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Sygnum and Amun launch innovative digital asset index for the next generation Internet – the Internet of Value

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Sygnum and Amun launch innovative digital asset index for the next generation Internet – the Internet of Value

A new Exchange Traded Product (ETP) is listed on the SIX exchange to track the Amun Sygnum Platform Winners Index. This ETP is a useful vehicle to gain passive exposure to foundational blockchain protocols, as well as a convenient, safe entry point for investors new to digital assets.

Zürich, 05 December 2019 – Sygnum, the world’s first digital asset bank, in collaboration with Amun AG, the largest provider of Exchange Traded Products in the digital asset industry, have launched a new digital asset index. The corresponding ETP, called the Amun Sygnum Platform Winners Index ETP (ticker: MOON) begins trading on the SIX exchange today. This ETP enables all types of investors to gain exposure to digital assets in a convenient, safe and responsible way.

A pure play on the blockchain protocol layer
This is the first index to only track native blockchain protocol tokens using a fully rules-based approach. The index identifies the most established foundational protocols upon which applications and ecosystems are being built. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum and others such as EOS, Binance Chain, Cardano, and NEO. These protocols represent the potential building blocks of the future digital asset economy.

Intelligent market exposure
As a digital asset specialist, Sygnum’s selection, weighting and regular rebalancing of protocol tokens in the index is based on a holistic set of factors and ensures that the winning protocols - as judged by the market - are always included in the index. These metrics include capital invested, financial market interest, ecosystem growth, and developer resources committed.

Hany Rashwan, Co-Founder and CEO, Amun, explains: “Our mandate is clear; to pioneer and deliver innovative and convenient digital asset indices via ETPs. This partnership with Sygnum further demonstrates our commitment to supporting the digital asset industry in these dynamic and exciting times. We are thrilled to be working with the first digital asset bank and our collaboration with Sygnum in delivering this unique risk-managed vehicle in a regulated framework.”

This physically-backed ETP is fully collateralised, with the corresponding coins/tokens stored in secure and institutional-grade custody.

The MOON ETP is issued by Amun and administered via the Amun Onyx Platform, the premier issuance and administration platform for crypto exchange-traded products.

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