Vicinity Motor ?? eure Meinung !!

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      schrieb am 16.07.24 18:00:40
      Beitrag Nr. 365 ()
      Institutions are officially in. When an institution is buying now, not only are they saying they got a good deal, but they are also making it a point that they believe the price will not go lower. That includes the institution betting either there won't be a R/S or that the value of VEV won't go below their price point regardless.

      For VEV, this strengthens their balance sheet, shows promise in their plans/goals and adds value to the company long term.

      Over 100 Million shares has been traded in less than a week when this use to only get about 10 thousand shares traded a day. There's a reason for this volume. With an institution buying just under 5M worth of shares on the direct offering, then there were most likely more institutions that were part of the 100M+ volume.

      Call it what you want, but the institutions tend to know before retail. & with Q2 earnings less than a month away, I believe we are over $1 by then.
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      schrieb am 15.07.24 16:30:37
      Beitrag Nr. 364 ()
      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 76.093.617 von ooy am 15.07.24 03:57:49Auch meine Meinung. wenn man Zeit hat.

      11 minutes ago

      Anyone complaining after seeing this go +100% in a day is out of their mind or simply shorters that want to bring the morale down. This will do another +100% soon mark my words. I said a while ago that by the end of 2025 is when the real investors should look at the price
      Vicinity Motor | 0,550 €
      schrieb am 15.07.24 03:57:49
      Beitrag Nr. 363 ()
      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 76.093.089 von noddi am 14.07.24 19:17:29Wuerde mich nicht wundern, wenn sich jetzt eine grosser Ami beteiligt oder uebernimmt.
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      schrieb am 14.07.24 19:17:29
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      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 76.088.926 von ooy am 13.07.24 07:16:01
      Zitat von ooy: ...und ich denke, Montag gehts weiter.

      Würde mich freuen, wenn es endlich aufwärts geht.
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      schrieb am 13.07.24 07:16:01
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      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 76.088.032 von ooy am 12.07.24 20:21:57...und ich denke, Montag gehts weiter.
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      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 76.082.176 von noddi am 11.07.24 20:38:31Dann schau doch bitte heute mal:

      150% plus!
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      schrieb am 11.07.24 20:38:31
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      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 76.057.765 von ooy am 06.07.24 17:36:49
      Zitat von ooy: Nein, haben gerade erst ein neues Werk eingeweiht, ich kaufe momentan.

      Kannst du überhaupt kaufen, so schnell wie der Kurs fällt?
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      schrieb am 08.07.24 15:46:13
      Beitrag Nr. 358 ()
      VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / July 8, 2024 / Vicinity Motor Corp. (NASDAQ:VEV)(TSXV:VMC) ("Vicinity" or the "Company"), a North American supplier of commercial electric vehicles, today announced that it has received an expansion to its order from strategic partner Sustainability Partners LLC ("SP"), an ESG focused Public Benefit Company committed to eliminating deferred maintenance infrastructure by enabling sustainability, increasing it's initial order from four (4) Vicinity Lightning™ electric buses to eighteen (18) via Soderholm Sales & Leasing, Inc. ("SSL"), Vicinity's Pacific Islands distributor.

      The 18 Vicinity Lightning™ electric buses will be used at the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu, the largest airport in the State of Hawaii serving 21 million passengers per year. The State of Hawaii Department of Transportation ("HDOT") will utilize SP's Electric Vehicles as a Service™ (EVaaS) program to finance the transition of the traditional diesel fleet to Vicinity's electric vehicles. SSL is facilitating the sale and providing long-term technical and maintenance support for the project. The expanded order for eighteen electric buses will be manufactured at Vicinity's Ferndale, Washington facility and is scheduled for delivery in 2024.

      Brent Phillips, President of Vicinity Motor Corp., stated: "Hawaii's expanded Vicinity Lightning order is strong validation of the benefits of our right-sized and versatile product offering. This order will be manufactured at our state-of-the-art Ferndale facility, and the first buses to come off our ‘Made in America' assembly line. We look forward to providing our incredible all-electric bus solution to Hawaii's largest airport, leveraging SP's uniquely structured, month-to-month use-based service alternative to the traditional purchase of government fleets."
      Vicinity Motor | 0,351 €
      schrieb am 06.07.24 17:36:49
      Beitrag Nr. 357 ()
      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 76.057.255 von noddi am 06.07.24 13:44:59Nein, haben gerade erst ein neues Werk eingeweiht, ich kaufe momentan.
      Vicinity Motor | 0,342 €
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      schrieb am 06.07.24 13:44:59
      Beitrag Nr. 356 ()
      Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 76.054.810 von ooy am 05.07.24 17:04:22
      Zitat von ooy: Krasser Kurs gerade.

      Hier wird wohl bald das Licht ausgehen. 🥺
      Vicinity Motor | 0,342 €
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