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    PSIVIDA startet durch !! (Seite 1000)

    eröffnet am 29.01.04 09:28:54 von

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    schrieb am 06.01.11 09:50:01
    Beitrag Nr. 9.991 (40.808.440)
    Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 40.808.203 von Peter_02 am 06.01.11 09:13:36Guten Morgen

    pSivida’s Medidur™ Technology is a miniaturized, injectable, sustained-release drug delivery system designed to advance the treatment of medical conditions in critical areas such as ophthalmology, oncology and cardiology.
    schrieb am 06.01.11 10:54:41
    Beitrag Nr. 9.992 (40.808.994)
    Warten ist angesagt. Der Kurs wird dementsprechend dahindümpeln.

    ,” Myers said in a conference call with investment analysts. The company has asked for a meeting in the first week of February, he said, adding, “I’m very confident” the company can answer the FDA's questions then and get the approval process moving again"
    schrieb am 06.01.11 11:19:57
    Beitrag Nr. 9.993 (40.809.239)
    Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 40.808.203 von Peter_02 am 06.01.11 09:13:36hi peter,

    hier nochmal die aussagen von bev,die auch bezug nehmen auf biosilicon/brachisyl!

    Of the pSivida technologies:
    Medidur (which is what underlies Iluvien) is being adaped as a
    biodegradeable version - I believe some of that work is being done both
    in-house at pSivida as well as with Pfizer (as it was the Medidur technology
    that Pfizer licensed).
    Durasert is sort of the same technology as Medidur, but far broader.
    Again, I this also continues to be under development.
    BioSilicon is definitely being developed and I think we may hear
    something with regard to this early in 2011.
    BrachySil is awaiting a partner - pSivida does not want to be the
    one to take it through phase III trials as they would be extremely costly
    and there are many, many companies involved in the pancreatic cancer
    space....what pSivida hopes to do is partner or license this technology off
    to a partner and let them do this.

    Unfortunately the Pfizer contract is such that we absolutely cannot say
    anything about Pfizer or what is going on. I have been told that we may
    have something to report very soon....but until we do I really cannot
    address it.

    As to the 36 month trial data -- Alimera, who is the company that is in
    charge of all clinical work and working with the FDA (even though we have
    reference rights and co-ownership of all the data) was told by the FDA that
    they will accept 24 month trial data for an NDA -- this is standard in the
    industry - but the company must agree to provide the 36 month data. When
    Alimera filed its NDA in June with the 24 month data we knew that the final
    patient would complete the 36 month follow up in the following month of
    October. So, all that 36-month follow up has been completed and the
    statisticians are currently analyzing the data - so the 36 month data is not
    quite as far away as people are assuming. I would think that the analysis
    can be done relatively quickly (perhaps two to three months). I do not know
    specifically what the FDA is looking for as complete response letters are
    not public information. The good news in this, I believe, is that the FDA
    did NOT request an additional trial - and that is a very big deal. I had
    another client who got a CRL and in that one a trial was requested in order
    to satisfy FDA questions.

    So, here's the bottom line - we have a drug for which the FDA requires more
    information before making a marketing decision. Alimera is the company that
    will be talking with the FDA and carrying out whatever is necessary to
    respond to the CRL. pSivida has $15M in the bank at the end of September;
    its burn rate remains a very low $1.5M a QUARTER! So we have money and have
    no need to raise money at the present time. We have an agreement with
    Pfizer that has been moving along for the past three years - almost four now
    -- so we would expect some news (and perhaps milestones) to be achieved in
    2011. The company is talking with others regarding their technology
    (remember Iluvien is actually relatively old at this point).
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    schrieb am 06.01.11 13:37:36
    Beitrag Nr. 9.994 (40.810.542)
    Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 40.809.239 von wonner am 06.01.11 11:19:57Danke Wonner,

    das hattest Du schon Mal reingestellt.
    So `ne Partnersuche für Brachisyl dauert aber lange, finde ich.

    Die Testreihe in England ist doch bestimmt schon 1 Jahr lang abgeschlossen, oder Kommt mir das nur so vor.

    Hisichtlich Deinem "Reim" stimme ich Dir zu. Pfizer hat Medidur lizensiert.
    Ergo wie Du gesagt hattest, die haben den Wirkstoff getestet. Nun wird Medidur der Träger sein.

    Müssen die dann nicht auch noch beides zusammen als Phase 3 testen, d.h. bis zur Markteinführung bei Pfizer 3 - 4 Jahre. War doch bei Alim auch so.

    Auf jeden Fall bleibt´s interessant, Spannung ist ja da.

    Ich habe gelesen das Du segelst, habe dazu `ne Frage werde versuchen Dich privat anzumailen, diese Funktion soll es ja hier geben.
    schrieb am 14.01.11 09:34:59
    Beitrag Nr. 9.995 (40.860.501)
    I'm pretty sure there will be news forthcoming, but until it comes I can't
    really say anything. I do know that all during this time they have been
    working on many other of their technologies (not BrachySil, though as they
    would prefer to license that out to a partner) we should see something


    1 Antwort
    schrieb am 19.01.11 08:50:15
    Beitrag Nr. 9.996 (40.885.491)
    Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 40.860.501 von nanotechnolog am 14.01.11 09:34:59
    Ist schon da... Trading Halt wegen einer Capital raising Transaction.

    Da bin ich ja mal gespannt.....:look:
    schrieb am 19.01.11 10:51:44
    Beitrag Nr. 9.998 (40.886.433)
    "Der Trading- Halt steht in Verbindung mit einer Capital "auhellenden" Transaction." :confused:

    Was könnte das sein?

    Da ich für Alimera keine Trading- Halt- Bekanntmachung finde, kann es nichts mit Illuvien und der FDA zu tun haben. Oder?

    Mit welcher Transaction könnte man sein Kapital "aufhellen"?

    Kapitalmaßnahmen, z.B. KE

    Hoffendlich irre ich mich

    Gruß binda
    2 Antworten
    schrieb am 19.01.11 11:00:29
    Beitrag Nr. 9.999 (40.886.494)
    Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 40.886.433 von binda am 19.01.11 10:51:44
    Babelfish übersetzt das mit Kapitalaufnahmeverhandlung. Ich vermute mal es geht darum, dass sie einen Geldgeber gefunden haben, der die Phase 3 Trials von Brachysil finanziert.

    Hoffentlich irre ich mich nicht......:D
    schrieb am 19.01.11 11:06:22
    Beitrag Nr. 10.000 (40.886.530)
    Zitat von sandrinesBabelfish übersetzt das mit Kapitalaufnahmeverhandlung. Ich vermute mal es geht darum, dass sie einen Geldgeber gefunden haben, der die Phase 3 Trials von Brachysil finanziert.

    Hoffentlich irre ich mich nicht......:D

    Das hoffe ich auch ;)

    Gruß binda

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