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ESKAPE pathogens are responsible for 42.2% of blood infections,2 around 50 million infections each year, resulting in one in five deaths in the community or one in three deaths in hospitals3 and are associated with higher lengths of stay, cost of care, and mortality compared with non-ESKAPE pathogens.2

The dilution method of R327 used in these studies slightly increased the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) across the wide range of Gram-positive, Gram-negative and superbug forms of bacteria. The slight variation (+/-) between one experiment to the next is likely due to small variance in the sensitivity of the instruments used in detection. The dilution of R327 that showed efficacy against K. pneumonia (CRE) is higher than previous findings though still well within the therapeutic window dosing range.

Additionally, R327 was shown to be effective against the WHO global priority pathogens carbapenem-resistant Escherichia coli (E. coli CRE) and multi-drug resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae4 (N. gonorrhea MDR). These bacteria are listed on the WHO’s list of priority pathogens as those for which new antibiotics are urgently needed in addition to ESKAPE pathogens.

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The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC), or the lowest concentration of a drug that prevents visible growth of a bacterium or bacteria, was first determined to define the test concentrations for the time-kill study. The time-kill study was performed to determine the bacterial killing effect of R327 at a total of five concentrations, ranging from 0.5X to 8X the MIC and to measure killing kinetics of treatment with R327 against each strain.

Time-kill curves of R327 at various concentrations against strains of ESKAPE pathogens. In the time kill assay, each R327 dilution was tested in duplicate with the average plot shown.

The bactericidal activity of R327 demonstrated a three-log or 99.9% reduction in the number of colony forming units (CFUs) over 24 hours against all six strains at various concentrations and times.

Additional time kill concentration studies are underway with drug-resistant bacterial and are expected to be in-line with existing MIC/Time Kill. Data is expected in around a month and as pivotal inclusion in a Whitepaper/Abstract for presentation at the World Microbe Forum (20-24 June 2021) 5.

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Recce Pharmaceuticals Announces Positive Data on Bactericidal Activity of RECCE 327 Against All Six ESKAPE Pathogens - Seite 2 Highlights: More than 99.9% effective against full suite of ESKAPE pathogens, within hours of exposure to RECCE 327 (R327) in independent bacterial efficacy studiesR327 remains effective against hypermutated ESKAPE superbugs, including multi-drug …

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