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Werthstein Zeitgeist Challenge Gold vs Cyber Security ENG

Nachrichtenquelle: Werthstein
10.02.2017, 16:14  |  99   |   |   

First the email account of Hillary Clinton, then the entire US election with the surprising victory of Donald Trump - did hackers actually have their fingers in the game here? Increasing attacks from the net play the hands of cybersecurity providers. But is it now worth investing? Or rather gold? But how can an investment known from the Roman Empire be a Zeitgeist, 2000 years later?

We are pleased to present the new Zeitgeist Challenge between two very different investment ideas. These two ideas were chosen by the Werthstein Institute as the leading contenders from a longer list, and in the Challenge you can see members of the Werthstein Institute set out the arguments for and against each idea, and then vote to choose their favorite. And in a separate video you can also look back over recent months at the Zeitgeist topics from the past months to see how earlier Zeitgeist topics have been performing.

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Quelle: Werthstein | 28.04.2017, 12:26

Werthstein Update vom 26. April 2017 (Deutsch)

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