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The KRONOS AIR 5G is also super energy-efficient using only 30 watts that is half that of a 60 WATT lightbulb. In comparison, some HEPA types can cost almost two dollars per day making those true energy hogs.  The smart controls and the auto-monitoring capabilities of the core technology adjusts its cleaning CADR strength when it senses greater pollution production. Included are long-lasting, reusable patented collector plates, so costly replacement filters are not required at all. AIR 5G uses built-in laser sensors to detect changes in the indoor air quality (IAQ) and automatically adjusts fan speed levels until the air quality improves. Subsequently, it resumes to the standard-settings. This function, unique to AIR 5G is a significant energy-saver, especially compared to World War 2 antiquated HEPA technology.

INDUSTRY CERTIFICATIONS – The manufacturer of the KRONOS AIR 5G is certified by the California Air Review Board (CARB).  CARB is charged with protecting the public from the harmful effects of air pollution and developing programs and actions to fight climate change. From requirements for clean cars and fuels to adopting innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, California has pioneered a range of effective approaches that have set the standard for effective air and climate programs for the nation and the world.

Our electronic active disinfection collection filtration technology offers consumers high-efficiency and an ultra-quiet experience. Build-In laser Sensor (Real-Time Data Display) allows consumers to visually monitor air quality.

KRONOS 5G can be either turned on, off, or set to sleep mode with a child lock feature and adjustable filtration settings. You can track the air quality in your home or office and see how it stacks up against the air outdoors.

Pre-orders for the AIR 5G air disinfection systems can be made online at with $100 deposit that will be applied toward the AIR 5G systems at $599.99 cost at the time of shipping. While these products have already been paid for and are on an expedited delivery to America, estimated time to our warehouse is between 2 to 3 weeks due to time allowed for customs and land transportation.  For those wishing to be on a first come first shipped bias and pay in full we will pay the S&H costs. The Company has already placed a bond with US Customs in order to receive this large shipment of our newest improved 2020 models.

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KRONOS ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES INC (TICKER KNOS) IS NOW TAKING PRE-ORDERS FOR KRONOS AIR 5G AIR PURIFIERS - Seite 2 Los Angeles, CA, June 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Los Angeles, CA, June 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - KRONOS ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES, INC. (OTC MARKETS: KNOS) ("KNOS" or the "Company"), a product development and production company that has …

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