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April 1, 2020

SBM Offshore reports the transaction details related to its EUR150 million (c. US$165 million) share repurchase program for the period March 26, 2020 through April 1, 2020.

The repurchases were made under the EUR150 million share repurchase program announced on and effective from February 13, 2020. The objective of the program is to reduce share capital and, in addition, to provide shares for regular management and employee share programs. Information regarding the progress of the share repurchase program and the aggregate of the transactions (calculated on a daily basis) for the period February 13, 2020 through April 1, 2020 can be found in the top half of the table below. Further detailed information regarding both the progress of the share repurchase program and all individual transactions can be accessed via the Investor Relations Center of the Company’s website.

Share Repurchase Program    
Overall progress Share Repurchase Program:  
Total Repurchase Amount   EUR 150,000,000
Cumulative Repurchase Amount   EUR 139,081,274
Cumulative Quantity Repurchased   11,247,725
Cumulative Average Repurchase Price   EUR 12.37
Start Date     February 13, 2020
End Date     2020
Percentage of program completed as at April 1, 2020 92.72%
Overview of details of last 5 trading days:    
Trade Date Quantity Repurchased Average Purchase Price Settlement Amount
March 26, 2020 488,172 EUR 11.76 EUR 5,739,393
March 27, 2020 582,685 EUR 11.62 EUR 6,771,835
March 30, 2020 380,000 EUR 11.72 EUR 4,452,367
March 31, 2020 465,339 EUR 12.07 EUR 5,615,536
April 1, 2020 106,796 EUR 11.94 EUR 1,275,256
Total1 2,022,992 EUR 11.79 EUR 23,854,386
1All shares purchased on Euronext Amsterdam    

This press release contains information which is to be made publicly available under the Market Abuse Regulation (nr. 596/2014). The information concerns a regular update of the transactions conducted under SBM Offshore’s current share repurchase program, as announced by the Company on February 13, 2020, details of which are available on its website.

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