HeiQ Calls for Textile Industry's United Effort by Offering Proprietary "Viroblock" to CHT, JINTEX and Piedmont

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ZURICH, April 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Swiss textile innovator HeiQ announces that it offers proprietary formulation technology HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 to its peers, calling for a united effort to help fight the global pandemic.

Striving to help advance the global fight against coronavirus on textiles, HeiQ recently launched HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03, an antimicrobial textile treatment proven effective against human coronavirus (229E) in face mask testing, with over 99.99% reduction of virus infectivity in minutes, and lasts least 30 washes. Since its launch the company has been utilizing its full capacity of 145 tons per day in its four manufacturing sites.

David Juang (Jintex), Ralf Kattanek (CHT) and Carlo Centonze (HeiQ), (image provided by HeiQ)

In his interview with CNN, HeiQ Group CEO Carlo Centonze expressed the urgent need to maximize the impact of the international textile industry in fighting the global pandemic, even if that meant sharing HeiQ's proprietary technology. HeiQ has since offered to share HeiQ Viroblock to textile industry peers via a free licence, sharing the formula and manufacturing protocol to permit its manufacture and commercialization to meet the regulatory compliance and performance requirement. Licensees will be required to test their treated fabrics with licensed third-party testing institutes to establish efficacy and quality as per HeiQ's standards. Use of the "HeiQ Viroblock" trademark will require trademark authorization directly by HeiQ to ensure truthful and compliant claims. 

"We must act now to produce textiles that are more resistant to pathogens. The textile industry must work together in a united effort to reduce the risk and speed of textile-related contamination and transmission," says Carlo Centonze, HeiQ Group CEO. "That is the only way to re-open our economies swiftly and maintain jobs in the textile industry," he added.

Ralf Kattanek, Group Vice President Textiles of CHT Group said, "We believe by using CHT's textile expertise and production capacities globally that we can play a key role in mitigating the impact for the healthcare workers and our industry partners by maximizing our reach swiftly."

David Juang, Chairman of JINTEX Group adds, "We want to show leadership in taking decisive action in a coordinated effort."

"HeiQ has enlisted the Piedmont Chemical Group to help support its North American production and distribution. We are here to join the fight and support our textile industry," says Rick Wilson, CEO of US based Piedmont Chemical Industries.

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