BioInvent Announces Publication of Data in Leading Cancer Journal Immunity

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LUND, Sweden, Nov. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

BioInvent International AB (OMXS: BINV) announced today the publication of data on the cellular and molecular mechanism-of-action of antibodies to the co-stimulatory immune checkpoint receptor 4-1BB.

The research – published in the next issue of the journal Immunity and ahead of print online today – demonstrates that anti-4-1BB antibodies with the ability to engage activating or inhibitory Fc gamma receptors can achieve therapeutic effects through depletion of intratumoral regulatory T cells (Treg), and/or boosting of CD8+ T cell effector function. It was conducted by researchers from the University of Southampton in collaboration with researchers from BioInvent. 

Treg depletion and promotion of CD8 effector cell function occurred in a competitive manner, and was limited by the availability of immune cell Fc gamma receptors, which could be overcome by sequential antibody administration or antibody engineering.

Tregs are known to potently suppress anti-tumor immunity, while CD8+ T cells critically contribute to anti-tumor immunity.

"Together with our collaborator at the University of Southampton, we continue to advance the understanding of how antibody interactions with Fc gamma receptors determine the efficacy and mechanism-of-action of immune checkpoint antibodies in cancer immunotherapy", says Björn Frendéus, Chief Scientific Officer. "These data have important implications for how antibodies to co-stimulatory molecules, such as 4-1BB, can be tailored and used to achieve immune activation via complementary but competing pathways". 

This research is the result of a long-standing collaborative effort between the Southampton Antibody and Vaccine Group, Centre for Cancer Immunology, BioInvent and Cancer Research UK, to promote translational research into effective cancer immunotherapies.


Sarah L Buchan, Lang Dou, Marcus Remer, Steven G Booth, Stuart N Dunn, Chester Lai, Monika Semmrich, Ingrid Teige, Linda Mårtensson, Christine A Penfold, HT Claude Chan, Jane E Willoughby, C. Ian Mockridge, Lekh N Dahal, Kirstie LS Cleary, Sonya James, Anne Rogel, Päivi Kannisto, Mats Jernetz, Emily L Williams, Eugene Healy, J Sjef Verbeek, Peter WM Johnson, Björn Frendéus, Mark S Cragg, Martin J Glennie, Juliet C Gray, Aymen Al-Shamkhani and Stephen A Beers. Antibodies to costimulatory receptor 4-1BB enhance anti-tumor immunity via T regulatory cell depletion and promotion of CD8 T cell effector function. Immunity DOI:  

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