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    Beitrag Nr. 111 (38.342.948)
    Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 38.341.518 von swing63 am 07.11.09 18:45:25Kurs immernoch viel zu hoch????

    Sehen Sie das an: DELPHI - Aktie WKN: 918726

    Letzter Handelstag 7 Oktober. Kurs €0.019

    Da haben bestimmt einige kurz vor Aus sich auch gefragt, wer und warum hat die shares gekauft, wieso bin ich dann nicht mitdabei?

    Ich kann nicht englisch, stimmt, die Besitzer von 65 Mil. shares die am Freitag Ihre Teile weggeschmissen haben können bestimt gut englisch.
    schrieb am 08.11.09 18:00:30
    Beitrag Nr. 112 (38.343.572)
    Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 38.342.948 von lubtor am 08.11.09 13:23:59Sorry, ich will mit den Englisch-Kenntnissen niemand zu nahe treten, aber ich habe einfach trotz intensiver Recherche nichts gefunden, was die alten Aktien betrifft. Entweder wissen die da ueber mir in den USA irgendetwas an Insiderdaten mehr, also offiziell verfuegbar ist oder ein paar Trader haben eine Panikreaktion ausgeloest. Nichts genaues weiss man nicht! Lear ist aber auch kein Bauladen-Geschaeft, was schlechte News braucht. International laeuft es soooo schlecht nicht. Ich denke , da ist schon ein Unterschied zu Delphi. Aber wie gesagt, alles Spekulation! Kann keine Fakten bringen finden oder bringen!!! Vielleicht gibts was naechste Woche. Glaube eher nicht! Wenn noch handelbar , dann nur gezocke! Bin eh nur mit 7000 Teilen dabei, die ich weit unter 0,20 gekauft habe, ist aber immernoch genug Heu, damit ich hier in Brasilien einen Monat die Puppen tanzen lassen kann. Werde es im Notfall verschmerzen. Allen Investierten VIEL GLUECK! Es gibt immer ein Licht am Ende des Tunnels. Hoffen wir mal nicht, dass es der Zug ist!
    schrieb am 08.11.09 19:11:00
    Beitrag Nr. 113 (38.343.804)
    * NOVEMBER 8, 2009, 12:31 P.M. ET

    Lear to Exit Bankruptcy Court

    Lear Corp. plans to emerge from bankruptcy protection Monday with a message from Chief Executive Bob Rossiter: "We are a tighter, leaner company that will never make some of the mistakes we made in the past."

    The Southfield, Mich., company, which produces seats and electronics for automobiles, expects to emerge from bankruptcy court on Monday, just four months after it filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Despite concerns voiced earlier in the year suggesting there would be no bankruptcy financing available for auto suppliers, Mr. Rossiter managed to line up creditors and lenders willing to fund a $500 million debtor-in-possession facility and exchange billions in debt for new equity.

    Lear and many of the other key players in the U.S. supply industry avoided the dire prospects predicted for the auto-supply chain earlier this year. At least 50 auto suppliers have filed for bankruptcy protection in 2009, but many of them have managed to quickly regain footing and avoid liquidation even though the U.S. auto-supply chain is operating at about 46% of its actual production capacity, according to the Original Equipment Suppliers Association.

    "There has been significant progress in recent months to recognize and protect the [suppliers] that will continue to provide the foundation beneath any [auto maker] looking forward to surviving this crisis," CSM world-wide supply-chain analyst John Eaton said in a recent research report. Billions in aid from the U.S. Treasury Department, and an unexpected, albeit limited, source of DIP financing has helped salvage many of the larger parts makers.

    On Monday, Lear is expected to post a $100 million operating profit and $100 million in positive free cash flow for the third quarter, as well as announce that its new business backlog for the next three years has swelled to $1.4 billion, or 25% higher than it was in January, according to a spokesman.

    For Mr. Rossiter, who has been at Lear's helm since 2003, the challenge has never been about proving that his company has a strong core. His challenge has been posting sustained earnings growth while relying heavily on U.S. auto makers that often oblige suppliers to take price reductions, shoulder material cost increases, and incur mountains of debt in order to win supply contracts.

    It was a pile of debt, much of which was related to a business it hasn't owned since mid-decade, that landed Lear in bankruptcy court.

    The auto supplier divested its interiors business—which relied on the extremely low-margin production of injection-molded plastic parts—to billionaire investor Wilbur Ross.

    As a part of that deal, Lear agreed to keep about $2 billion of that business's debt. "We were carrying this $2 billion in debt that we had no sales on," Mr. Rossiter said in an interview Friday.

    By last November, after the meltdown of the credit markets and a nosedive in U.S. auto sales, Mr. Rossiter said it was clear that the company would have to do something about its debt load.

    Rather than wait for government funding or request significant bailouts from its customers, Mr. Rossiter tried his luck with bankruptcy and creditors, making it clear that "we are more realistic about our approach...we want a fair return for what we give."

    Lear expects its stock to resume trading on the New York Stock Exchange upon the company's emergence from bankruptcy court. Mr. Rossiter said the equity, which is mostly owned by the creditors who backed the Chapter 11 filing, is expected to be valued at $1.9 billion, a level not seen since mid-2008. "We think we fixed the business and we're going to come out with investment-grade metrics," Mr. Rossiter said.

    Under Mr. Rossiter, Lear increasingly has moved operations to lower-cost markets and won business in markets outside the U.S., including Asia and Europe. Its most recent achievement was scoring the seating business for the Fiat 500 compact car that Fiat SpA plans to make in Mexico and sell in the U.S.

    But despite deep retooling, Lear has made one annual profit in the past four fiscal years. Standard & Poor's Ratings Services, in a news release issued late Friday about its expectations for Lear's credit ratings, estimated that 37% of Lear's 2008 sales are based on deliveries to General Motors Co. and Ford Motor Co. A quarter of its seat sales are to GM. S&P expects to assign a "B" credit rating to Lear's corporate credit and view it with a "stable outlook."

    Analysts expect Lear's court-protected debt restructuring, which will lower interest payments, to help drive profits. Lear also reworked supply and labor contracts in bankruptcy court in order to cut costs and fortify pricing. "Based on the capital structure under the plan of reorganization, the new company will have reduced its debt by more than 75% from pre-bankruptcy levels," S&P credit analyst Lawrence Orlowski wrote in the release.

    "We assume Lear's global sales for 2010 will grow 12%," Mr. Orlowski added. Still, the supplier is likely to face major challenges. "We believe the new Lear's business risk profile after emergence will be weak, largely because of volatile auto production levels, high fixed costs, fierce competition, and severe pricing pressures that characterize the global auto supplier industry," Mr. Orlowski said.

    Write to John D. Stoll at john.stoll@wsj.com

    schrieb am 08.11.09 19:22:06
    Beitrag Nr. 114 (38.343.841)
    habt ihr das gelesen ?:confused:

    On Monday, Lear is expected to post a $100 million operating profit and $100 million in positive free cash flow for the third quarter, as well as announce that its new business backlog for the next three years has swelled to $1.4 billion, or 25% higher than it was in January, according to a spokesman.

    oha :rolleyes:
    schrieb am 08.11.09 20:41:03
    Beitrag Nr. 115 (38.344.125)
    Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 38.343.572 von swing63 am 08.11.09 18:00:30mit meinen bescheidenen Englischkenntnissen würde ich diesen Teil aus dem SEC-Filing zum Verlassen von Chapter 11 aber ganz klar mit
    "Die alten Aktien sind wertlos" übersetzen.

    Existing Equity Claims. Existing equity holders of Lear, including holders of its common stock and options, will have no recovery under the Plan and such common stock and options will be cancelled. Lear will continue to hold all equity interests in its subsidiaries that it held prior to the filing of Chapter 11.
    schrieb am 08.11.09 20:42:13
    Beitrag Nr. 116 (38.344.128)
    Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 38.344.125 von Schablonski am 08.11.09 20:41:03...kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass dies bei 65 mill. Stück Umsatz niemand geahnt hat.
    schrieb am 08.11.09 21:03:16
    Beitrag Nr. 117 (38.344.178)
    Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 38.344.128 von Schablonski am 08.11.09 20:42:13bin auch gleicher Meinung.

    News, dass Lear Montag 9.November Capitell 11 verlässt, ist schon seit 4 November bekannt.
    Und Kursveränderung seit 4 November ca. -90%

    Warum nicht +90%
    schrieb am 08.11.09 21:24:12
    Beitrag Nr. 118 (38.344.226)
    Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 38.344.178 von lubtor am 08.11.09 21:03:16wie seht Ihr Kursverlauf Morgen in Frankfurt bis 15.30 Uhr und danach?

    Meine Prognose:

    Eröffnung: €0,017 €0,019

    Tief bis 15.30 Uhr €0,015
    Höchstkurs: €0,022 bis 0,025

    ab 15.30 Uhr Höchstkurs €0,015
    Tief ???????????

    Eure Prognosen?

    schrieb am 09.11.09 13:09:04
    Beitrag Nr. 119 (38.347.259)
    Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 38.344.226 von lubtor am 08.11.09 21:24:12Glueckwunsch! Gute Prognose: 0,023
    Wer hat da nur in den letzten Tagen 65 Mio Stueck gekauft? ...denn wegschmeissen geht ja so einfach nicht.
    Nicht vergessen, der letzte macht das Licht aus!
    schrieb am 09.11.09 13:27:52
    Beitrag Nr. 120 (38.347.425)
    Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 38.347.259 von swing63 am 09.11.09 13:09:04wer gekauft hat????????????

    wer weisst nicht was er tun soll, stellt sich diese Frage, und eventuell kauft. Die anderen stellen sich gleiche Fragen, und kaufen auch.
    Wenn aber der Kurs plötzlich weiter nach unten geht, stellen sich die Frage schon die andere, und kaufen auch.

    Egal wie sah Geschäft bei Delphi aus, wurden die Teile von Delphi auch im letzten Tag für 1,9 Cent gekauft, danach wurde Licht ausgemacht, aber nicht von Käufer, sondern von Gericht wie bei Lear auch.

    Bin gespannt wie Hoch geht das noch, und was passiert ab 15.30 Uhr.

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