itelligence North America Launches New Service Model to Make Digital Transformation a Reality for More Companies /New Approach Will Enable More Companies to Digitally Transform

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CINCINNATI, OHIO (ots) - itelligence North America launched a radically
different approach to selling and implementing SAP® solutions and services on
May 21, during a live webcast presented by its President and CEO, Steve Niesman.
The offering, Digital Transformation as a Service (DTaaS), provides customers
with fast, flexible and affordable options for implementing digital
transformation in a rapidly changing and unpredictable world of CAPEX freezes,
greater short-term and long-term uncertainty, less risk tolerance, and a need to
focus on today's most urgent priorities.

The typical way organizations purchase software is to buy a particular software
package or packages, select an implementation partner, pay upfront for the
investment, then implement the software over several months, if not years. This
traditional software sales cycle is fundamentally broken - by the time an
implementation is complete, companies likely have only managed to solve
yesterday's problem.

"This isn't working and we need to rethink digital transformation," said Steve
Niesman, President and CEO of itelligence North America. "A fast, flexible and
affordable service-based model is needed to keep our customers competitive and
current in this new reality and moving forward".

The new DTaaS model of business announced by itelligence changes this
traditional purchase model. It creates a subscription model for the customer
with monthly payments and one single budget covering multiple projects and or
technology initiatives. The subscription model allows for flexible staffing and
timeline needs as well.

The DTaaS Model begins with the development of a dynamic roadmap based on the
company's current technology needs, but assumes that change is inevitable and
the roadmap must adapt. Once opportunities are identified, the customer can
choose to implement one or more low risk modules from an extensive library of
modules that have been developed and will continue to evolve. Customers pay a
monthly fee for the modules selected and can customize what is important to
them. As time goes on and situations change, DTaaS has the flexibility to
reprioritize and change the roadmap.

"At itelligence, we believe that our customers have been looking for a different
way to buy and deploy technology for some time now, but no one has offered that
to them yet," said Niesman. "This DTaaS model creates impact quickly, is highly
adaptable to allow customer to rapidly adapt to opportunities and threats, and
creates financial predictability".

To learn more about the new service offering, click here
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