain. Once any user downloads/deploys this software, he/she can rent the hashing power from providers, which supports mining algorithm, Dagger-Hashimoto.

Goldiam Blockchain and Its Aggregates 

Goldiam aggregates Globe-Union platform. With this, users can transact in Goldiam coins from anywhere. Goldiam Box wallet users are rewarded with Goldiam coins for each block mined. For buying gold/diamonds from the Goldiam platform, the user has to request the Smart Gold/Diamond platform. 1gm is the minimum amount of gold that has to be purchased, while it is 0.35 carat for diamond. These can be physically stored when users want and shipped along with the security license to their homes. 

Goldiam Makes It Easy to Trade in Assets with its Unique Features 

Goldiam helps investors to cut through impenetrable trade barriers in the gold/diamond industry. This technology has complete infrastructure in place in cryptocurrency dealings with features like mainnet, testnet, wallets, explorers, API, pool and GolMask. Calypsum is a web-wallet for easy transfer of Goldiam coins. Goldiam testnet offers users to test everything first on it. Jupiter is a desktop client-side interface to generate Goldiam wallets and more. GolMask is a Goldiam web browser extension acting as Goldiam wallet. API code allows two software programs to communicate with each other.

With Goldiam, smart contracts, business and transactions become easy. Its blockchain technology executes commercial transactions and agreements automatically without the added expense of middlemen. This smart contract stores entire digital information, which is executed when two or more parties enter the keys. Moreover, this code is programmed to execute smart contracts or transactions only when certain criteria are achieved. Goldiam blockchain ensures to eliminate intermediaries in the payment processing system. Deal with Goldiam since it enables higher security and lower costs. This is indeed the future of cryptocurrency and physical assets of gold and diamond. 

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Akash Singh

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