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    Important factors that may affect Key’s expectations, estimates or projections include, but are not limited to, the following: public health crises, including any impact on economic and other conditions globally and any related actions taken by businesses and governments, among others; adverse conditions in the services and oil and natural gas industries, especially oil and natural gas prices and reduced activity and capital expenditures by oil and natural gas companies; a failure of customer activity to reach or remain at expected levels; Key’s ability to satisfy its cash and liquidity needs, including its ability to generate sufficient liquidity or cash flow from operations or to obtain adequate financing to fund its operations or otherwise meet its obligations as they come due; Key’s ability to implement price increases or maintain pricing on its core services; inflationary pressures; supply chain challenges; risks that Key may not be able to reduce, and could even experience increases in, the costs of labor, fuel, equipment and supplies employed in its businesses; industry capacity; actions by OPEC and non-OPEC oil producing countries; the market impact of global conflict or war, such as those in Ukraine and Gaza; asset impairments or other charges; demand for Key’s services; the highly competitive nature of Key’s industry; operating risks, which are primarily self-insured, and the possibility that its insurance may not be adequate to cover all of its losses or liabilities; significant costs and potential liabilities resulting from compliance with applicable laws, including those resulting from environmental, health and safety laws and regulations, specifically those relating to hydraulic fracturing, as well as climate change legislation or initiatives; changes in government; Key’s historically high employee turnover rate and its ability to replace or add workers; Key’s ability to implement technological developments and enhancements; severe weather impacts on Key’s business, including hurricane activity; Key’s ability to successfully identify, make and integrate acquisitions and its ability to finance future growth of its operations or future acquisitions; Key’s ability to achieve the benefits expected from business combinations, disposition or acquisition transactions; the loss of one or more of Key’s larger customers; the amount of Key’s debt, the limitations imposed by the covenants in the agreements governing its debt, and its ability to comply with covenants under its debt agreements; Key’s ability to maintain sufficient liquidity and access to capital; an increase in Key’s debt service obligations due to variable rate indebtedness; Key’s inability to achieve its financial, capital expenditure and operational projections; Key’s ability to respond to changing or declining market conditions, including Key’s ability to restart operations or to reduce the costs of labor, fuel, equipment and supplies employed and used in its businesses; and the adverse impact of litigation and disputes.

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    Key Energy Services Reports Asset Acquisition - Seite 2 HOUSTON, May 19, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Key Energy Services, Inc. (“Key” or the “Company”) today announced the purchase of substantially all the assets of the well servicing division of Endeavor Energy Resources, L.P. (“Endeavor”) in an all-cash …