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Momentous Holdings Corp. Completes Acquisition Of V Beverages, And Enters The Alcoholic Beverage Market With An Award Winning Product Line-Up

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17.04.2019, 20:00  |  633   |   |   

Momentous Holdings Corp. (Ticker: MMNT) “Momentous” and/or “the Company”) has entered into definitive agreements with the owner of V Beverages Limited, and concluded the acquisition of 100% ownership in V Beverages Limited (“VBEV”).

The transaction sees Momentous enter into the alcoholic beverage sector, through its now wholly owned subsidiary, V Beverages Limited. VBEV, through its own operational subsidiary, was originally created as a project between Max Chater, our Chief Distiller, and its founding parent company, The Draft House (which was acquired by Brewdog in 2018 (Market Cap: $2.3B)) 1, with a vision of creating premium spirits using unique and modern environmentally-friendly production techniques. In comparison to traditional heat intensive methods, the Company’s cutting-edge technology enables the conservation of energy and reduction of wastewater, whilst producing sustainable and quality products.

The acquisition sees the Company acquire 100% outright ownership in VBEV, which includes, yet is not limited to, its trademarks, recipes, production equipment, client base and its design and production team.

To date, the product range consists of:

Victory - Cold Distilled Gin

Made in London, using a completely unique & modern process that conserves energy and reduces water waste. Our chosen botanicals are infused first in alcohol, then in water, and finally cold distilled separately at low temperature under vacuum. These distillates are blended to create our distinctive yet utilitarian gin. Delicate in aroma, and perfect for your Gin and Tonic.

Victory - Bitter

A modern bitter ‘aperitivo’ spirit; British wheat spirit is infused with botanicals and fruits including gentian root, orange peel, apricot, rosemary, sage and fig. The infusion is blended with an organic, biodynamic wine and minimal sugar. The distinctive red color is achieved naturally through the infusion of hibiscus flowers. Best enjoyed with a premium tonic, plentiful ice, and a zest of lemon; or alternatively as the bitter in a classic cocktail, such as a Spritz or Negroni.

Victory - Vodka

Made using a previously unexplored botanical - unroasted green-coffee. We’ve partnered with Rob Dunne, Director of Coffee at Old Spike Roastery, and co-founder of Dunnefrankowski Creative Coffee Consultancy. Rob ethically sources seasonal, green coffee beans. We cold-distil this highly aromatic and volatile raw ingredient to extract the light, savory, almost vegetal aromatics of this unique botanical. This is something new, an expression of coffee’s most natural essence - yet is not a coffee-flavored product.

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