2020 Half-Year Results for CARBIOS, the World Leader in Biorecycling and Biodegrading Plastics

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Regulatory News:

CARBIOS (Paris:ALCRB) a company pioneering new, bio-industrial solutions to reinvent the lifecycle of plastic and textile polymers, today announced its operating and financial results for the first half of 2020. The financial statements as of June 30th, 2020 were approved by the Company’s Board of Directors.

“In the first half of 2020, we have maintained momentum with our pipeline of technologies as well as ensuring business continuity despite this challenging and unprecedented time. We have signed a new joint-development agreement with Novozymes to develop the production and supply of our proprietary enzymes dedicated to the recycling of PET plastics and fibers. The construction of our demonstration plant has also started, and we have gained a major international recognition with the publication of an article co-authored by Carbios scientists and our partner TBI2 in the prestigious scientific journal Nature. In addition, we successfully completed a €27 million capital increase with French and International investors, which will enable us to continue to invest and implement our strategy for the industrialization of our technologies. I would like to thank our employees for their agility during this period, as well as our shareholders and all the stakeholders involved in the development of our circular economy solutions,” comments Jean-Claude Lumaret, CEO of Carbios.

Highlights of the first half of 2020 and post-closing:

Publication of an article in the prestigious scientific journal Nature

In April 20203, Carbios announced the publication of an article in the prestigious scientific journal Nature entitled “An engineered PET-depolymerase to break down and recycle plastic bottles”. This article was co-authored by researchers at Carbios and TBI laboratory. The article describes the development of a novel enzyme which can biologically depolymerize all polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic waste followed by recycling into new bottles. After several years of research, Carbios and TBI have succeeded in improving the depolymerization performance of PET waste: the enzyme depolymerizes 90% of post-consumption PET in only 10 hours. By combining engineering and molecular design, the thermostability and activity of the PET-depolymerase have been improved to allow it to very effectively conduct the reaction of PET into terephthalic acid and mono-ethylene glycol, achieving a productivity of 16.7 g/L/h of terephthalic acid from a suspension of 200 g/kg of PET waste.

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