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UK Workers Share the Unusual Things Standing Between Them and Their Dream Careers, The Adecco Group UK&I Research Finds

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Unusual Questions, Wardrobe Blunders and Bizarre Interview Tasks

LONDON, Aug. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --

  • Half the UK population (48 per cent) are currently open to a new job
  • But research shows interview questions and tasks are getting increasingly more bizarre
  • Wardrobe fails and bizarre interview requests standing in the way of Britons' perfect jobs

Nearly half of employed Britons are open to finding a completely new career, according to research revealed today, but are jobseekers prepared for increasingly strange styles of interviews?

A survey of 2,000 working adults in the UK, conducted by employment industry leader Adecco, discovered that the questions and tasks in interviews are becoming increasingly unique, unrelated to the role – and sometimes downright weird.

Despite growing awareness around employment law, 6 per cent claim to have been asked illegal or un-PC questions about their religion, sexual orientation and even plans for starting a family during an interview.

Other interview questions focused on surprising interviewees with curious questions, such as, 'would you rather' style, e.g. 'Would you rather be a butterfly or a bear?', 'Would you rather be a rock or a sponge?' or 'Would you rather have fingers as toes or toes as fingers?'

A further popular theme included, 'If you were a biscuit which biscuit you would be?', with topics covering anything from cakes, fish, crisps, fruits, flowers, animals or trees.

Outer space scenarios are also commonplace these days, with respondents sharing bizarre questions they've been asked such as, 'Can you fly a spaceship?', 'Have you been to the moon?', 'Explain making toast to a Martian', 'If a UFO landed out the front window, how would you avoid distraction and remain focused on the task at hand?' and 'If you were an alien in a spaceship where would you land and make home?'

Shelley Preston, Head of Adecco Retail, said: "The UK job market is really competitive and we've found that companies are forgoing the standard experience-related questions in favour of curve-ball, off-topic questions to catch interviewees off guard and test their mental reflexes.

"Candidates are completely unable to prepare for such random enquiries, meaning they can often answer nervously and anxiously, leaving the job open for the more assertive to grab. Remember there's no right or wrong answer to most of the strange queries – remain calm, confident and cool and be sure of your ability to do the job you're interviewing for."

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