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Organizations are Drowning in Data, Yet See the Edge as a Solution

The benefits of Edge technologies are becoming increasingly important as ITDMs grapple with the growing amounts of data generated within their networks and look towards the cost and latency advantages of storing and processing it at the Edge.

  • 33% of ITDMs globally said “there is too much data for our systems to handle” and 28% stated that “we cannot process the data quickly enough to take action.”
  • Almost a quarter also highlighted problems with budget (23%), a lack of skills (23%), and an inability to collect data from so many different sources (21%).
  • Over half (55%) of ITDMs globally recognize “much faster data processing” as a result of optimizing machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) on their networks.

Boosting Efficiency and Creating New Experiences Ranked at the Top

ITDMs cite a variety of benefits from capturing and analyzing data at the Edge, from operational efficiencies to the opportunity to create new products, services and revenue streams.

  • 53% of ITDMs highlighted “improving operational efficiency and costs” as one of the biggest benefits of capturing and acting upon data from user devices and 47% cited “increasing workforce productivity.”
  • In parallel, 44% of respondents believe the data gives them deeper customer insights, 40% cited the opportunity to create “new differentiated products, services, revenue streams and business models” and 40% highlighted the potential for personalized service delivery.
  • ITDMs are focused on utilizing the Edge to improve safety, visibility and the customer experience. By sector, the most popular Edge use cases were tracking and monitoring individual items through the supply chain in retail (51%), the use of facial recognition in the hotels/hospitality industry (49%) and improving healthcare providers’ experience with always on tools and applications (49%).

Concerns Over Cost, Skills and Security Abound

While ITDMs show a growing interest in processing and analyzing data at the Edge, they are also concerned about various barriers to adoption.

  • 32% of ITDMs pointed to a lack of expertise, skill or understanding with regard to Edge technologies as top concerns. Notably, the overwhelming majority (92%) think they are missing at least some skills needed to help their organization unlock the value of data. That rises to 98% and 99% of ITDMs in the government and hotels/hospitality sectors respectively.
  • AI and Machine Learning skills (43%), analytical skills (41%) and technical skills (37%) ranked highest in terms of areas of expertise that companies are lacking.
  • Overall, there were mixed feelings about the security implications of the Edge. While 57% of ITDMs said that connecting IoT or user devices at the Edge had made or would make their businesses more vulnerable, 47% identified improved security as one of the biggest benefits of capturing data from user devices.

Bridging Edge to Cloud

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The Edge Opportunity Is Real, Yet Organizations Cite Hurdles to Unlocking Its Full Potential - Seite 2 The ability of organizations to realize business value from data increasingly depends on their capacity to collect, process, store and analyze it at the Edge, new research from Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, suggests. This press …

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