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    The Un-carrier announces the next 25 towns to benefit from its ongoing community revitalization program as the company reaches $13 million in fundingBELLEVUE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / June 24, 2024 / The Un-carrier is painting even more towns magenta. …

    The Un-carrier announces the next 25 towns to benefit from its ongoing community revitalization program as the company reaches $13 million in funding

    BELLEVUE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / June 24, 2024 / The Un-carrier is painting even more towns magenta. T-Mobile (NASDAQ:TMUS) unveiled its latest 25 Hometown Grant recipients, tallying up to 300 communities across 47 states, including, for the first time, Rhode Island. The grantees will each receive up to $50,000 in funding from T-Mobile to kickstart local development projects that enhance communities, such as building adaptive playgrounds, launching small business initiatives and beautifying downtowns.

    T-Mobile has provided more than $13 million in Hometown Grants since it kicked off its five-year commitment to small towns and rural communities in April 2021. To date, Hometown Grants has created more than 78,000 volunteer hours, rallying people to come together and uplift their towns.

    "Hometown Grants is T-Mobile's way of giving people in small towns a chance to build a more resilient future, and it's incredibly inspiring to see the impact it's had on 300 communities knowing there's many more to come," said Jon Freier, President, Consumer Group, T-Mobile. "When we started this program three years ago, we knew it had the power to make a difference, but to see so many people come together for their towns is truly extraordinary."

    Here are the next 25 Hometown Grant recipients and their projects:

    • Saraland, Ala.: Improve local park amenities and create inclusive and secure recreational spaces throughout the city for participants of all abilities to help accommodate the needs of all residents in Saraland.
    • Thomasville, Ga.: Transform a vacant building into a gateway to The Ritz Amphitheater, seamlessly blending art, culture, and local businesses, while enhancing the identity of Downtown Thomasville's Creative District, historically known as The Bottom.
    • Tybee Island, Ga.: Revitalize the Tybee Post Theater's interior, including new seating, to provide a more comfortable experience for the community and continue to support cultural events, educational programs and community engagement initiatives.
    • Fairfield, Idaho: Build an adaptive, accessible playground at Idaho's Medical Camp through Camp Rainbow Gold, an organization that aims to provide emotionally empowering experiences for children with cancer and their families.
    • Salmon, Idaho: Replace fabric mesh ceiling panels at the Whitewater Therapeutic and Recreational Riding Association's indoor riding arena to ensure continued access for recreational, cultural and therapeutic activities to the community's youth, elderly and those with special needs.
    • Sycamore, Ill.: Beautify downtown Sycamore by adding planter gardens for seasonal flowers outside local businesses and murals painted by local artists.
    • Madison, Ind.: Assist in purchasing trolley vehicles, which will provide free routes around the community and between hotels and businesses for residents and visitors during conferences and special events.
    • Pineville, Ky.: Activate an alleyway in downtown Pineville, making both the pocket park and historic theater more accessible while also adding modern conveniences.
    • Ruston, La.: Transform the former City Pool into a community skatepark for the youth, providing a secure and inclusive environment for skaters of all ages. The conversion to a community skatepark not only meets the recreational needs of Ruston's youth but also presents an invaluable platform for physical exertion and creative expression.
    • Saco, Maine: Revitalize Riverfront Park by adding picnic tables, seating, bike racks and installing security cameras to provide a safe, relaxing place for the community to enjoy outdoor recreational activities along the Saco River.
    • Three Rivers, Mich.: Renovate part of the Huss Project for a community bike shop-repairing used bikes with and for our neighbors, developing an earn-a-bike youth bike program with partners, and adding a bike-powered community compost program for our urban farm-to increase mobility, accessibility, and connectivity throughout our city.
    • Greenville, Miss.: Launch the Delta Entrepreneurial Corridor, supporting over 300 small businesses by providing business planning resources, financial literacy programs and more.
    • Hazlehurst, Miss.: Install a new playground with accessible, state-of-the-art playground equipment in the heart of Hazlehurst to provide a safe and fun place for children.
    • Glasgow, Mont.: Revitalize the Children's Museum of Northeast Montana, including new hands-on science exhibits, repairs to the building's roof, improvements to the public restrooms and the addition of a washer and dryer, to help maintain a clean, safe environment.
    • White Sulphur Springs, Mont.: Renovate Springs Park, including a new site design, new playground equipment, ADA-accessible parking and provide better access to the Rotary Picnic Shelter, creating a year-round safe and inclusive community space for users of all ages and abilities.
    • Aberdeen, N.C.: Create the Aberdeen Garden Park, a first-ever greenspace including a pergola, water feature, benches, pathways and a pollinator garden for the community to enjoy.
    • Mount Airy, N.C.: Install wayfinding signage downtown to streamline navigation, increase traffic for visitors and residents and boost local business revenue.
    • Hartington, Neb.: Complete Phase 2 of the Cedar County Fair Grandstand, including ADA upgrades to the venue's seating, to increase accessibility, safety and inclusivity.
    • Bridgeton, N.J.: Build the Follow Bridgeton Media Makerspace, a state-of-the-art community center with a recording studio, video production studio, soundstage, classrooms, and coworking spaces for members of our community to engage with civic life by learning about - and creating - the local news, information, and stories that matter to them.
    • Elmira, N.Y.: Replace two basketball courts at Pirozzolo Park to keep this vital community resource and promote physical activity and youth sports.
    • Ithaca, N.Y.: Renovate the Community School of Music and Arts; 2nd floor Windows Abatement & Restoration Project
    • Bristol, R.I.: Install a historical and educational landmark within Independence Park to honor those affected by Bristol's participation in slavery and the Transatlantic Human Trade, recognizing their contributions to Rhode Island and the nation.
    • Giddings, Texas: Build an informational and interactive digital kiosk at Veterans Park, serving as a location finder for the Veterans Honor Wall and search tool for available community resources, services and events.
    • Danville, Va.: Expand the backpack weekend feeding program into Pittsylvania County, adding a cargo van to transport much-needed food items to youth to increase school attendance, decrease behavioral issues and provide nutritional resources outside of the classroom.
    • Clarkston, Wash.: Build a Learning Garden at the Heights Branch Library, including a concrete patio, a smart-scaped garden, raised garden beds for youth community gardening and StoryWalk book reading path, providing an outdoor space to enable educational and recreational programs for all ages and promote healthy habits and environmental responsibility.

    To select Hometown Grant recipients, T-Mobile partners with Main Street America to oversee the grant program and assess applications based on their level of detail, community impact, feasibility and other considerations. Learn more about Main Street America's work to advance shared prosperity, create resilient economies, and improve quality of life here.

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    T-Mobile's Hometown Grants Give Back to 300 Communities Across 47 States The Un-carrier announces the next 25 towns to benefit from its ongoing community revitalization program as the company reaches $13 million in fundingBELLEVUE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / June 24, 2024 / The Un-carrier is painting even more towns magenta. …

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