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REMOTEmdx - der offizielle Thread für einen Technologie- u. Marktführer

eröffnet am 13.01.07 14:50:59 von

neuester Beitrag 05.12.08 18:23:19 von
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schrieb am 13.01.07 14:50:59
Beitrag Nr. 1 (26.882.764)
ich begrüße alle, die sich hierhin gefunden/verirrt haben zu diesem Eröffnungsbeitrag.
Habe heute im wo-podcast erstmals von dieser revolutionären Technologie gehört und kann mir sehr gut vorstellen, dass diese Firma einen steilen Aufschwung vor sich hat !
Über Kurse möchte ich gar nicht spekulieren, sondern auf die Homepage verweisen:
Es geht, kurz gesagt, um Positionsbestimmungen von Alten, Kranken und vor allem von Verurteilten (mit sog. Fußfesseln) !
In diesen Fußfesseln steckt das Know-how der Firma, das durch entsprechende Patente geschützt ist.
Ich selbst habe noch KEINE Shares, habe sie aber auf meiner Watchlist !
Hört Euch auch den Podcast vom 13.1.07 (Hotstocks) an !
Schönes Wochenende
schrieb am 13.01.07 15:31:21
Beitrag Nr. 2 (26.883.132)
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 26.882.764 von Attos am 13.01.07 14:50:59Na klasse, Marktkap. 127 Mio (!!!) Dollar und diese tollen Zahlen:

PERIOD ENDING 30-Sep-06 30-Jun-06 31-Mar-06 31-Dec-05
Total Revenue 361 237 252 219
Cost of Revenue 594 119 119 107

Gross Profit (234) 118 133 112

Operating Expenses
Research Development 57 877 424 730
Selling General and Administrative 1,659 8,325 4,298 1,744
Non Recurring - - - -
Others - - - -

Total Operating Expenses - - - -

Operating Income or Loss (1,949) (9,084) (4,589) (2,361)

Income from Continuing Operations
Total Other Income/Expenses Net 91 732 391 (488)
Earnings Before Interest And Taxes (1,858) (8,352) (4,198) (2,849)
Interest Expense 197 688 5,059 597
Income Before Tax (2,055) (9,040) (9,257) (3,446)
Income Tax Expense - - - -
Minority Interest - - - -

Net Income From Continuing Ops (2,055) (9,040) (9,257) (3,446)

Non-recurring Events
Discontinued Operations - - - -
Extraordinary Items - - - -
Effect Of Accounting Changes - - - -
Other Items - - - -

Net Income (2,055) (9,040) (9,257) (3,446)
Preferred Stock And Other Adjustments 2,229 (2,649) (99) (124)

Net Income Applicable To Common Shares $174 ($11,688) ($9,356) ($3,570)

Busche, Busche...
schrieb am 13.01.07 15:52:27
Beitrag Nr. 3 (26.883.498)
Schön ich bin auch schon im Thread!!!

Ich bin gerade am Nachlesen was die alles im 2006 geschafft haben...tönt ja sehr gut.

Ich warte einen Rücksetzer ab und werde sehrwarscheinlich kaufen...Kz: 2Eur:D

Was denkt ihr??

schrieb am 13.01.07 15:56:42
Beitrag Nr. 4 (26.883.769)

sieht ja auch ganz schön aus:D
schrieb am 13.01.07 16:30:33
Beitrag Nr. 5 (26.885.611)
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 26.883.769 von OTCBOY am 13.01.07 15:56:42RemoteMDx Raises $6 Million in Private Placement

International Investment Company VATAS Holding GmbH invests in rapidly growing company

SANDY, Utah, Nov. 13, 2006 (Marketwire) - RemoteMDx, Inc., (OTCBB:RMDX), today announced that it has raised $6 million through a private placement of its Common Stock with the international German-based firm of VATAS Holding GmbH, founded by the London based renowned entrepreneur Rob Hersov. RemoteMDx, through its subsidiary SecureAlert, is a single-source provider of offender and health monitoring and tracking products utilizing global positioning and wireless technologies.

The new funding aids the Company in meeting its ambitious goal of deploying 20,000 units by year's end. “Though the majority of the 20,000 units have not been promised to our customers until early in the first quarter of 2007, we want to stay ahead of the ever-growing order demand,” stated Jim Dalton, President of RemoteMDx. “The cash infusion allows the Company to set up, through its contract manufacturer, additional lines in Calgary and Toronto. The financial commitment of VATAS will accelerate the production of 20,000 units that will generate recurring monitoring revenues of $8 per day per unit for annualized revenues in excess of $50 million. In addition, it will allow the Company to meet its growth objectives for 2007 domestically and internationally.”

Under the terms of the agreement, VATAS purchased three million shares of common stock at $2 per share. In addition, the funding organization has the right to purchase an additional seven million shares at $2 per share, along with the right to provide the Company with or arrange for up to an additional $30 million in financing during the next six months. VATAS also has the right during the next two years to use its international presence to help facilitate RemoteMDx's expansion and distribution of products into international markets, in particular Europe and Asia, as called for in the agreement.

“The financial backing and strategic relationship of VATAS comes at a critical time in the Company's growth,” noted James Dalton. “We believe this relationship will allow RemoteMDx – through its SecureAlert subsidiary, to become the recognized leader in the electronic monitoring field both domestically and internationally.”

About RemoteMDx

Through its SecureAlert subsidiary, RemoteMDx offers a unique personal security service combining two-way communications, patented wireless location technology and affordable real-time 24/7 mobile monitoring to assist law enforcement in protecting neighborhoods from predators and to provide peace of mind for families with elderly loved ones who live alone or far away. More information is available on the company website, .

Safe Harbor Statement

This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act, including future growth and earnings opportunities of the company. Actual results could differ materially from those projected in these forward-looking statements, which involve a number of risks and uncertainties, including the company's ability to retain and to promptly satisfy current backorders and other economic, competitive, governmental, technological, regulatory, manufacturing and marketing risks associated with the Company's business and financial plans. The contents of this release should be considered in conjunction with the risk factors, warnings, and cautionary statements that are contained in the Company's most recent filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


SecureAlert, TrackerPAL and Offender Monitoring Center are trademarks of SecureAlert. RemoteMDx is a trademark of RemoteMDx, Inc.

Quelle: newsroom der fa wie im o.g posting

und jetzt kann man sich die frage stellen:

gibt es von dieser VASAG eine verbindung zu w:o?

schrieb am 13.01.07 16:49:04
Beitrag Nr. 6 (26.886.459)
Quelle: - geiler Wert! :D:D:D

A Note From the Chairman

At this time of year as we all look back and review our accomplishments of 2006, I could not be more pleased with the progress that has taken place at RemoteMDx/SecureAlert under the leadership of Jim Dalton (President of RemoteMDx) and Randy Olshen (President of SecureAlert). The management team has truly exceeded all expectations. In January of 2006 the TrackerPAL device was still in research and development; the monitoring center had 11 employees and total Company employees was 26 people; the Company had no sales to speak of; no distributors; software that was in its infancy; and on top of this the Company had in excess of $8.5 million in debts.

By mid year the Company had been able to remove all of its debts except for trade payables; it had produced its first production units; had field trials of the new product; it had 5,000 orders in the sales pipeline; had created software and firmware that could support the Company's new TrackerPAL product; it had established twelve distributors throughout the country; and had received FCC approval on its device.

Now by year's end where do we stand? We have a total of nearly 100 employees, 60 of them in the monitoring center; we are manufacturing not less than 400 units per day, 6 days per week; have driven the unit costs down from $550 per unit to $400 per unit; have over 38,000 orders in the sales pipeline; and as of December 12th have deployed over 10,000 units to customers with that number growing at the rate of 500 per day, 5 days per week. We are currently working with over 340 agencies nationwide in 24 states plus two foreign countries; our monitoring center is bilingual as we handle both Spanish and English speaking offenders; have created a customer support and Quality Assurance team that deals with problems even before they are identified by the parole officer; software/firmware and monitoring staff that can currently handle up to 20,000 offenders and is scalable with only a modest additional investment; and the filing of 4 additional patents.

The Company has unequivocally grown beyond expectations. It has not been an easy battle. We are truly pioneering a new industry and have experienced the learning curves associated with creating a new business.

Even though we are often compared to the electronic monitoring business which had its genesis with home arrest, we do not regard ourselves as part of this industry that puts the majority of the burden upon the supervising officer. Rather, we have focused our product as a service that relieves the supervising officer and makes him more efficient and effective in dealing with his case responsibilities. The monitoring center truly allows him to manage his load while providing a methodology to reform the lives of offenders and save millions of dollars to tax payers.

As we attempt a paradigm shift in the criminal justice system, we have invested in the Company over $17,000,000 during the past year. We have had to balance resources with market demand, understand the difficulty of educating a bureaucratic industry; achieve manufacturability and reliable devices; and work through the idiosyncrasies of the criminal justice system.

At each stage of this growth curve we have had to learn, adjust, revise and move forward. In many cases it was difficult to anticipate problems until we got to that phase. For example, the difficulties associated with manufacturing could not have been fully anticipated until we were manufacturing. That process took us until mid to late October before fully being worked out. Then once we had manufactured units that were reliable the next problem that arose was deployment. Deployment is done through 12 regional distributors throughout the country who deliver and maintain the accounts for the over 125 agencies to whom we have deployed units. Even though these distributors have been effective in getting the units to our customer/agencies, we have found that they have not been as effective in educating the agencies and supervising officers as we would like nor are they capable of doing it. We have discovered that it takes an extensive focus to train supervising officers on how to use the software, how to setup an offender into the system and instructions on how to use the TrackerPAL device. Currently there is up to a 60 day period between when a unit is deployed into the field and when it is actually monitoring an offender and is revenue producing. As an example, out of the 10,000 units that have been deployed as of December 12th, 2006 there will be approximately 2,000 units on offenders that are revenue producing by the end of December. (Even though we will have thousands more units deployed by year's end, we are finding that many agencies do not want to focus on putting them on offenders until after the holidays.) We have been working on this problem diligently over the past several weeks and are in the process of implementing various solutions. First, we have revised our contracts with the agencies wherein we will automatically bill them within 21 days of them receiving a unit or when that unit is monitoring an offender, whichever is sooner. Second, we have concluded that we will need more Company personnel in the field to educate supervising officers on the system and service. To that extent the Company is in the process of hiring 10 new field agents that will work directly with agencies and supervision officers in educating them to the technical aspects of the TrackerPAL service and unit. We believe that by the end of the first quarter of 2007 that we should be able to shorten the 60 day time period to under 30 days.

Optimistically, as we now know better our costs, manufacturing, deployment and monitoring systems and as we continue to resolve problems as effectively as we have in the past, we are in a position to have an extremely profitable year. The fruits of our labors will become evident in 2007 since for every 10,000 units the Company places in the field on offenders generates nearly $30 million of annualized revenues.

Business is the art of solving problems. I have been impressed by the culture that Jim Dalton as President has brought to the Company in solving problems. He is constantly seeking those who are better at doing things than him and his management team. With that approach we feel confident that we will continue to paint a masterpiece in 2007 and lead the way in creating a paradigm shift in the criminal justice system.

I want to thank you for your continued support and faith.


David Derrick


schrieb am 13.01.07 16:53:16
Beitrag Nr. 7 (26.886.662)
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 26.886.459 von blash5 am 13.01.07 16:49:04Under the terms of the agreement, VATAS purchased three million shares of common stock at $2 per share. In addition, the funding organization has the right to purchase an additional seven million shares at $2 per share, along with the right to provide the Company with or arrange for up to an additional $30 million in financing during the next six months. VATAS also has the right during the next two years to use its international presence to help facilitate RemoteMDx\'s expansion and distribution of products into international markets, in particular Europe and Asia, as called for in the agreement.
schrieb am 13.01.07 17:11:11
Beitrag Nr. 8 (26.887.478)
Habe mir das auch mal angehört.
Wenn es eine neue Taser werden soll, dann gehts rund. Aber wer weiss das schon?
Werde sie mir mal auf die Watchlist setzen. Habt ihr gute Erfahrungen mit der podcast geschichte?
schrieb am 13.01.07 17:36:18
Beitrag Nr. 9 (26.888.617)
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 26.887.478 von Bunte17 am 13.01.07 17:11:11Ist das nicht der Busche, der County Energy bei 1,20 als Aktie des Jahres vorgestellt hat??
Steht heute bei 0,50...
schrieb am 13.01.07 17:39:06
Beitrag Nr. 10 (26.888.746)
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 26.888.617 von ooy am 13.01.07 17:36:18Habe von ihm noch nie gehört.
Allerdings von USA. Mit offenem Vollzug....
An der Story könnte was wahres drans sein

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