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Bristol-Myers Squibb Board of Directors Sends Letter to Shareholders Highlighting the Compelling Strategic and Financial Rationale of the Celgene Transaction; Company Provides Additional Investor Materials

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25.03.2019, 11:59  |  371   |   |   

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company’s (NYSE:BMY) Board of Directors today sent an open letter to the Company’s shareholders regarding the previously announced definitive merger agreement with Celgene Corporation (NASDAQ:CELG). In addition to its March 19 investor presentation, the Company today also made available on Bristol-Myers Squibb’s website at www.bestofbiopharma.com and later today will file with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) an investor presentation providing an overview of Bristol-Myers Squibb’s ability to derive value from Celgene’s pipeline and a Fact Sheet providing additional detail on key benefits of the transaction.

The full text of the letter from the Board of Directors to shareholders follows:

Dear Fellow Shareholder:

The Board of Directors of Bristol-Myers Squibb unanimously and strongly supports the proposed acquisition of Celgene. This transaction represents a unique opportunity to create a stronger Bristol-Myers Squibb and deliver significant value for all shareholders. The combined company will be stronger today, and better positioned for sustainable long-term growth. We disagree with those shareholders that have expressed concerns with some aspects of the transaction. Your Board has conducted a rigorous evaluation process, and is highly confident that this is the best strategic option for the Company at this time. We ask for your support, and recommend that you vote your shares “FOR” the proposed transaction with Celgene.

Bristol-Myers Squibb has long been one of the world’s leading global biopharmaceutical companies whose mission is to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases. We believe this transaction is the best option to advance that mission, and to continue to deliver innovative medicines to our patients as a means to create long-term value for our fellow shareholders.

Our strategy has involved creating some of the leading franchises in the world from both internally developed and externally acquired sources. Leveraging our strong commercialization capabilities, we have developed five products that each currently drive over a billion dollars in annual sales, including two of the 10 largest selling drugs in the pharma industry in 2018.

By successfully executing this strategy, we have delivered financial and operational outperformance, including consistent and peer-exceeding increases in revenue, earnings and margins over the last five years. Our acute focus on sustainable growth has resulted in Bristol-Myers Squibb generating 60% of 2018 sales from new products launched over the last five years. The acquisition of Celgene takes the Company to its next chapter in a way that is fully aligned with this strategic foundation.

Bristol-Myers Squibb has transformed its product portfolio more than once, by investing internally and externally with foresight focused on our long-term growth prospects. Our business development effort has been grounded in three main pillars: (1) strategic alignment with therapeutic areas we know well, (2) compelling science focused on transformational medicines and (3) financial discipline. We believe the Celgene acquisition fits very well with these three pillars, as outlined below.

Through our broad development program and best-in-industry commercial execution, Bristol-Myers Squibb has successfully built two strong growth franchises, Eliquis and Opdivo, that currently represent ~60% of our total sales and have significant opportunity for further growth. While we expect Eliquis and Opdivo to maintain their growth well into the next decade, we are conscious of the fact that in our industry science is always evolving, product development cycles are long and these products will face eventual losses of exclusivity (Eliquis in 2026 and Opdivo beginning in 2028). As stewards for our shareholders and our patients, the Board and management team understand that now is the time to ensure that we will continue to have a robust pipeline for future growth.

Accordingly, as part of our annual comprehensive strategic review process focused on sustaining long-term growth, Bristol-Myers Squibb evaluated a full range of business development opportunities. The process was overseen by a Board comprised of directors with substantial operating experience, financial acumen, scientific expertise and investor perspectives, 10 of whom are independent including five directors who have joined the Board in the past three years.

Having reviewed a full range of opportunities, from small collaborations to transformational combinations, we identified Celgene as by far the most compelling opportunity for Bristol-Myers Squibb and its shareholders, given its strategic fit in therapeutic areas we know well, attractive value, and its unique late-stage candidates and diversified but complementary Phase 1 and 2 pipeline. The timing of the transaction was also favorable both in the near-term, as we were able to secure a very favorable price, and for the long-term, as Bristol-Myers Squibb will be strengthened and diversified (focused within our chosen therapeutic areas of oncology and immunology) in an increasingly competitive environment.

In short, the Board firmly believes that the Celgene acquisition is the right transaction at the right time for our shareholders.


As described in greater detail in the Fact Sheet regarding this transaction, our March 19 investor presentation and our presentation regarding our ability to deliver value from Celgene’s pipeline,1 the Celgene transaction will deliver compelling value to all Bristol-Myers Squibb shareholders. The transaction will deliver:

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