ALR Technologies Partners with Centrus Health Clinics to Conduct a Clinical Pilot

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ALRT will demonstrate proof of its remote diabetes patient management concept in partnership with Clinics of Centrus Health Kansas City

RICHMOND, Va., May 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ALR Technologies, Inc. (“ALRT”) (OTCQB: ALRT), the diabetes management company, has signed agreements with clinics of Centrus Health Kansas City to conduct a clinical pilot. Four Centrus Health Kansas City primary care clinics will participate in the pilot: AdventHealth Medical Group, Clay-Platte Family Medicine Clinic, Northland Family Care and one other clinic.

The pilot will demonstrate the clinical usefulness of the ALRT Diabetes Solution in improving diabetes patient outcomes while reducing the cost of care. Remote diabetes patient management has gained much attention during the COVID-19 outbreak. Patients with diabetes who catch the virus are among the most vulnerable for clinical complications, so preventing their exposure is paramount. By providing quality remote diabetes care, physicians can keep their patients safe and well-managed while broadening their own array of reimbursable services.

Centrus Health Kansas City clinics will enroll patients with type 2 diabetes (“T2D”) who use insulin and non-insulin diabetes therapies. Patients will be divided into two cohorts: those with baseline A1C values of 7.0%-8.0%, and those with baseline A1C values of >9.0%. Rationale for these cut points includes the fact that many health plans financially incentivize physicians for keeping patients’ A1C levels below 7.0%, the standard target set forth by the American Diabetes Association. Health plans also may penalize physicians financially when patients’ A1C levels exceed 9.0%.  An objective of the pilot is to determine the effectiveness of the ALRT Diabetes Solution in assisting physicians to address these targets.

For the pilot, the study patients’ blood glucose data will be analyzed during the 24-week treatment period using the ALRT Diabetes Solution remote patient management platform. The study will determine the usefulness and feasibility of using this innovative technology in managing T2D patients. The primary outcome measure will be A1C reduction, particularly below the 7.0% and 9.0% cut points, respectively. Secondary outcome measures will include patient adherence to blood glucose testing regimens and frequency of hypoglycemic episodes.  

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