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Enviva Thanks NCDEQ for Opportunity to Hear from Stakeholders and Renews Commitment to Job Creation and Air Quality

Nachrichtenquelle: Business Wire (engl.)
16.07.2019, 03:33  |  354   |   |   

Enviva Partners, LP, the world’s largest producer of industrial wood pellets, which provide low-carbon, renewable power, tonight thanked the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) for the opportunity to hear from stakeholders at a public hearing regarding new air emission control equipment that Enviva will install at their Sampson facility. In addition to the new air quality equipment, Enviva is also seeking to increase the production volume and permissible percentage of softwood (pine).

Tonight at the hearing, Enviva had a strong showing of supporters who took time to voice their support for the facility – recognizing the company’s role in job creation, economic growth, and community support, and praising Enviva’s commitment to air quality and sustainability.

Enviva Chairman and CEO, John Keppler commented, “Enviva is growing to meet the increasing global demand for renewable wood energy as a replacement for coal. As we work to meet this demand, we will continue to make substantial investments in environmental control technology, reflecting our continued strong commitment to having a positive impact on the environment and in our local communities. With these new and voluntary investments, Sampson will be the most controlled plant in the world. We are grateful for the productive relationship with NCDEQ and for all the support we’ve received from the community, and we look forward to continuing to be a good neighbor in Sampson and the surrounding areas.

“For our customers, the investments we are making in Sampson will help us meet growing demand, to provide pellets with higher energy density, and to continue to demonstrate the environmental stewardship I know they value.”

“Enviva has proven to be a valuable member of our community and has continued to work to expand our local economy,” said North Carolina State Senator Brent Jackson. “I respectfully request that full support is given to Enviva for this permit and our office looks forward to working with them as they continue to positively impact our residents and the rest of North Carolina.”

As a next step, Enviva will continue to work with NCDEQ as they review public comments and, pending approval of the permit, plans to install the environmental control equipment in accordance with timetables and parameters set out in the permit.

Additional background information on the permits and Enviva operations:

  • We have made a commitment to voluntarily install additional air emissions control equipment that we believe is above and beyond what is required under the Clean Air Act for this type of permit.
  • The new air quality control measures will ensure the company meets or exceeds all regulations while improving the efficiency of the facility. The Sampson facility will be tested annually by a third-party auditor (most permits require testing every five years).
  • Enviva conducted due diligence to confirm that the plant’s sourcing area has commercially available low-value wood that meets its strict sustainability requirements in sufficient qualities to supply the plant at the proposed increased production level.
  • Enviva’s Responsible Sourcing Policy dictates that the company will only source low value fiber from tracts that will be replanted.
  • The request to increase the percentage of pine will provide greater flexibility in our sourcing while allowing us to meet customer demands for wood pellets with higher energy value.

Additional Background on Enviva and Renewable Wood Energy

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