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It may at first sound contradictory. Gold as the oldest investment of all times is now meant to be a zeitgeist about 2,000 years on. However, if the focus is on the functions of preserving value and security, then the gold has lost none of its allure since the Roman Empire. And if we know one thing for sure, then that nothing is for sure on the financial markets. And if the waves grow choppier then it’s always good to heed caution and head for a safe haven. When in September 2011 the price of gold hit a temporary high, the investor community very widely assumed the rally would continue. Now, 700 dollars down, they are declaring the end of gold. “Gold will fall below 1,000 dollars” – investment companies and commodities experts have reached a consensus on this. What the value is will soon emerge. Nothing can be excluded as the price of gold can fluctuate very widely in the short term. In 2014, the price plummeted within only a few weeks by more than 20 percent. However, in the long term gold can offer the requisite portfolio diversification, as it often behaves unlike other investments such as equities or bonds.

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