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Transeuro Energy ist nun auch an der Osloer Ölbörse gelistet (Seite 409)

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Interview mit Worral. Habs nur ganz, ganz kurz überflogen, vielleicht kann mal jemand die Schlüsselstellen rauskopieren und hier einstellen:


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Dann machs ich eben selber: :laugh:

Das scheint die Niederschrift dieses Interviews hier zu sein => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBoC4str3cs, das nun auch schon eine Weile her ist (21.03.2012).

Trotzdem mal zwei, drei Stellen die ich nach wie vor interessant finde:

Harry Norman: What is the situation with the recently announced hydraulic tracking programme at the Karl 101 well at Karlavskoye? What are you aiming to achieve with this programme?

David Worrall: [..] What we are doing now is we are employing the modern techniques that have been developed in North America for the shale gas developments. We are taking that equipment and those techniques over to Ukraine to the Karl 101 well, where we will be installing the equipment with the rig over the next couple of weeks; which will allow us to separately hydraulically frack each of the five reservoirs. Then around the middle of May we anticipate bringing schlumberger in with all their frack pumps and frack equipment actually to deliver the fracks itself.

Harry Norman: Please would you talk us through Transeuro Energy’s other assets in the Ukraine David?

David Worrall: We have three gas fields in the Ukraine. Karlavskoye in West Crimea is the largest. Very close to that we have a small shallow gas field called Krasnapolianskoye, where we have two wells that are available now for production. One of the things that we have started is the project to build the gas plant and to tie in the two Krasnapolianskoye wells and the Karlavskoye well as well.

It shouldn’t be too difficult because the main gas export line runs between the two fields and it is only 500 metres from the Karl 101 well. So the cost and the time required to get them on to production is not significant. Also in Crimea we have the Povorotnoye Gas Field which is in East Crimea; although we recently announced that we have farmed out that asset to an Australian oil and gas company and they have committed to come in and drill one well and put it on production starting by the end of June this year. Then to drill a second well after that. In return they have taken over 85% interest. So we have still retained a 15% interest in those two wells and the field.

The initial target flow rate that we are aiming at is around about the 10 million cubic feet of gas.


Schade nur, dass der Kurs in Oslo mal wieder abgrützt.

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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 43.136.766 von tnzs72 am 08.05.12 17:35:34Bis jetzt wurde nur gequatscht. Vergesst die Zeiten in denen man durch schöne Worte Kurse im Explorersektor beeinflussen konnte. Wenn TSU wirklich in der Lage ist zu liefern, werden wir einen nachhaltigen Return bekommen. Vorschussloorberen zu verkaufen wird diesmal, auch aufgrund der Marktlage nicht gelingen.

Kann mich noch erinnern, was über das PNG Projekt gelobhudelt wurde. 500 K$ hat es gebracht. Das ist 0,16 Cent pro Aktie...

Liefern und absahnen, oder Totalverlust. So sieht es aus.

Zusätzlich haben wir aktuell in der Ukraine noch das politische Problem. Das drückt auch mit mindestens 30 - 40% auf den Kurs. Ohne dieses Problem könnten wir schon etwas höher stehen.
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Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 43.137.132 von lale93 am 08.05.12 18:41:06wenn die News "Fraccing läuft" bzw. beginnt ansteht wird der Kurs auch den ersten ordentlichen Schub erleben....bis dato ist doch nur rumgezocke was in Oslo und in CAN läuft..

Hoffen wir auf eine gute Flußrate.
Und was die politische Situation in der Ukraine betrifft....
Die würde ich nicht so negativ bewerten!
Nimm doch mal als Beispiel erfolgreiche Ölexplorer in Irak bzw.Kurdistan...oder Afrika, da sieht es was die Ploitik betrifft auch nicht gerade Stabil aus...
Da ist die weitere Finanzierung!!!
Calgary, Canada: - Transeuro Energy Corp. ("Transeuro"
or the "Company") announces an update on the proposed
financing previously announced on April 30th. The
senior secured convertible bond subscription period
was completed on May 4th with settlement scheduled for
May 22nd. The final terms of the secured convertible
bond is an amount of NOK 60 million (approximately CAD
10.4 million), annual interest at 12% and a conversion
price at NOK 0.85 (approximately CAD 0.146). The bond
is secured against the shares of Transeuro Beaver
River Inc, the Company subsidiary holding title to 50%
of the Beaver River field in British Columbia, Canada.

The Company is finalising a further facility with a
US-based Alternative Investment Manager including a
Loan Agreement for up to CAD 5 million, and a Share
Purchase Agreement (SPA) for up to NOK 100 million
(approximately CAD 17.2 million). The Loan Agreement
and SPA are subject to definitive documents and are
non-binding until such documents are negotiated and
executed and there is no certainty that the
transactions will be consummated. Currently, under the
proposed terms of the Loan Agreement, Transeuro can
receive up to CAD 5 million over a period of 24
months, which shall be advanced in tranches. It is
anticipated that the loan will be unsecured and pay
annual interest at 10%. The Company will issue 1
million share purchase warrants with each $1million
drawn from the Loan Agreement, with the exercise price
the greater of either CAD 0.146 or a 50% premium to
the closing price on the date the loan is executed.
Pursuant to the proposed terms of the SPA, the Company
has the discretion to withdraw funds of up to NOK 100
million over a period of 36 months and at the request
of the Company the Investment Manager will, subject to
a number of conditions, purchase ordinary shares at a
discount of 5% to the forward volume weighted average
share price during a 40 day forward pricing period.
Upon execution of the SPA, the Company will prepare
and file a Shelf Prospectus in Canada to facilitate
the issuance of new shares under the SPA and will
announce each individual drawdown.

The Company has received conditional approval from the
TSX Venture Exchange for all three facilities and is
proceeding with final agreements as the facilities
described above are each dependent on closing of the

Aage Thoen, Chairman of Transeuro Energy Corp.
commented "This structure of three mutually supporting
financing agreements provides a combination of debt at
very competitive rates and equity through progressive
share issuances, that will provide the capital
required to develop our existing wells and possible
new wells through to production and revenue. The SPA
will act as a discretionary source of equity funding
to support operating activities and for asset or
corporate acquisitions. The funding structure covers
our short and long term needs and widens our strategic
options. It is envisaged that any new share issuance
will occur after the results of the Ukraine Fracking
operations and then periodically as determined by the
Moin, moin,

na dann hoffen wir mal, dass sich bald mal richtig was regt und es up geht.
Die Finanzierung scheint ja erstmal gesichert auf längere Zeit.

Zitat von dijeanMoin, moin,

na dann hoffen wir mal, dass sich bald mal richtig was regt und es up geht.
Die Finanzierung scheint ja erstmal gesichert auf längere Zeit.


Moin Djean, nach nun einigen Jahren im Explorergeschäft, bin ich mittlerweile rel. gelassen was die Kursschwankungen angeht d.h. man sollte sich nicht so schnell verunsichern lassen.
wie wir alle wissen kann hier an einem Handelstag schnell ein dickes Plus entstehen.

Was mich mehr interessiert ist das Ergebniss des Fraccings !!! :)
News: April production Beaver River :( :confused:


May 10, 2012
10th May 2012 TSX-V/Oslo Axess: TSU

Calgary, Canada: - Transeuro Energy Corp. ("Transeuro" or the "Company") announces that April gas production from the Beaver River field in Canada was 1,970,080m3 (average over 29 days of 67,934m3 per day or 2.4 mmcf/d), compared to March production of 2,238,520m3 (average of 72,210 m3 per day or 2.55 mmcf/d). All wells were producing for 29 days with one day downtime due to maintenance shutdowns at the Fort Nelson gas plant.

Hoffen wir mal, dass bei Karl mehr rüberkommt.

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News 2


May 10, 2012

Calgary, Canada: - Transeuro Energy Corp. ("Transeuro" or the "Company") announces the news released by Golden State Resources ("GDN") regarding progress on the drilling of Pov-105 well in Ukraine. Following the farm out of an 85% interest in 'East Crimea BV', the holding company owning an interest in the 'Joint Activity Agreement (JAA)' to develop the Povorotnoye gas field in East Crimea, Transeuro has a 10.8% interest in the JAA. GDN will drill one well starting by the end of June this year and possibly a second well before the end of the exploration license period. If the second well is not drilled by the end of the license period Transeuro's interest in 'East Crimea BV' reverts to 50%.

The following is an extract from the GDN announcement on 10th April 2012 and the full text can be viewed at: http://www.asx.com.au/asx/research/companyInfo.do?by=asxCode…:

Golden State Resources Limited (ASX GDN) -- is pleased to announce that it has raised $6 million by way of a placement of shares in two tranches at an issue price of $0.018 per share. The placement was heavily oversubscribed and is a significant milestone for the Company to advance its strategy under new CEO Wal Muir to deliver shareholder value through the drilling of development wells in Ukraine.

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