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21.07.07 21:16:09

Ich starte mal einen neuen Thread. Hier eine Meldung zu Aurelian Oil and Gas. Laut bohrt die Gesellschaft nach Gas.
Hier der link und ein Textauszug:
Aurelian Oil & Gas reports that the Trzek-1 well, drilled by its Polish subsidiary Energia Zachod Sp. z o.o., has reached a total depth of 3,935 meters within the Rotliegendes Formation.

Good gas shows were recorded during the drilling of the topmost 89 meters of the Rotliegendes sandstone and two cores were taken within this reservoir section. Electric logs have now been run and indicate good gas saturations in a continuous sandstone sequence over this interval.

Porosities are fair to moderate, possibly slightly better than forecast, and permeabilities, although relatively low, are in line with the expectations resulting from the studies conducted by Aurelian on the earlier wells drilled into the Siekierki structure by the Polish state company during the 1970s/1980s.

The Trzek-1 well was designed as a modern well to evaluate the three Siekierki wells and Plawce-1, which were drilled in the 1970s/1980s to test the Rotliegendes Formation along a large structural trend. These wells experienced immense operational difficulties and there is good evidence to show that the Rotliegendes sandstone reservoir, when encountered, was severely damaged by the delays and the inferior quality of the drilling mud employed. Although there was evidence of gas in all the wells, the electric logs were poor in quality and inadequate for a proper evaluation of the reservoir. Furthermore, because of the sub-standard mud quality and the relatively low permeability of the reservoir, commercial flows of gas could not be achieved at that time.

As originally planned, the Nafta Pila drilling rig will now be released and a fraccing crew brought in to conduct a test of the interval. This will probably take place over approximately a 2-week interval in September. Further announcements will be made when this testing is complete.

Energia Zachod Sp. z o.o. is a 90% subsidiary of Aurelian, with the remaining 10% by held by Avobone S.A.
23.07.07 19:48:07

Hier eine Meldung zu Aurelian Oil and Gas. Laut meldet die Gesellschaft unbefriedigende Ergebnisse für eine Bohrung in Rumänien.
Hier der link und ein Textauszug:…
Aurelian Oil & Gas meldet Testergebnisse für die Quelle Arbore-1 in Nordrumänien E-Mail
Monday, 23. July 2007
(nur in Englisch) Aurelian Oil & Gas PLC, the exploration and production company focused on Central Europe, announces that testing of its Arbore-1 well in Northern Romania is now concluded. The well flowed gas from a thin Sarmatian sand at non-commercial rates. This result was inconsistent with log data previously gained and therefore the well is being further reviewed by the partners. Interests in the Arbore-1 well were held:
Aurelian Oil & Gas (Romania) SRL: 33.75%
S.N.G.N. Romgaz S.A.: 37.50%
Europa Oil & Gas Limited: 28.75%

The next well to be drilled by the joint venture will be Boistea-1, located in Cuejdiu Concession EIII-3. Drilling is likely to commence around the end of August.

Michael Seymour, Managing Director of Aurelian, commented:
'Aurelian will continue to review this well's potential. We have three further wells planned, as operator, in our 2007 Romanian drilling campaign and are hopeful for a better outcome in each of these subsequent wells.' (Source: Oilvoice)
29.07.07 00:21:49
Antwort auf Beitrag Nr.: 30.816.864 von Petronius am 23.07.07 19:48:07hallo

wird das jetzt die 2. EUROGAS Gesellschaft?

die Gerüchteküche brodelte ja bei EUGS und in einem Posting kam Aurelian zum Vorschein.... dann will ich mal der erste sein, der Dir hier schreibt..

21.09.07 11:01:54

Aurelian mit Upfdate zu den Aktivitäten in Polen:…

01.11.07 20:42:08
Vor dem Hintergrund möglicher Militäraktionen der Türkei im Norden des Irak stieg der Preis für ein Barrel (159 l) Rohöl der Sorte WTI (Western Texas Intermediate) erstmals auf das Niveau von 87 US-$ an. Im Gleichtakt zum US-Öl kletterte der Preis der Nordseeölsorte Brent Crude in London ebenso auf ein neues Rekordniveau von knapp 83 US-$. Einige Analysten renommierter Bankhäuser rechnen nun mit einem Run auf 90 US-$ (Brent Crude) bzw. die Marke von 100 US-$ (WTI). Werden die Renommierten im Gegensatz zu ihren Immobilienkreditabteilungen ein glücklicheres Händchen mit ihrer Prognose haben?....

Ganz interessant, könnt ja mal schauen.
25.10.11 12:28:56
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14.01.12 22:54:43
kurs ist ende 2011 wieder angestiegen, hat dann aber wieder abgebaut
15.01.12 22:12:52
Activity plan 2012
Krzesinki-1 Flow test update
Niebieszczany-1 Flow test update
Award of Wetlina & Prusice
Ongoing review of Siekierki
1 Flow test update Krzesinki
1 Flow test update
44 Strategy update and revised appraisal plan
•Spud Sosna-1 first well in Torzym on Zechstein Reef Oil play targeting gross 35 MMbbl STOIIP
•Poznan Blocks licence extension
•Spud Cierne-1 100 Bcf mid case GIIP with potential to de-risk a further gross 400 Bcf of resources on Block
•Spud Bieszczady-2
•Cybinka-1 follow up well
•Spud East Karpaty- 1
•Spud Solca-1
•Spud Cuejdiu-1
Period to January to March 2012 Year to 31 December 2012 Activity plan
Ongoing review of Siekierki
– T2 and T3 Well Results Niebieszczany-1 Flow test update Krzesinki-1 Flow test update
44 Strategy update and revised appraisal plan Award of Wetlina & Prusice CPR Update 2012…
Sosna gefällt mir am besten
07.02.12 20:37:39
22.02.12 21:50:13
zur zeit stark schwankende aktienkurse

As stated yesterday afternoon in one of my other posts "under Rule 8. A Dealing Disclosure by a person to whom Rule 8.3(b) applies must be made by no later than 3.30 pm (London time) on the business day following the date of the relevant dealing".

Look at the chart....the bid dives down to 23 pence just after 3 o'clock with not much selling going on whatsoever and by 3.30 the share price was below the previous closing. My first reaction was that some huge delayed sell could have caused the drop, but no such trade was reported at all.


The Market Makers - like me - assume that the rules are there to be followed and RBC had 3.30 as the deadline to disclose their closing position. They did not, thus the market makers played it safe and dropped the bid to below the previous day closing price.

Surely, some enquires were made and RBC releases RNS confirming they had completed the winding up of their short position on Monday (position undertaken 20 February 2012)

It is just a theory constructed with the information available, but I truly believe it has real substance as the alternatives do not make much sense - the day ahead will prove the theory to be right or wrong....... I would prefer to be right

22.03.12 09:32:48
riffe können nette lagerstätten sein
ich persönlich setzte große hoffnungen auf dieses zechstein riff.
habe schon kerne aus solchen riffen aus dieser gegend gesehen ...
wenn die seismik+interpretation gut war und das riff nicht verwässert ist ist dort eine schöne ölproduktion möglich…" target="_blank" rel="nofollow ugc noopener">…
03.05.12 21:21:46
jetzt wirds spannend.

HOUSTON, Apr. 30
By OGJ editors

Aurelian Oil & Gas PLC has spudded its first exploratory well in the Zechstein reef oil play on the Torzym concession in Poland’s central lowlands.

Sosna-1 is projected to 2,500 m and targets 35 million bbl of oil potentially in place. Success would derisk other prospects and leads mapped in the 220 sq km area of the Cybinka-Torzym 3D seismic survey shot in 2010.

Field work for the first phase of surface geochemical sampling on the Cybinka and Torzym concessions to detect hydrocarbon microseepage over mapped prospects and leads is now complete and samples are being analyzed.

Aurelian has been awarded a 100% interest in the 212.58 sq km Kotlarka concession in central Poland in the southern Permian basin. The work program consists of studies in the first year and 50 line-km of 2D seismic in the second and third years. Kotlarka is adjacent to 500 bcf Bogdaj-Uciechow gas field and is prospective for the Rotliegendes and Zechstein plays.

Meanwhile, Aurelian and Romgaz increased interests to 50-50 in the EIII-1 Brodina license in Romania following the withdrawal of Europa Oil & Gas. Aurelian and Romgaz have entered the third and fourth years with a reduced work program consisting of one well, 150 line-km of 2D seismic, geochemical sampling, and passive geophysical surveying. Geological and geophysical surveys are expected to start in the second half of 2012.

Interests in Cybinka and Torzym are Aurelian Oil & Gas Poland Sp. z o.o. operator with 45%, SNGN Romgaz SA 30%, and Sceptre Oil & Gas Ltd. 25%.
05.07.12 20:22:14
Heute -20%. So ganz ist das nicht nachvollziehbar wenn man folgene Veröffentlichung liest:
Sosna-1 update – Oil Encountered
o The Company’s first wildcat exploration well in the Zechstein ‘reef’ oil play in the Torzym concession, Central Lowlands of Poland, reached planned Total Depth (TD) of 2,455 metres measured depth (MD) on 21st June 2012 after coring reservoir section;
o Encountered target Permian Zechstein Main Dolomite reservoir at 2,337.8m MD, which was 2.2 metres shallow to prognosis. 46 metres of core was recovered with good oil shows within the reservoir. A comprehensive suite of wireline formation evaluation was also completed and the well cased for testing;
o With brine in the wellbore, the well did not flow when perforated. While it was anticipated that the displacement of the borehole to brine would underbalance the borehole relative to the reservoir, the reservoir pressure is uncertain and lack of flow to surface may have been caused by the reservoir being at a lower pressure than that exerted by the brine column on the reservoir. The rig was released on 4th July 2012 and the Company will now undertake additional analysis of the well and consider further testing options, including mobilisation of coiled tubing for nitrogen unloading of the well. Further actions will be announced in due course;
o In other work on the block, first results from the Cybinka-Torzym surface geochemistry survey conducted by W.L. Gore & Associates confirm an active petroleum system extending around the Sosna-1 area.…
Noch ist der Ball am Pfosten in Sosna nicht endgültig vorbeigeflogen.Vielleicht wirds ein Bananenschuss ...
An und für sich alles gute Informationen. Einzig die entscheidene Frage, ob das Bohrloch eine wirtschaftliche Produktion zeigen kann oder nicht, wurde nicht beantwortet. Hoffentlich waren die -20% Verkäufer keine Insider die bessere Infos haben als diese Veröffentlichung....
11.09.12 08:33:18
was ist bei aurelian los? für eine sachliche antwort bedanke ich mich im voraus!
03.11.12 09:00:14
09.11.12 19:34:03
Lessons learned müßte Aul zur Genüge haben, und da müßte bei Aul eigentlich etwas hängen geblieben sein.

As promised here is a quick rundown on Aurelian (AUL.L) for you. This is a quick extract of some research we did way back in 2009 when everyone was shivering with excitement and expectation about making lots of money, so we decided to look into it. Their story may seem old hat now, but the lessons to be learned here remain very real. This is why we didn’t buy…

Looking at the assets which excluded their ‘big’ polish Siekierki Field (they included Romania, other stuff in Poland and Bulgaria etc.) we found a history of seismic being shot, story-boards constructed, rigs mobilised, wells drilled, plans detailed and glossy annual reports printed. But behind all the activity, slick management and presentation, what we found underneath was a lack of deep technical understanding, and failure. When we finally tallied everything up we found nearly twenty wells drilled and not one of them ever made money. In-fact over half of their wells were dry holes, and the rest were mainly a case of gamblers ruin, chasing commerciality from poor discoveries.

Now, focusing on their main asset in Poland, Siekierki, we found the same story. On that field, four old soviet era wells all failed to produce at commercial rates, and here the thinking was that with ‘western technology’ this would be fixed, indeed their glossy annual reports were full of fancy graphics demonstrating how things couldn’t fail to be fantastic – to the backdrop of sunflower fields and fertile pasture.

So to much fanfare (and financial backing) in 2007 they drilled Trzek-1, which didn’t flow at commercial rates, so fraccing was employed. Unfortunately this also failed to commercialise the field. Yet no alarm bells rang. Undeterred, the results were ‘explained’ and the (wishful) thinking moved on to ‘horizontal wells’ and ‘multi-stage fracs’ (the famous techniques used in shale gas extraction). Trzek-2 was horizontally drilled and frac’d, but, again, commercial rates weren’t achieved, but the reasons for this further failure were put down to ‘mechanical problems’ (as opposed to a bad reservoir). Then Trzek-3 was drilled and, again, sub commercial rates were observed and by this point (finally) the market had had enough and the share price tanked. Our technical bods subsequently looked closely at their detailed technical data from the corporate website and found many inconsistencies and problems with their explanations insisting that everything was still all well.

To summarise, the sum total of all this decade of activity? Well, quarter of a billion dollars up in smoke. Now, having said all that, don’t go away thinking there isn’t value in Aurelian at its current price. If someone does think Siekierki can be commercialised and bites (and someone might), then you could double your money, and that is a very real possibility.

We aren’t touching them, but the reason we really dislike Aurelian isn’t that they failed, that’s always a risk in our business, but rather they represent the worst of the bunch, hungrily seeking investors and consciously or not squandering our precious cash, then craving more and more. All hoovered-up and all but gone, whilst others, more competent guys who are perhaps less savvy at the bright lights and slick sales go without. But, finally, to be fair, Aurelian put all the relevant data up on their site, all that was required was for someone more qualified than them to read it.
12.11.12 19:33:23
Katze ist aus dem Sack
San Leon (SLE) will AUL im Aktientausch übernehmen.
Habe mir eine bessere Übernahme erhofft. Aber: SLE ist keine uninteressante Firma, die vor einiger Zeit auch Realm übernommen hat . Scheinen ein interessantes Portfolio aufzubauen, muss es mir aber noch einmal im Detail ansehen. Die Chance, dass ein Treffer dabei ist sollte dadurch aber gestiegen sein bzw. dass dann ein Großer SLE übernimmt. Werde wenn der Deal durch ist bei SLE posten

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