AAR Approves Field Trials for New Standard Profile Bottom Outlet Valve

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia and BONHAM, Texas, May 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kelso Technologies Inc. (“Kelso” or the “Company”), (TSX: KLS), (NYSE American: KIQ) reports that the Association of American Railroads (AAR) has approved Kelso’s new standard profile (4”) bottom outlet valve with a ceramic ball (BOV) for commercial field service trial testing. 

The standard profile BOV field service trial joins the Company’s low-profile bottom outlet valve currently in field service trial testing - completion of which is required for final AAR approvals. Low profile designs were popular with some shippers five years ago when Kelso started its BOV development initiatives, but standard profile designs are now preferred by the majority of shippers, especially for products that require heat and steam jackets. Kelso is committed to complete the field service trials of both low and standard profile BOV.

The continued development of the Company’s standard profile BOV has been a direct result of Kelso’s new customer driven co-engineering program. The Company’s stakeholders have been key contributors in designing a better performing standard profile BOV. The co-operative ambition is to significantly diminish the expensive chronic performance problems that are persistent with the traditional bottom outlet valves widely used today. 

Both of the Company’s patented bottom outlet valves are utilized on rail tank cars for the primary purpose of unloading the contents of the tank. The BOV is positioned at the lowest point of the tank car so that a full discharge of the tank can be achieved. They are widely used in the transport of hazardous commodities such as crude oil, ethanol, chemicals, petrochemicals and minerals. The new field service trial will initially concentrate on molten sulfur and asphalt applications.

The key proprietary design elements for both of the Company’s low profile and new standard profile BOV is the use of a more reliable, longer wearing, scratch-resistant and non-corrosive ceramic ball (stainless steel scratches and pits with use causing the BOV to leak). Also featured is a seat protecting ceramic wiper that allows for seats to remain non-embedded of any debris and impurities collecting at the bottom of the tank car to prevent valve operating seat leaks. Kelso’s new standard profile BOV like the Company’s low profile BOV meets the newly adopted handle actuating requirements established by the AAR. As with all Kelso products the BOV equipment is completely manufactured in the USA and fully machined (fabricated) - Kelso does not use castings as our competitors do. 

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