SmartMetric Biometric Contactless Credit and Debit Cards Are the Perfect Solution for No Keypad Touch Card Transactions

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SmartMetric, Inc. (OTCQB: SMME) says that in the brave new world post Covid-19 it has become clear that consumers are wanting to lessen their exposure to public touch points when navigating the out-of-home world.

Leaving the confines and safety of a person's home takes the consumer into a shopping environment where they can expose themselves to virus infection. One of the common points of risk exposure is at the checkout counter. A credit and debit card key pad that is not cleaned after every transaction has become a serious touch point that can transfer viruses from one customer to another.

Mitigating the risk of the payment card touch keypad when entering a PIN to complete a transaction is something that is now a public health issue. Obviously, the best solution is to have no keypad entry needed when making a transaction.

While most credit and debit cards are now what is called contactless, the contactless transaction is dollar amount limited. Because a contactless card is inherently insecure, for transactions generally over $20.00 you are still required to put in your PIN at the checkout. Low transaction limits along with the need to touch the checkout keypad don’t make contactless card transactions as they are now designed an answer to true non-touch card usage at the checkout.

Contactless card transactions to buy a cup of coffee work fine. It is when you have just bought $150.00 of groceries that you have issues. Presently for such a purchase there is no getting around the requirement of using a keypad that usually between 10 and 20 people touch between store cleaning wipedowns.

The SmartMetric biometric credit and debit card is the perfect solution for true non-contact card use. With its built-in fingerprint sensor on the card that scans the card holders’ fingerprint when they touch the surface of their card. Their card scans their fingerprint, matches it with their fingerprint stored inside the card and in less than half a second authenticates the card user and turns on the card to send and receive a contactless signal to the reader.

Using a card user's own biometrics stored inside their own credit or debit card is far more secure in validating the authentication of the card user than the weaker security of a four digit PIN. It is now not only more secure than a PIN but allows the contactless credit or debit card to be used without the very low point of sale dollar transaction imposed on current contactless cards. All without the need to touch a suspect unclean card touch pad.

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