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Blockchain Finance Unleashes the Power of Global Markets Through Worldwide Currencies - Seite 2

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11.07.2018, 14:30  |  687   |   |   

Blockchain currencies such as bitcoin offer an alternative. They are international rather than national currencies, developed for a globalized market.

Virtual Crypto provides customers with easy access to cryptocurrency, and thereby, to a world of international currency. Using the company's technology, ordinary people and businesses can obtain bitcoin or turn it into their local currency.

At present, trading in and out of cryptocurrency still involves the market fluctuations that create uncertainty in traditional currency transactions. To mitigate this, Virtual Crypto's system finds the best exchange rate at the time, reducing users' costs. Currency bought in this way can then be used anywhere crypto is accepted, including as purchases from international vendors and in online gaming platforms.

Increasing Blockchain's Accessibility

For crypto to be more widely usable, it needs to become part of everyday life; the biggest hindrance to the broader adoption of blockchain finance is accessibility. In the 10 years since they were first created, cryptocurrencies have mostly been limited to online transactions. Now Virtual Crypto is bringing it to the high street.

Virtual Crypto is making this possible through crypto ATMs and tablet-based payment systems. These allow customers to easily obtain cryptocurrency and then use it in participating stores. These formats also allow stores to accept instant, secure payments without the delays incurred by working through banking systems.

The global market for cryptocurrency ATMs is currently worth $14 million, but it is expected to pass $285 million in the next seven years. That staggering growth will be driven by the desire of consumers to use these new currencies. Virtual Crypto is poised to step in early and profit from that growth.

The company's NetoBit ATM, recently demonstrated at the TechCrunch Tel Aviv event, is one of the most customer-friendly crypto ATMs. Many systems only use a single currency exchange, but NetoBit uses a wide range, providing customers with the best value for their money. The transaction is almost instantaneous, removing the delays in approval that often occur in crypto purchases.

And unlike many of its competitors, the NetoBit ATM lets users convert their cryptocurrency back into local currency, not just the other way around. By making it easier for people to obtain and use cryptocurrency, and for shops to take payments, Virtual Crypto is making a global currency solution accessible to all.

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