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Southern California Edison Files 2019 Wildfire Mitigation Plan - Seite 2

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07.02.2019, 01:11  |  1023   |   |   

Inspection & Remediation

SCE has launched enhanced overhead inspections of its infrastructure in high fire risk areas. These inspections go above and beyond traditional inspections. The company is taking a holistic look at all potential challenges and working to quickly address any findings. This includes all the overhead assets it has across its transmission, sub-transmission and distribution system in high fire risk areas.

Projects Increasing Situational Awareness

SCE is deploying weather stations, advanced weather modeling software and computer hardware, and high-definition cameras.

These technologies will increase the company’s ability to monitor weather and micro-climates in high fire risk areas, more accurately predict inclement weather conditions and identify and proactively repair equipment.

By the end of 2020, SCE expects to have up to 850 weather stations deployed — more than 125 already have been installed — as well as up to 160 high-definition cameras providing coverage of up to 90 percent of high fire risk areas across its service area.

Enhancing Operational Practices

Vegetation Management — SCE is proactively identifying and mitigating trees outside required clearances that may pose a potential risk to the company’s power lines.

Infrared Cameras — SCE is using infrared cameras to inspect its equipment to identify potential issues that could lead to fire ignitions.

Temporary Power Shutoffs — SCE is enhancing its Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) program. This is an operational practice in which the company pre-emptively turns off power during high fire risk weather conditions to enhance public safety. PSPS will be used to complement infrastructure hardening measures when weather conditions threaten power lines in a way that presents an imminent danger to public safety.

SCE is committed to providing timely notification to potentially impacted customers, local governments, public safety agencies and the California State Warning Center before, during and after a de-energization event. The company also will continue to work with local governments and public safety agencies, as well as critical care customers, essential service providers and business customers, to refine the program.

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