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About Leronlimab’s Ability to Cross Blood-Brain Barrier
The blood-brain barrier (BBB) mediates the communication between the periphery and the central nervous system (CNS). The BBB separates the circulation from the brain. It is a highly selective permeable border of endothelial cells and acts as a metabolic barrier, transport interface, and secretory body. The BBB prevents solutes in the circulating blood from non-selectively crossing into the central nervous system's extracellular fluid where neurons reside. The blood vessels that vascularize the central nervous system (CNS) possess unique functions. The BBB allows precise control of CNS homeostasis. It serves to allow for proper neuronal function and also protects the neural tissue from toxins and pathogens. Alterations of these barrier properties are an important component of central nervous system diseases.

An important recent discovery of leronlimab is the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier to treat diseases where CCR5 antagonism may benefit the central nervous system. In a study of HIV in macaques, it was determined that the administration of leronlimab resulted in approximately 70-75% CCR5 receptor occupancy in the frontal lobes, parietal lobes, and cerebellum. Independent research on CCR5 antagonism in central nervous system pathology has shown promise in various disease processes, including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, CNS tumors, traumatic brain injury, and stroke recovery.

About Coronavirus Disease 2019
CytoDyn completed its Phase 2 clinical trial (CD10) for COVID-19, a double-blinded, randomized clinical trial for mild-to-moderate patients in the U.S. which produced statistically significant results for NEWS2. Enrollment continues in its Phase 2b/3 randomized clinical trial for the severe-to-critically ill COVID-19 population in several hospitals throughout the U.S.; an interim analysis on the first 195 patients was conducted mid-October.

CytoDyn is currently conducting its Phase 2b/3 COVID-19 trial for patients with severe-to-critical indications in numerous hospitals and clinics across the U.S., which are identified on the Company’s website under the “Clinical Trial Enrollment” section of the homepage.

About Leronlimab (PRO 140)
The FDA has granted a Fast Track designation to CytoDyn for two potential indications of leronlimab for critical illnesses. The first indication is a combination therapy with HAART for HIV-infected patients and the second is for metastatic triple-negative breast cancer. Leronlimab is an investigational humanized IgG4 mAb that blocks CCR5, a cellular receptor that is important in HIV infection, tumor metastases, and other diseases, including NASH. Leronlimab has completed nine clinical trials in over 800 people and met its primary endpoints in a pivotal Phase 3 trial (leronlimab in combination with standard antiretroviral therapies in HIV-infected treatment-experienced patients). 

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Leronlimab Shows Early, but Promising Clinical Responses in First Two Patients Recovering from Stroke - Seite 2 VANCOUVER, Washington, Oct. 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - CytoDyn Inc. (OTC.QB: CYDY), (“CytoDyn” or the “Company"), a late-stage biotechnology company developing leronlimab (PRO 140), a CCR5 antagonist with the potential for multiple therapeutic …

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