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Teleflex announces Presentations about its UroLift System treatment at the annual British Association of Urologists (BAUS) meeting

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10.07.2019, 10:00  |  726   |   |   

Teleflex Incorporated (NYSE:TFX) today thanked its United Kingdom-based Physician Advocates for their Poster Presentations highlighting the UroLift System, as well as real world proof of its cost effectiveness, at this year’s BAUS meeting which finished on June 26th.

The first Presentation, by Dr. Mark Rochester*, Consultant Urologist from Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, shared promising, early results of the UroLift System treatment of BPH patients with acute urinary retention. Patients enrolled as part of this four-centre U.K. study are some of the first of such patients to have been treated with the UroLift System. Dr. Rochester said: “Patients with acute urinary retention are faced with extremely limited treatment options and have been previously excluded from sponsored Prostatic Urethral Lift [PUL/UroLift System] studies,” said Dr. Rochester. “These results demonstrate that the UroLift System treatment can quickly and safely restore urinary flow in the majority of patients with acute urinary retention, providing this challenging patient population with a safe and effective alternative to long-term catheter management and invasive BPH treatment options.”

A second U.K. single-centre study showcased at BAUS examined results from 50 patients all treated by Consultant Urologist Dr. Neil Barber* of NHS Frimley Health Foundation Trust. The patients who received UroLift System implants had an obstructive median lobe or were treated using the 4D, or “stacking technique”. Results of the study show statistically significant improvement in BPH symptoms, quality of life and preservation of sexual function for patients treated with the UroLift System, and were similar to the results reported in the pivotal L.I.F.T. and BPH6 studies. Dr. Barber said: “I used this new technique because, as in this reported initial experience, it can be used in men with all shapes of prostates including those men who would previously have been deemed unsuitable candidates for the UroLift System treatment such as those with obstructing median lobes.”

Results of a six-month retrospective study, presented by Consultant Urologist Dr. Hemant Nemade of Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust, showed that the UroLift System treatment was more efficient than the current standard of care, Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP). Dr. Nemade said: “We have shown that TURP is a costly and resource intensive procedure. In comparison, the UroLift System procedure reduces costs and increases efficiency, is easy to implement, and requiries a shorter training time. Minimal infrastructure changes are needed in order to fully adopt it as a preferred option for most men with BPH”.

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