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Primus Power Announces Completion of $32M Financing Round

New funds help accelerate shipments of low cost, long duration flow battery systems

March 23, 2017 20:58 ET | Source: Primus Power Corporation

HAYWARD, Calif., March 23, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Today Primus Power (“Primus”), a leader in stationary energy storage systems, announced that it has secured $32 million in equity financing. New investors include Hong Kong’s Success Dragon (HKG:1182) and Matador Capital, the investment office of a well known Saudi family. Existing investors Anglo American Platinum, DBL Partners, I2BF and the Russia Kazakhstan Nanotechnology Fund also participated. With this fundraising, Primus has raised $94 million in equity and $20 million in government grants since its founding in 2009.

The new funds will help accelerate the commercial momentum of EnergyPod® 2 - a safe, low-cost and long-duration electrical energy storage system. These modular battery systems pair a unique zinc bromide chemistry with patented innovations to deliver a multi-hour performance and a multi-decade life at an industry-leading low total cost of ownership.

“This is an incredibly exciting time for Primus customers, investors, employees and partners,” said Tom Stepien, Primus Power’s CEO. “The Primus team has risen to the challenge of designing and delivering a safe, powerful and low cost battery system with a 20-year life to meet the expanding demand for energy storage, and investors around the world are recognizing our progress. This is especially true in China where we will leverage Success Dragon’s financial support and deep business network to build a leading position in the energy storage industry.”

Ms. Li Xuehua, Chairman of Success Dragon, said, “Our Primus Power partnership marks Success Dragon’s first step into the renewable energy business. We look forward to bringing Primus’ flow battery systems into China and helping them capitalize on the rapid development of the country’s renewable energy and energy storage markets. The new partnership will also help drive Success Dragon’s business growth.”

China’s efforts to develop renewable energy have accelerated in recent years. According to the 13th Five-Year Plan for Renewable Energy Development issued by China’s National Energy Administration, China plans to invest $360 billion in the renewables sector over five years. Long-duration storage solutions, such as Primus Power’s EnergyPod® 2, are uniquely suited to integrate renewable energy. The power generated from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar fluctuates greatly depending on wind conditions and solar radiation. Long-duration energy storage systems can smooth out fluctuations in solar and wind power, and store excess renewable generation for later use during evening peak hours when energy is most valuable.

“The energy storage market in China is still in its infancy,” continued Ms. Li Xuehua, “and is set for rapid growth, given the country’s large-scale investment in renewable energy. We are confident that our partnership with Primus will give us a pioneering advantage and will see us emerge as a key player in China’s energy storage market.”

About Primus Power
Primus Power is a California-headquartered provider of low-cost, long-life and long-duration energy storage systems. The Company’s flow batteries are shipping to U.S. and international commercial/industrial, data center, microgrid, utility, and military customers. With technical innovations protected by 34 patents in 9 countries/regions, the Company’s EnergyPod systems offer exceptional reliability, modularity, and energy density at an industry-leading low total cost of ownership. www.primuspower.com

About Success Dragon International Holdings Limited
Success Dragon International Holdings Limited (“Success Dragon”, HKEx stock code: 1182) is a provider of information technology and outsourced business process management services for an array of companies across different sectors. Success Dragon currently operates in Macau and Vietnam, and is actively exploring opportunities to expand into the renewable energy business in China. Success Dragon also operates its traditional long-standing Kingbox packaging business, serving a number of top brands in Hong Kong, Europe, USA and Asian countries. http://successdragonintl.com/

About Matador Capital Partners
Matador Capital Partners (“MCP”) was founded in 2016 as the London-based investment office of a well known Saudi family. MCP is a global investment company focused on real estate, listed securities, direct investments and special situations.

Registered and common law trademarks of Primus Power include Primus Power®, EnergyPod®, Primus Power Smart Grid Storage®, No Fracking Worries® and Duration without Degradation®.
Microvast sammelt 400 MUSD ein: http://www.microvast.com/index.php/news/info/87

Spezialität scheint das "ultra"-Schnelladen zu sein
Pricing 'already' below US$100 per kWh


Eos has also been gathering interest for its systems with an interesting pricing strategy – the company’s batteries are available to order at below US$100 per kilowatt-hour, the price benchmark considered something of an inflection point across the industry.

However, the catch is that the batteries will be US$95 per kWh if shipped in the year 2022. The price for shipping during 2017 is at US$160 per kWh – which Eos argues is still as much as 30-40% lower than lithium-ion alternatives.

Philippe Bouchard of Eos said that he believed the batteries would still be competitive with lithium-ion even in five years’ time.

“We have evaluated and benchmarked against the most aggressive forward pricing for Li-ion manufacturers,” Bouchard said.

“Because it is a mature technology, Li-ion is further out on the asymptote of its cost curve: every billion dollars invested in manufacturing capacity and economies of scale has decreasing marginal returns in terms of cost reduction. Eos, on the other hand, is just beginning to ramp up volume and is seeing significant cost reduction,” adding that from the US$160 per kWh price of today to US$95 in 2022 "maintains that cost advantage five years out into the future".
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 51.322.068 von R-BgO am 17.12.15 00:45:10Greensmith wird von Wärtsilä übernommen: http://www.wartsila.com/media/news/15-05-2017-wartsila-acqui…

Schön für E.On. Oder auch nicht.

Bin gespannt, ob man was zum Preis wir rauskriegen können...
Li-Ion gräbt anderen Technologien das Wasser ab...: https://www.energy-storage.news/news/flow-batteries-unlikely…

Ich nenne es das c-Si vs. thin-film Syndrom (oder Windows vs. alle)
Habe den Brückentag heute mal für ein bisschen Housekeeping genutzt,
(nachdem ich ja sonst eher nachrichtengetrieben bin);

der Bauch sagt: "es geht voran"

Neben den börsennotierten Playern, für die es alle eigene Threads gibt, empfinde ich die drei vorbörslichen Firmen

Thread: Varta will an die Börse zurück

Thread: Sonnenbatterie

Thread: Younicos

als sehr interessante Datenquellen.

Zu allen dreien habe ich heute was gepostet, weil es inzwischen aussagefähigere Abschlüsse gibt als noch vor einem Jahr.

Außerdem habe ich noch eine andere interessante Quelle aufgetan, die -typisch amerikanisch- mit den ganz dicken Hämmern um sich schlägt: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/585c3439be65942f022bb…

Hatte noch keine Zeit, sie mir gründlicher anzusehen, aber (s.o.) der Bauch sagt, es passiert was. Und Aussagen wie


hätten gigantische Implikationen, selbst wenn sie nur teilweise eintreffen.

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