ALR Technologies Inc. (“ALRT”) Launches ALRT Diabetes Solution in Private Practice Physician Clinics across Singapore

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ALRT Partners with Bionime Corporation to Offer Comprehensive Diabetes Solution at Lower Cost Than Test Supplies Alone Available in Pharmacy Chains

RICHMOND, Va., June 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ALR Technologies Inc. (OTCQB: ALRT) today announces that the ALRT Diabetes Solution will be available to diabetes patients through their private physicians across Singapore. ALRT Diabetes Solution is a diabetes management platform that offers a comprehensive approach to diabetes and includes Bionime’s Rightest GM700SB blood glucose meter and test strips.

The partnership with Bionime Corporation (“Bionime”) (TPE:4737) includes Bionime's marketing team calling on the private physician practices in Singapore and the larger private practice groups. Founded in 2003, Bionime provides best quality products to people with healthcare need and their care givers, so that they can easily manage their daily health.

The ALRT Diabetes Solution mitigates and contains diabetes complications by helping patients maintain blood glucose control and achieve A1C goals. According to the International Diabetes Federation, Singapore has the second-highest proportion of people with diabetes among developed nations.

The ALRT system will process uploaded blood glucose data from patients to provide doctors with clinical information and treatment plan suggestions based on best practice guidelines. Doctors will then provide their patients a weekly assessment of their diabetes. The ALRT Diabetes Solution will be sold to patients on an annual subscription basis that includes the weekly reviews and all of their testing supplies at an all-in cost less than the retail price of testing supplies alone. Patients will receive comprehensive diabetes treatment that will be cost effective, timely, and easy to manage.

The turnkey system is easily implemented. The doctors will provide an enrollment package that contains a high-quality Bionime blood glucose meter and all testing supplies. Test strip refills will be picked up by patients at their doctor’s office on a quarterly basis.  Patients will be instructed to download the free ALRT App for mobile phones or tablets, compatible with Android and iOS devices and use Bluetooth to upload their blood glucose readings from their meters once per week. The ALRT system will process their data to render a Predictive A1C value that the doctors will use, along with the ALRT therapy advancement  and Insulin Dose Adjustment algorithms. The goal is to ensure that there is timely titration of medication therapies.

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