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PolyMet Announces Filing of Final Prospectus and Terms for Rights Offering

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25.05.2019, 00:16  |  569   |   |   

PolyMet Mining Corp. (“PolyMet” or the “company”) (TSX: POM; NYSE American: PLM) has filed a short form final prospectus with securities regulatory authorities in each of the Canadian provinces, and an amendment to its registration statement on Form F-10 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) in respect of an offering of rights (“Rights”) to purchase common shares of the company to raise approximately US$265 million in gross proceeds (the “Rights Offering”).

Summary of Rights Offering

Pursuant to the Rights Offering, all eligible registered shareholders of PolyMet (subject to applicable law) will receive one Right for every common share of PolyMet owned on the record date of June 3, 2019 (the “Record Date”). For each Right held, holders are entitled to acquire 2.119069 new common shares of PolyMet at US$0.3881 per share (the “Rights Price”). The Rights Offering includes an additional subscription privilege entitling holders of Rights who have fully exercised their Rights to subscribe for additional common shares, if available, that were not otherwise subscribed for under the Rights Offering.

Subject to applicable law, all PolyMet shareholders will have the choice to participate and, by exercising all of their Rights, maintain their existing levels of ownership. Rights holders can, in whole or in part, exercise their Rights and subscribe for common shares, or sell or assign their Rights to another party (who wishes to subscribe for new PolyMet common shares). PolyMet has applied to have the Rights listed for trading on both the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”) and NYSE American.

As previously disclosed, PolyMet has entered into a standby purchase agreement (the "Standby Purchase Agreement") pursuant to which Glencore AG (“Glencore”), subject to certain terms and conditions and limitations, has agreed to exercise its basic subscription privilege in full and to purchase at the Rights Price, that number of common shares, equal to the difference, if any, of (x) the total number of common shares offered pursuant to the Rights Offering minus (y) the number of common shares subscribed for pursuant to the basic subscription privilege and the additional subscription privilege (the “Standby Commitment”). As a result, subject to the satisfaction of the terms and conditions of the Standby Purchase Agreement, the Rights Offering will be fully backstopped by Glencore. Glencore will be entitled to a fee (the “Standby Fee”) at the closing of the Rights Offering of approximately US$7.7 million which is equal to 3.0 percent of the total funds committed by Glencore.

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