Plug Power Aktie – Neuer Deal und Blow-Out?

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Plug Power Aktie explodiert mit über 30%. Wasserstoff liegt weiter voll im Trend.Wie lange geht das so weiter?

Die Wasserstoff Aktie Plug Power verzeichnet einen neuen Deal. Plug Power Aktien steigen um über 30 % an. Geht der Trend bei den Wasserstoffaktien weiter oder sind die Erwartungen zu hoch gegriffen? Lesen Sie hier die gesamte Analyse: ...

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03.03.21 00:03:11
ich habe auch schon eine Idee, wie das hier mittelfristig weitergehen wird:

Bild: 1213_20210302235855_PLUG
02.03.21 23:25:54
PLUG wird nicht rechtzeitig fertig:

March 2, 2021
The Company requires additional time to complete the procedures relating to its year-end reporting process, including the completion of the Company’s financial statements and procedures relating to management’s assessment of the effectiveness of internal controls, and the Company is therefore unable to file the Form 10-K by March 1, 2021, the prescribed filing due date.
25.02.21 14:58:40
Hydrogen technology provider Plug Power reported a $1.12 per share loss from negative $316 million in sales for the fourth quarter—a disappointing result that requires some explaining.

“Reported revenue and results were negatively impacted by certain costs of $456 million recorded in the fourth quarter, the majority being noncash charges related to the accelerated vesting of a customer’s remaining warrants,” reads the company’s fourth quarter letter. “Given the expenses for this customer program have been fully expensed, the Company’s go forward reported results should be easier to understand.”

Plug customers (AMZN) and Walmart (WMT) have warrants to purchase Plug stock that they have received for ordering equipment. It’s a little like a rebate customers sometimes get for buying a TV.

Wall Street had expected about $87 million in sales and a loss of 12 cents a share.

The company wasn’t immediately available to comment on the accounting for customer warrants. A conference call to discuss the earnings was scheduled for at 8:30 a.m. Eastern time.


Plug Power Stock Falls After Posting Negative Sales…

So, so - ein TV-Verkäufer ist das hier :D
27.01.21 00:13:56
..und hier ist der Grund: Public Offering…

Bild: 1213_20210127001332_plug
25.01.21 13:38:37…

Bild: 1213_20210125133434_plug

siehe auch…


Bild: 1213_20210125133717_plug2

• Andrew Marsh, President & CEO


Plug Power Aktie – Neuer Deal und Blow-Out? Plug Power Aktie explodiert mit über 30%. Wasserstoff liegt weiter voll im Trend.Wie lange geht das so weiter?