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itelligence crowns the German digitalization experts / "itelligence of Things" prize money for best innovation projects

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Bielefeld/Ulm (ots) - BHS Corrugated Maschinen- und Anlagenbau
GmbH and the maintenance service provider XERVON Instandhaltung GmbH
are the main winners of the "itelligence of Things" competition
organized by itelligence. Each will receive consulting services worth
50,000 euros. And the other finalists will receive support from
itelligence in putting together a business case.

"In the course of our digitalization, we are becoming a lifecycle
service partner for our customers," explains Lars Engels, Executive
Director at BHS Corrugated Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH from Upper
Palatinate, global market leader in the development and production of
machines for manufacturing corrugated cardboard. So-called
corrugating rolls form the corrugations in the cardboard and
therefore represent the centerpiece of any corrugated cardboard
machine. The produced shape is maintained by gluing an additional
paper layer onto the corrugated layer. Customers lease the rolls
under a pay-per-use model. Maintenance work is carried out on the
rolls at irregular intervals, depending on the amount of use. To
allow this process to be adequately planned, a tracker allows both
users and BHS Corrugated to see the roll's current position in the
maintenance cycle at any one time. To increase efficiency further,
the on-site data automatically initiate processes, such as
restocking, in a second step.

The second main winner of the digitalization competition is XERVON
Instandhaltung GmbH, headquartered in Münchsmünster in Bavaria. The
subsidiary of REMONDIS Maintenance & Services GmbH & Co. KG from
Cologne, one of the leading service providers to the manufacturing
industry, makes installations intelligent via machine learning.
Through the analysis of sensor data, the operation of pumps in the
cooling towers of energy suppliers can be optimized so as to minimize
wear by reducing the frequency of them starting up. In sewage
treatment plants, sensors test the waste water, helping to ensure
that the purification is performed in the most ecological and
economic manner possible. "Smart control processes allow us to
initiate the most appropriate operation for the particular
circumstances," explains Volker Osdoba, Managing Director of XERVON
Instandhaltung GmbH.

Norbert Rotter, CEO of itelligence AG, praises the IoT competence
of the competition entrants and welcomes future collaboration with
them: "Innovative companies are currently setting the course towards
IoT and are networking machines, means of production and logistics
systems to create cyber-physical systems. The consultants at
itelligence know the effects of these innovations on the process
chain and are developing smart IoT solutions through co-innovations."

Digitalization pioneers point the way to innovation

The digitalization campaign "itelligence of Things" assists
companies along their journey into digitalization. Through a
competition, itelligence and NTT DATA offered consulting services
worth 50,000 euros each to two main winners. "Many companies are
still underestimating the dynamics and value of digitalization,"
reports Hans Rauwolf, Head of Business Area Internet of Things (IoT)
/ Industry 4.0 at itelligence. "With the awards from this initiative,
we seek to foster companies that gain competitive advantages through
innovative steps."

The award ceremony took place at the "Companies of the Future"
conference on December 6, 2018 in Ulm. The award jury comprised Dr.
Carsten H. Hahn, a professor in the Faculty of Management Science and
Engineering at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, as well as
digitalization experts Stefan Eller, Hans Rauwolf, Tobias Wahner, and
Mark Albrecht (all from itelligence AG). Together with Dr. Rüdiger
Eichin (Research Director at SAP), Professor Carsten H. Hahn is also
a co-initiator of project "Action Learning and Founding (ActiF)" at
Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.

The award competition was all about identifying scenarios for the
Internet of Things (IoT) that would boost the efficiency of a
business process. 25 applications were received by the deadline of
October 31, ten of them very concrete ideas for IoT and/or Industry
4.0 projects. "We got to know a great variety of interesting projects
in our digitalization competition," reported Dr. Andreas Pauls, Head
of SAP Business Unit Germany at itelligence. "We intend to pursue
several exciting ideas emerging from the competition."

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