Innovative digital career opportunities

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Innovative digital career opportunities. In conversation with Prof. Dr. Minnameier, rector Prof. Christian Malterer and Maren MüllerBierbaum from the MD.H Mediadesign University of Applied Sciences (UAS).

Prof. Christian Malterer, Rector of MD.H:
The central task of a digital design school is to convey digital competence and personal social power, which contributes to shaping change and creating something new through transformation. The world of work is changing massively in the course of the ever increasing speed of digital change. Our students are called upon not to passively document this change, as is so often the case, but to actively help shape it. To this end, the university offers space for ideas and experiments, to try out innovations, and to evaluate failures and successes. As a university of design and media, we would like to set impulses for the creation of digital cooperation so that our students can successfully contribute to social cohesion and the economic future.

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What is the mission statement of the MD.H Mediadesign University of Applied Sciences (UAS)?
Closer to practice: The professors and lecturers at MD.H have worked and continue to work successfully in practice. This ensures that students acquire up-to-date and relevant knowledge with which they can achieve professional success. Closer to the Professors: There are no mass lectures at MD.H. The small seminar groups and the very good accessibility of the lecturers ensure a direct line between students and lecturers. Closer to the companies: Munich, Düsseldorf and Berlin are among the media and design capitals of Germany. In joint projects with leading publishing houses, agencies, production companies and other companies, students get to know the practical side of the business. Closer to the jobs: Closer to companies also means closer to potential employers. MD.H supports students individually with its career service. Closer to the pulse of media, design and information technology: No industry changes faster than the media, design and information technology industry. Therefore, MD.H continuously adapts its curricula and study programmes to the new requirements of the market.

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