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A down hole Pulse Electromagnetic survey of M-20-547 and M-20-543 detected three off hole conductors which may correspond to sulfide mineralization. Geophysical survey results and 2020 drill hole collars and traces are shown in a 3D schematic image shown in in Figure 3. In this figure the top of the page coincides with the western margin of the Marathon Deposit the bulk of which sits immediately east and beyond the top edge of the page. The deposit is hosted by the purple colored Two Duck Lake gabbro which is underlain by basement which is green in color. The geology is complicated however the area in between the two east-west trending basement ridges (one extends from the legend to the narrow north – south trending basement ridge at the top of the page and the other is in the lower left-hand corner) are believed to define the valley walls of a portion of the main feeder zone channel. Drill density is low and this area is highly prospective for both W Horizon mineralization as well as net textured to massive sulfide accumulations on the floor of the channel similar to the 16 m interval of net textured to massive sulfides, which grades 1.47 g/t PdEq, intersected in hole M-20-543 (see October 29th, 2020 news release).

Figure 3 is available at ...

Assay results for the last three remaining holes of the program, holes M-20-548, M-20-549 and M-20-550 are pending.

Jamie Levy, President and CEO of Gen Mining states: “Noting that the 2020 exploration drill program results will not be part of the ongoing feasibility study we are excited to see that the feeder zone model for higher grade mineralization has been validated. The 16-metre massive to semi-massive sulphides intercept in Hole 543 and the elevated palladium, platinum and copper grades in Hole 547 has added some exploration upside to our already large resource.”

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Quality assurance and quality control (“QA/QC”) protocols for the 2020 drilling assay program were unchanged from previous years and involve a rotating inclusion of one duplicate, blank, low-grade standard and high-grade standard every 15 samples. All controls are checked to be within a working limit of 2 standard deviations. Sample intervals are selected in 1 m or 2 m lengths dependent on the nature of the mineralized zone. The core samples are split on site using a diamond saw where half of the core is sent for analysis and the other half is securely stored on site for future reference. All samples are shipped to ALS in Thunder Bay for processing.

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