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In addition, dynaCERT has moved up from the TSX Venture Exchange to the TSX Exchange. We believe this should provide the Company with better access to capital and increased visibility.

Moreover, within the framework of homologation (homologation is a supranational system for the approval of motor vehicles and vehicle parts) of the ABE acertificate of conformity in the United Arab Emirates could be achieved. Thus, this market should be well accessible now.
Overall, the first half of the year was in line with expectations, and with the resumption of production it should also be possible to achieve significant sales increases in the second half of 2020.
Production was stopped in the first half of the year and should have resumed in the meantime (August 2020). The company has also started offering leasing solutions. As a result, sales revenues will be lower in the short term, but the margin will be significantly higher, as recurring sales can be booked almost entirely as revenue once the break-even point has been reached.

With dynaCERT technology, there should be considerable savings of diesel, which should lead to strong cost reductions. Companies with a large number of diesel engines, such as logistics companies and mining companies, will particularly benefit from this. The fact is that such companies rely heavily on new technologies for ongoing cost reduction. For example, there is an adoption explosion as soon as a new technology is used. The background to this development is likely to be that market participants who use the new technology work much more efficiently and either drive other market participants out of the market or indirectly force them into adopting the new technology. This is particularly evident in the development of trailer aprons, where market penetration began in 2008. After two years, the adoption rate was already over 60%.
We assume that, on the one hand, the effectiveness of the dynaCERT technology is significantly higher than that of trailer aprons but, on the other hand, the costs are also significantly higher than for trailer aprons. According to the Canadian Council of Energy Ministers, trailer aprons cost between 1500 and 2500 CAD and achieve fuel savings of between 4 and 7%. The dynaCERT technology has shown varying degrees of fuel savings, often between 9% and 15%. This technology, with a sales price of CAD 6000, would be roughly equivalent to the price/performance ratio of trailer skirts.

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