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    ILFI's Just label program has been engaged by more than 350 organizations since its launch in 2014. Just is an innovative social justice and equity label for all types and sizes of organizations. The program provides a simple, transparent framework for organizations to reveal much about their operations, including equitable treatment of employees and where they make financial and community investments. ILFI also transparently posts the detailed information in ILFI's publicly viewable database. Early next month, following a rigorous development process with multiple stakeholders, ILFI debuts Just 3.0.

    The evolution of the Just program has been driven by shifts in the global landscape, an enhanced comprehension of social justice issues, insights from technical advisors, and experiences of participating organizations. Since Just 2.0 launched in 2019, ILFI has identified gaps based on both new research and user experience feedback from Just organizations. This is also an opportunity to reframe the program to emphasize continuous improvement and the fact that growth is not always linear. Finally, a full program update provided the chance to reflect learning and progress around "what good looks like" based on ILFI's current understanding of justice and equity in organizational contexts.

    The Story of a Special Organization, Community, and Project
    On May 7, ILFI's publishing arm, Ecotone, releases its latest book, Healing Ground, Living Values: Stanley Center for Peace and Security, about the Muscatine, Iowa, adaptive reuse project whose owners are seeking Living Building Certification (at this writing, they have earned Ready Designation, the step before Final Audit on the path to certification). Author Justin R. Wolf tells the story of the organization; its community, Muscatine, Iowa; and its new headquarters. The project team included Neumann Monson Architects, Graham Construction, Design Engineers, Raker Rhodes Engineering, Biohabitats, Environmental Consulting & Technology, Integrated Eco Strategy, and others.

    About the project, Lori Ferriss, architect, engineer, educator, and leader with Architecture 2030 and Climate Heritage Network, says: "This transformative project demonstrates that building reuse is not only a climate imperative, it is an opportunity to create spaces of delight, celebrate heritage, and regenerate ecosystems and neighborhoods, all while achieving the highest aspirations of environmental and social stewardship. It exemplifies that with enough creativity, a strong collective vision, and a dedication to doing the right thing, even the most unassuming existing building can become a beacon for a better future."

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    Living Future 2024 Conference: Compelling Keynote Speakers, Updated Standards, and a New Book - Seite 2 The International Living Future's annual conference meets in the Southeast for the first time, celebrating the Living Future community, the newest version of the Just program, and a book about the Stanley Center for Peace and Security.ATLANTA, GA / …