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“For the significant number of patients undergoing surgical procedures, there is an important need for new non-opioid options to manage their pain post-surgically,” said Harold K. Humphries, M.D., Anesthesiologist and Operations Officer at Greater Sacramento Surgery Center. “At our center, we have noticed that ANJESO alone works as well as peripheral nerve blocks for controlling postoperative pain in total knee replacement cases. We’ve also found that with ANJESO the utilization of our 23-hour stay program is reduced, resulting in significant savings with overhead costs, which markedly offsets the cost of the product itself. ANJESO is an excellent addition to our patient care protocols.”

Effective October 1, 2020, ANJESO is reimbursed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), under a unique J code, facilitating reimbursement for use in the hospital outpatient, ambulatory surgery center and physician office settings of care.

Strategic Transaction to Simplify Capital Structure and Exchange Warrants

Effective October 19, 2020, the Company entered into exchange agreements with holders of its short dated (13 months) Series B Warrants and long dated (5 year) Series A Warrants providing for the immediate exchange of 0.2 shares of common stock per warrant, for either all Series A Warrants or Series B Warrants held by each holder, at the holders election. As a result of the warrant exchange, the exercise price of the remaining outstanding warrants (whether Series A Warrants or Series B Warrants, including warrants held by holders not participating in the exchange) was adjusted to $0.01 per share. Holders participating in the exchange also agreed to amend their Warrants not so exchanged to remove certain anti-dilution and variable pricing protective provisions. Additionally, following the completion of the warrant exchange, for holders participating in the exchange, to the extent such holder’s outstanding warrant is a Series A Warrant, the expiration date for such warrant was amended to April 26, 2021.

As a result of the warrant exchange, the exercise and exchange of all of the Series A Warrants and Series B Warrants (approximately 15 million warrants outstanding prior to the exchange) is expected to result in the issuance of approximately 9.8 million shares of the Company’s common stock in the aggregate. This Warrant restructuring transaction was done to improve the Company’s capital structure and remove certain financial overhang, which the Company believes negatively impacted its expected valuation and ability to attract additional capital investments.

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Baudax Bio Provides Commercial and Corporate Update - Seite 2 ANJESO Launch Underway; Over 50 Institutions have Added ANJESO to Their Formularies ANJESO Users Giving Highly Positive Feedback; Average Order Size Has Increased 75% Since Launch, Despite Ongoing COVID-related Impact to Access Company Executes …

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