HPQ and Apollon Solar Extend Agreement to Work on Porous Silicon for Batteries and Expand Collaboration to Include Hydrogen Production

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MONTREAL, Sept. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HPQ Silicon Resources Inc. (“HPQ” or “ Company”) TSX-V: HPQ; FWB: UGE; Other OTC : URAGF; is pleased to announce the extension, until December 31, 2020, of the Development Agreement signed with Apollon solar SAS ("Apollon") in 2017.  This fifth renewal will be focused on extremely promising venues for both the renewable energy sector and the decarbonization of the economy, mainly:

  1. Energy Storage development of a new generation of Lithium-ion batteries made using Porous Silicon manufactured by the transformation of HPQ PUREVAPTM Quartz Reduction Reactor “QRR” Silicon (Si) with Apollon patented process;

  2. Clean Renewable Hydrogen Production using Apollon Solar Gennao H2TM  200W, a fuel cell - based system that can produce hydrogen by hydrolysis simply by combining water with an environmentally friendly1 chemical powder.  Replacing the chemical powder presently used with nano silicon powders, such as those about to be produced by the HPQ NANO PUREVAPTM Nano Silicon Reactor (“NSiR”), could significantly increase the hydrogen generation capacity of the system.

“Since 2015, HPQ has been working on revolutionizing silicon manufacturing and its applications with the development of our PUREVAPTM technologies, scalable and extremely versatile processes that will allow the production of silicon materials perfectly suited to assist in the goals of decarbonization of the economy and the generation of green renewable energies” said Bernard Tourillon, President & CEO of HPQ Silicon Resources Inc.  "Since 2017, our collaboration with Apollon has enabled us to benefit from their world-renowned expertise with high value-added Silicon applications.  The addition of manufacturing hydrogen by hydrolysis to our collaboration opens up a new and unique business opportunity that could represent a second multibillion-dollar addressable market for the PUREVAPTM Nano Silicon (Si) Reactor (“NSiR”) nanopowders.”


Porous silicon is a Silicon (Si) structure in which Nanopores have been formed by electrochemical etching.  Addressable markets for porous silicon are substantial, but existing electrochemical etching processes require very pure Silicon (Si) feed stock (9N to 11N), making porous Silicon cost prohibitive.

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