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Guten Morgen Mr. Bush

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Noch einen. Achtung da kommt ein Karto(o)n.

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Was hat Bush sonst noch gesagt?

The Worst President Ever


By: Norm. Walker - 02/10/03

For those of you that don’t know, Helen Thomas is a veteran White House correspondent who has been saying "Thank you, Mr. President," since her first press conference in 1961.

Helen has worked with eight Presidents and she says that George W. is the worst President ever. She has clearly stated, "He is the worst President in all of American history. She is in a position to have some authority on the subject.

George W. is the twelfth President of my lifetime. And, I’m convinced he is a walking talking disaster that is taking place in the United States every day he is in office. Even though his reading skills have improved in the past two years he is an embarrassment to the country in front of the rest of the world. When he is off script he is incapable of clarity of speech or meaning.

He stands before Congress and the American people in what we call the State of the Union and proceeds to deliver a Republican wish list as a substitute for the reality of our condition. Admittedly he did gloss over some negative conditions and hurriedly moved on.

Let’s take a close look at his speech and break it down by the amount of time on certain subjects. The time Bush spent talking about issues in his speech:

3 min - (Intro);

4 min - Economy/Corporate Crime/Tax-Cut;

2 min - AIDS in Africa;

26 sec - Social Security:

3 min - Energy / Environment;

4 min - Health Care / Elderly;

5 min - Faith Base / Mentor Program;

4 min - Abortion;

8 min - Terrorists / 9-11;

26 min - MWD/North Korea/Iraq

How much time did he spend on Homeland Security, States Budget, Unemployment, Poverty, Gas Prices, or the Price of War? I didn’t hear anything.

Daily more and more Americans are unemployed, financially ruined and uninsured, have lost their home and unemployment benefits, can`t afford to go to school or buy prescription drugs, and their country is about to squander $100 billion to $200 billion and put 150,000 American men and women in harm`s way while giving the wealthiest Americans the biggest tax break in history. If this is not ineptness I don’t know how else to describe it.

The majority of States are suffering from Revenue shortfalls. They can’t come up with the money to fund their governments. All of this has happened since Bush took office. Some Governors have described the current situation as the worst since the Great Depression. And have we heard any suggestions from The Twig on how to remedy this problem? I think not.

This is the Twigs reasoning when describing his proposed Tax Cut. Nineteen people are in a room and are fully employed making minimum wage of $5.15 per hour for 40 hours per week for 52 weeks per year which gives them a total earning of $10,712.00 each for a $203,528.00 total. Bring in another person that makes $596,472.00 per year and now the average income for 20 people is $40,000.00 and his Tax Cut average is $1100.00 per year. This is what is known as rhetorical claptrap.

I’m amazed that this President can hold the average American is such low regard. His arrogance is pure contempt for Mr. Average American. He behaves as if the 100 million people that didn’t vote for him have no say in this democracy.

No doubt Helen Thomas is right on target. He is the worst President in the history of the United States and history will so regard him.

And for all this we can all say "Thank you, Mr. President."

Norm. Walker is a contributing writer for Liberal Slant.
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Die Hölle wird mit Öl geheizt

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